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This blog is not made by humans
This blog is not made by humans

Sometimes, when we write that chavismo aggressively dehumanizes its opponents, people accuse us of hyperbole.

In fact, if anything we’re erring on the side of literalism. Yesterday, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas called Chávez’s opponents “inhuman.” Today, Nicolás Maduro repeats the charge, saying the “right” is “inhuman.”

Dehumanizing your opponentswhere have we heard this before?

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  1. You missed the best part of the Maduro link – R. Menchú’s totally unhinged speech!

    “We’ve been in communication with Chavez’s spirit, and we have very positive signs,” Menchu, a Guatemalan who won the Nobel Peace Price in 1992, said in Caracas during a national TV and radio broadcast. “We’ve spoken with his ancestors, and they are protecting him.”

    a ver si le echa un ring a los ancestro de Simonovis!

    • “I’m here as an ancient Mayan ancestral guide,” Menchu, a campaigner for indigenous rights, said, adding that she would send Chavez a Mayan calendar. “I’m sure that Chavez has already received the cosmic energy and strength from Mother Earth.”

      At which point does Ashton Kutchner go to Venezuela and says we’re all just being punked?

      • Yeah, the receipt of cosmic energy got me.
        “Estoy completamente segura de que el presidente Chávez ya recibió las energías cósmicas, ya recibió la fuerza de nuestra madre tierra”, indicó Menchú, al subrayar su confianza en la recuperación del gobernante. EFE

        Llamo a nuestra Guaicaipura Pemón para que le pueda clarificar como son las cosas a esta tarifada raulista.

  2. Has anybody seen the play or the movie “Wit”? It’s the story of a college English professor dying of terminal cancer…. how she uses her “wit” to outsmart death using linguistic acrobatics. Why am I bringing this up? Perhaps the Chaverment in facing its demise and is expressing a similar type of linguistic acrobatics.

    • Some after-thoughts: In the world of ideas, there are those who differ on the what roll governments should play. Of course, governmental rolls are played out in various ways, and they are mainly designed by a contest of theoretical beliefs of various political forces. The immediate result determines various “winners” and “losers”, but over time, who the winners and losers are becomes clouded by what the government actually did and the results that are produced. What I have been observing vis-a-vis Venezuela and USA and Europe over the last six years, is that the rich and the poor need each other! What I mean is that helping the poor with education and economic support helps the rich in a variety of ways, i.e. a more productive and competitive work force. Allowing the rich to do what they do helps create capital for innovation and provides incentives for risk taking. It seems that whenever either the rich or the poor get too powerful, everything goes heywire! Anyway, my suspicion is that Chavismo is in a paradox now. Their experiment is failing. They need to re-examine their world view… and in doing so, they have to find a new theoretical model that can give them hope and how the oligarchy fits into it.

    • Yes, I saw that film; masterful stuff from La Thompson, of course, a bright lass if ever there was, but her gradual and dolorous approach to life’s reality, namely death, however brilliantly couched, does end in death: hardly outsmarting it. As for the “what des that have to do with the price of fish?” aspect, how would the current Lads-In-Charge ever be up to the lofty task of ‘linguistic acrobatics’?

  3. NittyGritty: there are ancestors and ancestors and some may feel moved to question just how good of a job the ones in question are actually doing.

    In other news, recent research has unequivocably and persuasively shown that almost all persons with ancestors – which, in the general case, would cover even members of any political opposition – are essentially human themselves.

  4. Information Minister ERNesto Villegas called Chávez’s opponents “inhuman.” Today, NIColás Maduro repeats the charge, saying the “right” is “inhuman.”

    Takes DESALMADOS to know what inhuman means …. Erni* & Nick* Take it Away! 🙂

    [*soulless, cruel, heartless, inhuman, lacking compassion …]

  5. My take is that by “inhuman” in political code, they mean that even though Chavism is probably terminal… but going back to how things were before would not be an option for them.

