Perreo Chronicles or, How I learned to stop worrying and love Capriles

All aborad the crazy train

I’m officially on day one of the crazy train. Rationality, for the time being, has been gladly tossed aside. If you’re like me, I’m happy to know we’re mostly on the same page.

During last year’s primaries, I worked for a candidate other than Capriles. So it took some ego-checking and some willful flexing of the whole “we’re-supposed-to-favor-the-common-good-for-the-sake-of-unity” muscle to get me fully on board the Autobus del Progreso. But eventually, it happened.

Last year, when I last went crazy, I went through the requisite steps: I bought the hat, I signed up to volunteer, I actually, truly, genuinely imagined the unprecedented possibility that Capriles might win.

Every time I stopped to question his pseudo-populist stump speech, whenever I didn’t hear from him what I wanted to, I inevitably got the same answer: “tú no eres el target.”

True enough. Yo no soy el target.

It was an exercise in supporting a candidate whom I initially did not like and whose message never spoke to me, but whom I was willing to go along with for the sake of winning. After all, part of chavismo’s success has been convincing me that my issues are much less important than other people’s, so I was willing to play with the team. And yes, towards the end, through sheer echarle bolas and sweaty, tireless, suicide campaigning, Henrique Capriles Radonski earned my respect and admiration, as well as my vote.

Let me just add, as long as I’m being candid, that my main criticism of Capriles had to do with his shortfalls as an orator. For long stretches of the campaign you just felt he couldn’t give a speech, couldn’t come close to matching Chavez’s superlative charm.

But back to the 2013 crazy train: On Sunday night, Capriles snapped me out of my rational depression. He gave me a reason to hear him out. But then last night…maaan oh man…. I’m positively giddy with delight.

Just watch Capriles smirk with irreverent thrill as he, pardon my French, sasses the shit out of Nicolás and calls him out for being a third-rate Chávez wannabe, an unelected flunkie with no campaign experience, a wide-eyed deer in the headlights muddling through as he tries to read a teleprompter (on which there are no substantive proposals to speak of). Maybe I´m drinking the kool-aid, but…hell, it was DELICIOUS.

Just watch this from 13:35.

How do you say PERREO in English?

I can’t remember the last time I consciously looked forward to tuning into a candidate’s TV appearance. I’m usually not a fanatical supporter. For me, it’s less about the blind, dogmatic reverence to an electoral option than it is about the honest and real excitement that derives from witnessing a true, genuine contest.

Mind you, we Venezuelans are completely unaccustomed to “true, genuine contests.”

Moreover, we’re well aware this isn’t really a “true, genuine, contest.” In fact, it may not be a contest at all. It’s shamelessly rigged through a dizzyingly uneven playing field, with the military now openly acting as the ground-game for one of the two camps. But leave it to Capriles to at least regale us with that wonderful suspension of disbelief, with a much needed validation of our crazy.

Maybe this is a terrible strategic mistake. Maybe I should still be happy to no ser el target. And granted, there are deeply serious institutional and economic issues that our nation faces, which I am by no means trivializing.  With the deck stacked against us, it’s very likely that we will not end up winning the election. But if Capriles keeps this up and if I’m afforded a month of this much fun? Well, as far as my morale goes, this election is truly priceless.

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    • It’s easy to understand why opposition supporters are eating up Capriles discourse while everyone just hears a ranting raving angry lunatic. He isn’t campaigning. He isn’t going out after any other “target”. He is making no effort to pursuade anyone.

      Instead, he knows the election is already lost so he is skipping right over the “please vote for me” part and getting right to the “all you people who vote for Chavistas suck” phase.
      For the opposition,this isn’t an election as much as it is a collective chatharsis for the opposition where they can all vent their hatred towards all those who think differently.

      It will be intersting to see if Maduro gets a higher percentage of the vote than Chavez ever got. It seems possible, especially with the way Capriles is going.

      • “It will be intersting to see if Maduro gets a higher percentage of the vote than Chavez ever got. It seems possible, especially with the way Capriles is going.”

        I’m saving this one, OW…

      • “…everyone just hears a ranting raving angry lunatic.”

        Just ask any homeless Martian about what those G’damn capitalists did to their planet.

        • In defense of capitalism, did you see what socialism did to Jupiter?

          Had a bright future with plenty of natural resources, but socialism took it over and while everyone received equal shares of metallic hydrogen, there just wasn’t enough resources and efficient allocation thereof to make everyone happy. The model was unsustainable.

          Now its just another failed star that sucks in everything it can around it and tears everything apart on its surface due to internal unrest propagated by el imperio to foment eventual collapse.

      • “is a collective chatharsis for the opposition where they can all vent their hatred towards all those who think differently”

        There, you sounded like a chavista again.

        • What’s left unsaid is that the government has that daily catharsis against those THEY hate, in the form of EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. THEY. GET. ON. TV.

