You need to be forewarned. Clicking on this will expose you to the single most infuriating thing you’ve seen this week, if not this year.

As a philosopher put it on Facebook,

Cada día pienso más que Venezuela se ha vuelto una parodia de lo que, en el 2002, los ultraderechistas más paranoicos decían que le iba a pasar a Venezuela.

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  1. That is enough to fuck things up; things had already gone downward when El Sistema was put under the Presidencia… at least Eduardo Mendez is still Executive Director but with the Three Amigos as Directors I see very little space for maneuvering… Sad, sad, sad…

  2. Before clicking the link, I was expecting Mario Silva to be annointed for a more exalted post. As a result, Jesse Chacón’s nombramiento was anti-climactic.

  3. RT: LaDivina Diva‏@LaDivinaDiva

    Si Jessy Chacón es el nuevo director del Sistema Nacional de Orquestas debe falta poco para que nombren a Barreto en el Ballet Nuevo Mundo

  4. It must be related to the new Digital TV channel (the Sistema Nacional de Orquestas is going to have one). He has a proven experience manip, eh, analyzing public opinion.

  5. Rest In Peace, our beloved Sistema. You will be dearly missed. Promise that the perpetrators of your murder shall be brought to justice.

    The particular imbecility of Venezuelans who “oppose” this load of BS others call a government, but then turn and berate the PDVSA employees for standing up to it with moderation and like “sifrinos” must become appallingly apparent now. I berate them now, for not being radicals.

  6. What is so bad about this? He was not qualified or trained for any of the jobs he held before, but he could do a lot of damage in them (he did). At least here the damage is limited.

    Positive news to me, he could have been named Minister for Electricity, for example.

    • My guess is that many Venezuelans would see this as worse, because damage to electrical generation, while of serious consequence to the material well being of Venezuelans, is just that; it is not a matter going to the national soul and it is not so connected to the future of so many young people with ability and talent. Are they running out of things to give away to their loyalists? Can they not appoint another additional minister of information or something?

  7. “A cada cochino le llega su hora”…
    A lot of “coqueteo” from the Sistema and Dudamelith towards Chavez and its cultural-anomalities… Sadly they will have to suffer now what all the rest of the venezuelans… The sacriledge is on and lets see how they will react.
    Sadly interesting to witness

  8. Q,
    also on the “Junta directiva” is Temir Porras. He’s had quite a career -I ran into him when he was studying political science in Paris and seemed a pretty bright guy. He still didn’t have any contact with the government and was open and capable of engaging in a debate. After that, through his ties with Jesús Pérez at the Embassy, he was ViceCanciller and held a high post at the Universidad Bolivariana. Yes, he had two jobs. He was then responsable for Venezuela’s “pabellón” in China, and now resurfaces here.
    Maybe he’s a competent guy, I don’t know. All I know is he knows how to work the ropes, since he’s had all these jobs and he’s not even forty years old (or forty-pico, in the best case).
    Anyways, just thought I’d give you the low-down on some of the characters lurking in the shadows, since the Chacon’s and the Barreto’s get burnt, but guys like Porras are smart enough to never put their head out of the water for too long.


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