  6. Malignant narcicists (people like Castro , Chavez and other wannabe inmitators) , get an ego trip from loathing and scorning people they enjoy tagging as weaklings (escualidos) and subhuman (inhumanos, gusanos etc) because it makes them in comparison feel so mighty and superior giving them a ‘big head’ . Most fanatical ideolatries gain a lot of traction from this need of unsattisfied narcicists to feel haughtily righteous and censorious of people who they take pleasure in dehumanizing to feed their narcicistic appetites. thus their dependence on glamorized delusions which distort reality to make them into indignant heroes and all others into despicable subhuman beings.
    The ancient Caribe indians did it as well as did the Nazis. Now its Mr Chavez followers turn!!

    • I remember a psych study in college, where people were asked to describe people they know who they liked and didn’t like. When describing people they didn’t like, they used negative and degrading adjectives designed to impune them. We have to remember that Chavista’s don’t like us, and we are their competitors. I hope it doesn’t go further than that. My take is that Chavism is in its last throws, and as the saying goes: “pride is the last thing to fall.”

  7. Inhuman: lacking qualities of sympathy, pity, warmth, compassion, etc.

    If we’re talking about the health of the democratically elected president, who’s going to deny that the opposition have found almost every possible way to fulfil this definition?

    • Inhuman: lacking qualities of sympathy, pity, warmth, compassion, etc.
      Chavista apparatchiks towards Simonovis, Franklin Brito, and the list goes on and on.

        • See how easy it is to leap over the ‘talanquera’? In a skip and a jump you went from caring, touchy-feely, XXI-century socialist hombre nuevo all the way to inhuman.

        • the gov you support could have accepted its responsibility and he would have had his pollo y arroz at home, or did you conveniently forget why he was left with little choice but a hunger strike?

        • Would you say something like that about Bobby Sands?

          Let me guess what you think:

          Franklin Brito dying in a hunger strike = His choice. No government fault here.
          Bobby Sands dying in a hunger strike = Margaret Thatcher was (is) evil, just like all rightwingers.

          Just to make my opinion clear (since you all rojo rojitos are spin masters that twist what one says), both deaths were pretty terrible, and both could have been prevented by the respective governments. But I guess you only see things one way. Can you say hypocrite?

    • These sentiments are not universally deserved , some dont deserve them at all , Mr Chavez is viewed by many many Venezuelans as a Narcicistic Despot who is destroying the country and instigating hate among Venezuelans to serve his own ideologically bloated delusions . He has done much harm to innocent people . Their feelings for him may be very human , as human as yours for General Pinochet during his days of ill health . elections serve to make political figures they dont make them into decent people deserving of the warmth sympathy of all. Perhaps your are inhuman because you dont feel warmth sympathy for Capriles or any commpassion for Simonovis. How strange your view of what makes us human!!

    • Dijeron “inhumano,” asi, en castellano. La RAE nos ayuda:

      inhumano, na.
      (Del lat. inhumānus).
      1. adj. Falto de humanidad.

      (Del lat. humanĭtas, -ātis).
      1. f. naturaleza humana.
      2. f. Género humano.
      3. f. Conjunto de personas.
      4. f. Fragilidad o flaqueza propia del ser humano.
      5. f. Sensibilidad, compasión de las desgracias de nuestros semejantes.
      6. f. Benignidad, mansedumbre, afabilidad.
      7. f. Cuerpo de una persona.
      8. f. pl. letras humanas.

      Your failure to see the danger in a politician using such terms is, well, inhuman.

      • I believe it was Cicero who first wrote of ‘humanitas’ as a virtue which went beyond justice in the treatment of other men , Before Cicero the ancients believed that justice (deserved retribution and reciprocity) was the main virtue among men , Cicero understood that sometimes going beyond the demands of justice constituted a virtue, but that it was an exemplary virtue rather than a duty , a sign of moral excellence rather than an universal moral mandate . Even today one may show ‘humane’ behaviour towards an animal even if it is not a human being . The notion that human beings are endowed with an intrinsic dignity and respect simply because of their human condition regardless of their good or bad personal qualities , although having some roots in Christianity is basically a modern one .

