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    • The theory that Chávez was not in the chimbo coffin that snaked its way through the crowds gains force. You can’t have a successful plastination (creepy youtube btw), using a body that is decomposing ever faster under strong heat/sun.


  1. Epale! What a thrill to finally hear your voice, Juan! Come to Houston, ya’ll! I’ll host a reading and author meet & greet for your Texas readers! Abrazos!

  2. I’m not sure this is where you want questions, but here are two:

    1) Does your book talk about the judicial system in Venezuela and how it has developed under Chavez;

    2) What did Quico mean saying that “Kathy” was “less crazy than all
    the other posters on the blog”?

  3. yes I remember when juan was katy, mora the other old timers, always been reading you guys to keep up, to get ideas to explain and recommended to the gringo speakers…. take vacations from it bc we all get frsutated but I see this blog as an experiment that can go grassroots big (why not) and can benefit the whole venezuelan community inside and out, I dunno how but I can see more coverage, and that’s always good

  4. I am scared too Juan but history have had more scary times… things will pass… calma y gordura….

    Oh a good question if you have time, can we talk about Maduro? opinions? what do you think about his possible presidency, and cabello?

    I remember capablanca too lol

  5. What truly scares me is that soon we might not have a good and popular candidate for president. I think Capriles did an amazing job in the last campaign and in my opinion it was impossible for a MUD candidate to get more votes then he did. Logically he’ll b the candidate next month but Im certain we wont win. Maduro will use the people’s grief to mobilize them and he’ll win. Due to the state of our finances and his imcompetence im sure he wont last more then 2 years in power though. if theres a recall or he resigns cuz of pressure who will we field?. I would have no problem voting for Capriles again but I doubt the opposition will back him after 2 consecutive presidential election losses. Who will b our guy or gal?

    • Yes, please DO tell! Tomorrow’ s would be one not to be missed. I have tried the live feed on Globovision’ s page but most of the time does not seem to connect…

  6. The situation in Venezuela promises to keep you guys busy for a very long time. There are some similarities between el Peronismo and el Chavismo, both depended on one person for continuity and both amalgamated a wide variety of groups with a variety of ideologies. The Chavismo as we know it is no more. How do you see this process evolving? How long before the Maduro and Cabello factions slip openly? How do you see as the king-maker within the new “chavismos”?

  7. Loads of fun, you guys. (Toro and Nagel)
    Enjoy your sartorial observations, tomorrow, Juan. But I’d be concerned about red outfits blending into the red carpet event. #opticalconfusion.

  8. Juan, for that coverage you’re doing tomorrow I’ll give you a teacher’s tip: make sure you find something, even if it’s little, that someone you’re commenting on does well and that you honestly appreciate.

  9. Gracias Quico & Juan… estuvo estupendo and it was “real”; do it again soon! : ) As to your Q: I read CCS Chronicles because I may have left Venezuela 33 years ago, but Venezuela never left me….

  10. This was great, y’all. I like the idea about the “red day, red carpet” as Juan’s commentary for tomorrow: good luck in biting your tongue, lol! I hope that you will do this again soon!

  11. yes very fun, do it more often, preach! you guys were asking why we come here, I particularly, besides everything, for the comment section and the usual suspects, can’t help it, it’s tragic but also very fun to talk to them :/

  12. Can’t wait to see this…

    In the meantime…..from the Wall Street Journal….YUCK:

    Some experts said the Venezuelans may have a difficult time preserving Mr. Chavez’s body unless the right chemicals were injected immediately after death.

    “This is not something you do two or three days after someone dies,” said Camilo Jaramillo, a Colombian embalming expert and member of the American Association of Embalmers.

    Mr. Jaramillo said that the process for trying to preserve a body for the long-term is also different than embalming a corpse for a few days or weeks. “If they have done this on a temporary basis, they may have a hard time doing it for the long term, because it’s a different set of chemicals,” he said, adding that he didn’t think Venezuela had those chemicals.

    Countries like Colombia and Venezuela don’t have a culture of embalming, and there are few experts, according to Mr. Jaramillo.

    He also said the corpses need regular maintenance and an environment where humidity, light and temperature are strictly controlled. That could be a problem in Venezuela, which has regular electricity blackouts.

    • Chavista Mathematics- 23 people per second have viewed Chavez. This is a funeral not the start of a marathon race. At least 1,982,720 phantom persons were added to line to enhance what little reputation Chavez has left.

      “Chavez, a former paratrooper, died on Tuesday aged 58 after a two-year battle with cancer. He was president for 14 years and is now lying in state at a military academy where the government says more than 2 million supporters have viewed it since Wednesday.”

      1. Chavez had been on display less than 24 hours =1440 minutes=86400 seconds.
      2. Two million views divided by 86400 seconds=23 viewers per second.

      Even if there were ten lines of people, they would pass by at a fast as hell rate of 2 persons per second without interruption for 24 hours.

      17280 persons per day is about max.
      Lets say that each person got on average 5 seconds with the dead commandante.
      That would be only roughly 17280 persons. The visiting dictators, I mean dignitaries, would likely get 10 minutes each so enough photos could be taken slowing it down more. Conclusion- 1,982,720 extra persons (2000000-17280) were added to line.

      This Chavista mathematics holds in other places. Such building 25,000 housing units and saying that 380,000 were built. Or in official murder rates, inflation rates, poverty rates. I am going to build the first Chavista calculator for them and make a fortune.

  13. This was a great idea. It has that what-goes-on-backstage feeling to it. It allows the readers to get to know you better as people. It would be cool if you did another one where you discuss what events or people shaped your way of thinking, your ideology if you will.

    And on a similar note, I really want to hear what what you guys would do if you were in power (not that you actually would want that, but just as a thought experiment). What political model would you follow? how should we handle the oil industry? how can we diversify our economy? how would you tackle the current crime wave? Should universities continue to be free but crappy?

    I feel you guys do an amazing job of pointing out why the chavez government sucks, or the petrostate model sucks for that matter but I don’t really remember reading anything on what YOU guys think Venezuela should look like in terms of public policy.

    Anyways, this was good stuff as always!

  14. Caracas Chronicles: can you have a permanent post about people posting and asking questions of the amount of odd things that are happening? I seriously cannot keep up… What’s up with Chavez daughters dressed in jeans and a blue shirt like they were going to the supermarket to their father funeral???? No respect for dad? That’s pretty odd.

  15. This was wonderful I really enjoyed hearing every bit of this but most importantly i love that you talked about Briceño-Guerrero. Quico, I didn’t know that you got to meet him! For me that book and that post was the one that marked me the most of the years i’ve been reading the blog. I have the book here at home and I love it and its thanks to CC that its in my hands. It was all up in my masters thesis. Keep working hard, can’t wait to get the book.
    A tres bientot!

  16. I was otherwise engaged and couldn’t see it live.
    Funny how Juan sounds like a gringo when he speaks english. When he was on CNN Chile he had a Chileno by way of Maracaibo kind of accent.
    Cheers, guys. Very proud of you both.

  17. Juan, I was looking to hearing at least a bit of your sexy maracucho accent, too bad we didn’t get to hear it, bummer 🙁


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