A rejoinder on Leopoldo López's indictment

PDVSA Roja Rojita
We’re shocked, shocked to find PDVSA resources were used for political advantage…

The substance of the accusations being brought 15-years after the fact against opposition leader Leopoldo López don’t merit very much comment, other than to note that that guy must really be squeaky clean if the only thing chavismo could find to charge him for happened during the Clinton administration.

Setting that aside, what really gets me is the catastrophic absence of self-insight on display here: the meat of the allegation is that López and his mom once abused their access to PDVSA resources for political advantage by making a donation to Primero Justicia (which was an NGO rather than a party at the time).

Now, does nobody on the chavista side see the teeniest, tiniest bit of irony here?!? De verdad!?

To pick just one out of literally hundreds of possible examples – López is being indicted ahead of the people responsible for the Guarapiche oil spill, which polluted the drinking water for a major city because key PDVSA staff was taken off the job for the day (4F) so they could be bussed to Caracas in order to celebrate a friggin’ coup attempt. He’s being charged ahead of people who actively refused to stanch the flow of oil that was poisoning hundreds of thousands of people’s water because it was politically inconvenient to do so.

I mean, por dios: chavistas threatening to jail others for the political abuse of PDVSA resources!? En serio!?

Forget about handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, these guys are giving a ticket to the Pace Car…

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