      • Right.
        Nic nicks at the Venezuelan soul with his power-MAD RAVINGS –
        eternal truths and moral laws are NIC’s to make –
        he is now the atheist’s gift to the nation.
        His bastardised delirium to be taken seriously?
        La DERECHA sprouts from the inner knowledge that we as HUMANS
        know and feel about what is right and what is wrong [Nuestros DERECHOS].
        From our instincts on how to live a JUST LIFE, sharing human experiences
        in the midst of a multitude of many other humans just like ourselves.
        And that is what Nic wants to NICK, to DENIGRATE.
        Nic is SCARED shitless of losing power, he is SCARED shitless that his
        padroncito is agonizing to a slow and maddening painful death, leaving him,
        his wife and their countless underlings to the deriva de la justicia.

  8. Necrophiliac Chronicles: “Venezuela’s Grim Fairy Tales”, as related by El Bigote Ungido and Min. Tech. Arreaza, caught between TV Digital signals from above and necromantic seismic tremors from below, for consumption by all Venezuelan/Alba/Et. Al. handout receivers, as well as assorted Trolls and their pseudonyms, last night’s version (as usual, told at or around midnight, to be even more creepy/scary): “El Comandante just finished working with us for 4 1/2 hours, energetic and full of love for his Pueblo as usual, covering a wide range of topics, writing scraps of paper, since a pesky tracheal tube (not seen in his recent photo), was getting in the way The multiple political/economic/humanitarian decisions made by him will be communicated by us in due time. The inhuman Capitalist/Imperiaist Right continues to criticize me (Maduro) and him (Comandante) for our very “human” condition and concerns.” This version told in the presence of Ramirez and the Sebim Director, with the significant absence of the “armada” wing of the “Revolucion”(sic) representatives Cabello (“pressing personal matters”) and Min.Defense. To be continued….

    • Breaking News: Sci Fi Channel has just contacted the Ven. Government about filming an episode for their “Paranomoral Witness” program, to be aired on their “Paranormal Tuesday” roster of programming. If conditions are agreed on, they will send their crack TAPS team of investigators from the domestic “Ghost Hunters” program, who, with their previous Roto Rooters experience, will be ideal to get to the bottom of this matter.

  9. That sums up Chavismo nicely, the most dehumanizing movement ever to disgrace Venezuela. Not the least because it has called it’s opponents inhuman.

  10. Look, if I’m right and Chavismo is facing it demise, there are going to be multiple possible scenarios:
    1. Outright chaos with possible civil war like violence… which would add to the general suffering, hunger, etc.
    2. A coalition where Chavismo shares power in some way with the opposition… which means the Chavistas figured out that they can’t run public enterprises, they can’t manage projects, and they need people on the public payroll that actually produce things domestically to reduce the importation of goods that were normally produced in Venezuela and created real jobs.
    3. A take-over by the opposition where Chavismo becomes the opposition and continues its unabashed radicalism and its political fermentation of discontent.
    4. Or what else?

  11. This is offensive. The Nazis systematically exterminated 6 million people. Chavez has taken away his opponents’ money and political power and called them names. Pretty offensive, unjust and damn unconstructive. But there is absolutely no comparison here.

    • Bolo: You are quite right , nazis were mass murderers , Chavez followers have never indulged wholesale their taste for blood , and todate have shown mainly a taste for stark violence, lawlesness and persecution falling short of mass murder . Both nazis and Chavez followers however share one thing in common : they are both Fascists in temper , spirit and malevolence , they both are bessotted with the pactice and idolatry of raw might , of absolute power, of violence and abuse , they glory in their hatreds and scorns, in the adoration of pompous narcicistic leaders. You look at bombastic and bellicose Mussolini , Chavez , Castro and you see that they are all bullies , bent on totally destroying their political opponents , enjoying the harm they cause . Psychologists have developed a profile of people with this kind of mentality and called them Malignant Narcicists . All Fascists whether german or venezuelan show many of the features of Malignant Narcicists.

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