Leopoldo López's future electoral viability bolstered

75ee4dce8505ffafbb9c6738baef4As the regime moves to put Leopoldo López in jail for the mother of all cold cases, I can’t help but wonder: Has chavismo really thought this one through? Fast forward a few years, and a stint jail could well be the crowning glory of a politician’s resumé.

My guess is that once the wreckage of the Chávez era is cleared, experience as a political prisoner is going to be an invaluable political asset – unassailable proof that you were all in against chavista autocracy.

As expected, Chávez’s passing from the scene is leading to a sharp spike in the regime’s authoritarianism. For guys like LL, that process will be far from pleasant.

And yet, as a rite of passage, nothing bolsters credibility as a stint in jail.