The #1 Defender of Diosdado Cabello’s Rights

Not quite BFFs
Not quite BFFs

Opposition Twitter celebrity Diego Arria is mad as MUD, and he’s not gonna take it anymore.

He is frustrated that the opposition umbrella group (following its leader, Henrique Capriles) has decided to forego claims that Maduro is illegitimate. In his eyes, the fact that the B.I.C.H.O. Maduro, appointed by Chávez himself, and his cronies are the same government that was in power before and that won an election … is a mere formality!

What matters is the Constitution, and the Constitution clearly says Diosdado Cabello should be president. Therefore, we should all denounce any President other than Cabello as illegitimate.

Call it the Society for the Defense of Diosdado Cabello’s Rights to the Throne.

Recently, Capriles and Arria have gotten into a bit of a tiff. After Arria criticized Capriles for backing down from this obviously winning fight (I mean, who ISN’T riled up about Cabello not being in Miraflores?? The nation demands ACTION), Capriles criticized Arria for sitting in his computer tweeting all day and not going out to, you know, talk to Venezuelans. That seemed to be the last straw for Arria, and he is taking his many, many followers and setting up shop somewhere else.

Now, some (like my friend Daniel) see this as a bad thing, as Capriles making a bad situation worse. They are wrong.

To me, this only helps Capriles. Throwing Arria and his MANY MANY followers (this is snark, in case you haven’t caught on yet) under the bus only reinforces the message Capriles so desperately tried to get across in the last campaign: I am different from the old-style politicians. I am not a repeat of what you knew from before.

Arria wants to break away? More power to him. Arria wants to defend the April 11th coup? Go right ahead, buddy. In the future, Capriles will point to Arria and say “we broke with the past too.”

The fewer golpistas we have in the coalition, the better.