Draft Marquina


The consensus in the opposition seems to be that we’re not going to win a snap election amid this huge surge in sympathy for Chávez and his memory. It makes little sense to run Capriles in conditions like these. It’s better to run a real bruiser, somebody with an acid tongue, who knows how to throw a punch – literally, if need be – and who can leave Maduro battered and bruised on his way to Miraflores…

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

Alfonso Marquina Presidente!

más duro que maduroHe won’t win. But he’ll relish his time in the spotlight.

Just a fantasy, I know. But still.

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  1. Maybe it’s the best timing for a different message in the spotlight. If you want to make a good use of an election you know you are going to loose: won’t you try to give the most positive message capable of long term benefits for the op. and country?

    I’m thinking in Maria Corina. Easy prey, nonetheless she won’t be trying to win.

  2. Yup, I agree. Anyone willing to hurl fire and brimstone should be the candidate of choice. This ain’t the time for the feint of heart.

  3. I would say Maria Corina Machado. He has been doing precisely that in the Asamblea and even though I disagreed with her approach in the primaries (and I still find her to the right of my tastes) I wouldn’t mind her screaming truth to power for a whole month of campaign.

    We’re going to get the proverbial kitchen sink thrown at us in these elections so why not go down fighting? Hell, at least she’ll keep the debate in two important subjects: our rampant drug fuelled crime epidemic and the vanishing of basic staples due to the state crushing private enterprise. And I’d looooove to see Maduro’s little machito act reach new lows of misogyny… hay que darle cuerda pa que se ahorque.


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