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So I’m trying to cobble together a nice list of amazing/appalling chavista agit-prop videos for a piece I’m doing and I realized my readers probably have some amazing leads and forgotten gems to contribute.

As the intended audience is not Spanish speaking, I’m looking for strongly visual propaganda spots – stuff that highlights chavismos, erm, knack for over-the-top villification.

Things like:

So do you have a favorite chavista Two Minutes Hate vid in mind? Do your worst in comments!

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      • The deflections so as not to answer a direct question were vintage Chávez. Btw, when the camera is on “la chica” Andreína, Eva Golinger, who affects the role of a journalist, appears in the lower RHC of the Youtube screen, her mueca/risita around 0:56.

    • The clow sais that Colombia have an armed conflict, but didn’t explain why the Venezuelan rate is 6 times higher! Me muero de la risa dice el payaso.

  1. This is not exactly what you are looking for, but it is so creepy, strange, and bizarre I just thought it was worth sharing:

    (perhaps you know it already)

      • The Cat,

        In today’s world labels mean very little, we have to go beyond them to see what the real motivations are.Labels are just flirty little dresses that political people use to fool others, and gather adherents to causes that benefit them in some way.Even the common labels like liberal and conservative have little meaning when you begin to really explore them in the context of a political movement, or even an individual.

      • Outside the above context, one might consider both nazis and zionists as ‘ethnocentric’, the thing is that for every thing there are three labels , one descriptive , another laudatory and yet another derisive , for instance in Venezuela we talk about abogados, juristas and picapleitos, or about medicos , galenos and matasanos or about dentists, odontologos and sacamuelas.

  2. OK, so as long as were on the subject of videos and hating, PLEASE check out this magnanimously AWFUL convocatoria spot the MUD ran on TV. Its sublimely wrong in so many ways. I kind of want to turn chavista after watching it.

  3. Maduro said today next week there will be new economic decisions that are going to make “el pueblo” very happy. I smell a Empresas Polar takeover.

    • Think that will make them happy? Even the diehard chavistas in my extended family acknowledge that the government-run businesses tend to be failures. And now the government threatens the flow of polarcitas? Pitchfork and torches time.

      Curiously, a quasi-client who has a spectacular information source somewhere in the government mentioned that his source was making cryptic remarks about “precedent setting changes coming in the next 48 hours or so (on Friday) regarding law and the future of the country; he related that the context pointed towards something in the constitution.

  4. A great project! My familiarity with the genre is inadequate for your purpose; I hope crowd-sourcing it can help. I have myself shown English-speaking friends two videos, one in which Maduro sneers at “maricones”, and the other where Chavez says something like “I am the people! And I expect obedience!” Good luck on this, it is important.

  5. The most emblematically vituperative would be unedited version of the the expulsion of Patrick Duddy discourse given by The Man in Pto. Cabello. True, it’s directed primarily against the Americans but is a quintessential example of rubust dislike from the very Himself, so to say. And, whilst in Spanish, you need but one word the immediately catch the energetic thrust of it all.

  6. I don’t have one but what would be neat to find is a video clip of the notice that ran on Venezuelan TV years ago. It went something like, “Some people seen in this broadcast may be DEAD”!

  7. I was looking for that profile VTV did on Capriles during the campaign, the one were they juxtapose a bunch of intense nazi images and stuff like that, but I think the batards took it off of youtube.

    I guess that’s the kind of attack ad gringos are more familiar with anyway.

  8. What this thread needs to be pair with, is with all the “amor con amor se paga” and other romantic cheesy slogans from the red coats clowns. “Love” only directed to Chavez voters, dissents must be a piece of shit or something that are not included in the chavista” citizens (uhmm) love.


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