How to give Juan Nagel a heart attack in two minutes and 21 seconds…


As the hat-tipee put it, “Son tan descarados que no les importa usar la verdad como argumento.”

[Hat tip: Moncho.]

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  1. He’s right about one thing, though:

    Businesses who use mercado paralelo dolars shouldn’t raise prizes if the lechuga verde remains stable

  2. Should we remind this sorry cretin where the cheap dollars come from, or who made it “illegal” (illegal as in everybody does it, only not overtly and legally) to buy or sell in dollars?

    Or why the hell is Venezuela is a net importer of everything? Should we remind this git that the policies that he designed and enforced, together with those of Giordani and Merentes in the economic area are to blame for the brisk business that the cronies of Cabello and of military officers are doing now with imports?

    I mean, WHO is so brain-addled, so moronic as to swallow what this man… shoots… through his… mouth???

    No heart attack here, not at any rate when my cynicism / BS detection apparatus is saturated and stuck. For all I care he could be claiming that the Sun is blue.

      • I still assume that Jaua is a human being with human eyes, though not the most honest example you might find around. I cannot believe he actually believes any of this crap. I just want to know… WHO is actually pushing the envelope of human stupidity and psychotic double-think to – I hope, only pretend! – to believe what he says? In case anyone believes the Sh*t-a-nomics these Socialists espouse, they would still have to admit that CADIVI and the Boligarchs are “legally” in control of hard currency.

    • “Or why the hell is Venezuela is a net importer of everything?”

      Oh they know why, that was done on purpose by this government, specifically Chavez himself. He did so to screw the Venezuelan companies, ever since the events of 2002, where he was nearly overthrown by the former head of the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce (FEDECAMARAS). He confessed that to Lula, when Lula inquired Hugo the reason of Venezuela importing lot’s of Chicken from Brazil, and not from Venezuelan farmers.

      Another reason is to stop and control the private contribution to opposition in Venezuela.

      Know is a matter of dogma and ideological pride.

      Cadivi scheme was not to help the economy or to help the poor, that argument can be easily rebutted when you know that oil prices were floating well above 70$ for the past 10 years.

  3. There is something baffling here , black dollars are not supposed to exist, they been banned by the government , you cant even lawfully mention them by name, and yet we have vicepres jaua speaking of them openly , matter of factly ,as if part of the economy operated using black dollars . The assumption of course is that all dollars come from Cadivi using the always reliable official channels and procedures . But what if black dollars as assummed officially did not exist , where absolutely unavailable to producers , to consumers , to industry to meet domestic demand , would venezuelans be able to happily cope and thrive with dollars obtained only from cadivi channels , or domestically produced goods devoid of any imported parts or components.?

  4. Cara e Tabla spotted…
    Jaua is basically saying that the ‘importer burgeoisie’ is the only beneficiary of cadivi’s cheap dollars… But isn’t cadivi run by the government? So it follows that the government willingly benefits those ‘sucios acaparadores apátridas’ and deliberately sabotages the national industry.

    Chavista logic: They always let their true colors shine through, you just have to read between the lines.

  5. That’s the crazy thing – Jaua is obviously right: CADIVI is insane and regressive. It was insane and regressive from the moment the government he is part of announced it ten years ago and will remain insane and regressive after they’ve changed its name.

    Jaua is totally right: his own policy is utterly senseless…somehow, though, it never quite registers that that crazy policy is one his own government was (and remains) responsible for.

    • Unless you wanted to differentiate YOUR brand of government as different from past versions.

      Can’t possibly imagine why they would be doing this as we start month #3 without a peep out of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

    • He is “right”??? Don’t make ME puke. He’s got a lot of face if he’s actually denouncing something. He’s been on this racket since it started and before!

  6. “La burguesía saboteadora que quiere destruir Aceites Diana” … This guy is cynical to the point of excessive absurdity, but hey all Chavistas are. The effectiveness of their cynicism actually relies on the resentment and ignorance that unfortunately plagues millions of Venezuelans, both poor and not that poor.
    The irrefutable truth is that the Chavista government itself has destroyed production by implementing too rigid and corruptible of a exchange control, by confiscating productive factories, by attacking and extorting business people until they get sick of it…and the list goes on.

    By the way, Aceites Diana was a very productive company prior to being nationalized. Its venezuelan owners -a well known Venezuelan family- were of the lucky few expropriation victims who were reimbursed by the government. As themselves, thousands of Venezuelan families founded industrial enterprises that either had to close down due to the country’s conditions or were nationalized.

  7. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to speak publicly, he is by far the worst speaker of the chavista ranks and that is counting Rodriguez Chacin and Pedro Carreño, he is THAT bad.

  8. no one pointed out that Indutrias Diana’s output contracted sharply in the wake of the government’s take-over two or three years ago….

  9. Most of the people who criticize the governmetn would like us to be in the hands of CAVIDEA againa s in 2002 – 2003. If you want to buy Acite Diana it os always available, So what is the problem? Oh, I see, someone rumored that production was down, So big deal, if you can buy it at the store that’s all you need to do.

    My take is that the recent shortages will backfire as the strike did in 2002 – 2003 and many ewscualido companies will go out of business.

    There is an economic and media war being waged aggainst the government and all the fuss about a 46.5% devaluation? 95% of people here do not even care. Only the mentally dollarized. No copuntry that dedicates 43% of its national budget to social progrms can ever be accused of a paquetazo – such BS be spouted by Federcameras and the opposition politicians.. Go and look at the details of the February 1989 paqetqazo and see the difference.

    There is such a shortage of food in Venezuela that obesity is now a natioanl health problem. Go and figure!

    • Try taking the potato out of your mouth when you write, Arturo.

      You may actually end up making sense at some point…………..

    • two points : one that if Arturo talks about 95% of the people ‘here’ he isnt talking from abroad hes talking from Venezuela , I guess the 95% reference speaks volumes of his rather poor sense of reality , apparently he doesnt read ‘aporrea’. Second point is that saying the 45% % of the national budget is used to fund social programs doesnt mean much if most of it is wasted or sifted off to private pockets or left to rot (pudreval) or is used to overpay connected importers and suppliers. Also some so called social programs are really fraudulent ways of undeservingly rewarding the regimes followers . Arturo’s job is very tough these days so may be we should cut him some slack .

      • bb,

        Long after the Bolivarian government has finally collapsed, and all the stories of the massive corruption and waste come to light, Arturo will still be arguing that “it would have worked just fine, if not for the Opposition and the Empire.” He may even claim that Socialism is still the ideal economic system, but that is the fault of the Venezuelan people for not being ready for it.

    • If you were facing the problems they are facing, you might be a little unhinged yourself. They are screwed. They know it. The only question is how long can they make it last?

  10. Juan, correction we are not “governed” by lunatics, lunatics are leadings us to becoming a failed state. On current trend Venezuela will most likely not exist in 50 years time!


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