Dream Thread


sleep-center-testing-dreamers-300x310So as we process the bizarre, dream-like inaugural-in-absentia on display in Caracas today, it made me wonder: have you ever had an actual dream with Chávez in it? Or Elías Jaua? Or – getting more into nightmare territory – J.V. Rangel?

What can you remember? What was it like?

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    • Awful dream, I can’t help but remember something I read about Tolkien as a professor at Oxford University: that his lectures were long, boring ramblings about English lit, do you think that would be professor Chávez’s style?

  1. A few dreams, but my favorite is walking next to Chávez in a forest. He tries to persuade me, but as I continue walking he’s more sweaty and worn out until I have outrun him, though he’s always behind, close enough to be seen.

    Once my mother had a dream of him as 1984’s Big Brother.

    • Because I needed one and it took me a while to find pics of a politician I didn’t loathe.

      Might as well use one of Diogenes Escalante.

  2. Oh lord, you’ve resorted to posting about Oneirology. Please everyone, take a break and just wait for him to die already.

  3. Funny that you write about conspiracy theories, being a Marxist you probably think jews did 9/11, killed JFK, faked the moonlanding and are keeping Elvis in a state of stasis just to figure out the best way to clone him. BTW hows your twitter account going? Did you already brought down facist Fox News and their lackeys with your timely twitts about how the opposition should all go suck on a gigantic dong? As a Marxist, how do you convince yourself that its justifiable to use such tools of capitalistic oppression as Twitter (And probably Facebook by the looks of it) I’m honestly curious to learn about the mental gymnastics you guys need to embrace a failed ideology from the 20s.

  4. Never had one, but now that you have planted the idea I dread the thought of going to bed… Hugo “Freddy” Chavez…yuck!

  5. Off-topic. Interesting how Insulza is claiming to respect the supreme court decision in Venezuela’s case, but disrespected the supreme court decision in Hondura’s case. Things that make anyone else go hmmm.

    • That occurred to me as well. imagine if the United States had the same reaction to Venezuela’s constitutional coup as it did to the ouster of Zaleya (That is, condemnation and an insistence on new elections ASAP). Chavismo’s heads would be exploding! Every PSF with an internet connection would posting furiously about the interference and disrespect for Venezuela’s sovereignty.

  6. Nunca me había pasado, y gracias a este post, me pasó anoche. Soñé que una amiga tenía dos hijos ilegítimo con Diosdado Cabello, y me estaba presionando para que yo actuase de intermediario en exigirle pago de pensión alimentaria para los chamos.

    Ni qué decir que me desperté a las cinco am. con una migraña del ziruyo.


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