          • But is it catharsis or brainwashing and trash talking? And simply because the current government does so, makes it okay for the opposition too?
            Though the digs HCR makes are amusing, refreshing and not altogether undeserved, that way of campaigning leads away from a more positive experience.. By this I mean that perhaps the higher road might be the way to go, although that might mean less laughs for his supporters.

          • It might not be so much a matter of laughs, as it is a matter of straight-up morale building. It was quite liberating and, frankly, weird, to for the first time ever since I can remember, be able to watch the electoral option that I will support in the polls make fun of the President. I think its more symbolic than pragmatic, but yo DO have a point. The answer all depends on what the Capriles camp´s objective is: Is it winning? Is it staying relevant? Is it coalescing your base? HCR got so much flack last time around for not being confrontational enough, and I´m sure its a matter of time before people start complaining about how now he´s alienating voters now.. either way, from a strictly personal viewpoint, I have to say I´m thankful for this (fictitiously?) empowering recess.

      • While I cannot speak for the entire forum, your opinions don’t reflect the consensus that has been expressed here. You are right that our spirits have been raised enormously by hearing HCR speak. What a joy it is for the opposition to be able to share ideas with other unatrophied intelligent people! To have an open-minded rational candidate worthy of the presidency! While it would be nice to win, I think it is always better to be on the right side than the winning side. As for that not-so-subtle displeased tone you might occasionally perceive in HCR, it is called righteous indignation. There are many ways to look at his participation in this election, not least as a message that the opposition will not play deaf/dumb/blind to destructive caudillista machinations of the interim post-Chavez administration.

        • Agreed; after listening to his speech, and from following his earlier campaign (from the inside — a close friend of mine spent his summer working on it), HCR seems to participate not simply for catharsis. He and his supporters seem genuinely determined to fight, regardless of winning. As feo said above, it would be beneficial to win, but losing will not be for naught. The campaign, fight, and rhetoric in itself begin to accomplish what a win without the fight would not: Perhaps Chavistas will be more open to an open contest (should there eventually be one) and opposing ideas. Thus, all is not lost.

      • OW:
        Care to provide just one tiny example of your he is skipping right over the “please vote for me” part and getting right to the “all you people who vote for Chavistas suck” phase.

        Or are you confused again? Are you confused into thinking that, just like chavismo coined the electoral phrase: “Chávez es pueblo” that Maduro, hiding behind the late president and pat electoral phrases, is “all you people who vote for Chavistas”.

        Is your focus that soft??

        • Capriles is not insulting chavistas, nor is he displaying hatred, except for the inefficient ruling clique currently in power. OW is simply reciting talking points one picks up in cheap pamphlets, as usual.

          • Exactly. But you know, underneath that manicured veneer, OW is a sucker for easily twisted truths to suit his chavista politics. Remember when OW walked around Caracas with a copy of the little blue book in his pocket? Remember his little rants on Gustavo Coronel and others? My, he was angry young man. Bet he wouldn’t dare justify the Venezuelan government actions from recent months, let alone weeks, using the articles in that very Constitution that he once held so dear to his heart.

            Bunch of phoneys — toítos.

      • To a great extent, Capriles may win by motivating his base (which he is doing) and by demoralizing Maduro’s base. The die hard chavistas will vote for Maduro (or for tree if Chavez had said so) but the others will have a hard time to vote for him. They may not vote for Capriles either but if 2 million stay at home that day (like it has happened before) that would be it.

      • I’m curious OW. A couple few years ago you actually threw in the towel on Chavez and his nincompoopetents.( economical way to describe incompetent nincompoops)

        Now someone comes along and calls a spade a spade, and back you go to the niincompoopetents.

        What gives?

        • izquierditis aguda, Roberto. He’s put so much effort, time, and just plain devotion into the chavista experiment that acknowledging its failure would deliver a double whammy of intellectual and emotional disappointment. It can’t be countenanced, for it would represent the breakdown of his entire belief system.

          So while OW freely criticizes chavismo, his m.o. from now on is to somehow, some way, make the opposition out to be worse, if only in his mind.

      • “where they can all vent their hatred towards all those who think differently.”
        “Fue una victoria, de mierda…” That sounds pretty hateful towards all of those who think diferently from the person who said those words.

      • OW,

        Pitiful, just pitiful.It doesn’t matter if Maduro gets more points because of Capriles.What matters is that finally the opposition leader feels like expressing his truth and his anger, which is good.He does not express hatred, just anger.Chavez expressed hatred and with that got loads of votes, so your argument pales.But we cannot keep playing the destructive game of cowering and looking like useful idiots to help Chavismo win elections.

        What is at stake here is the long run.

  1. Being a refugee from the rojo planet myself, this piece is from a very thoughtful writer but I have to agree with the part about taking the “Jim Jones Kool-Aid Acid Test” of Guyana and it may extend to y’all never being a force again.

    There is no way of winning once again, no matter how much money the US pours in.

    • It’s a shame Bush’s plan to send people to mars was scrapped. They could have put you on the first rocket. As for winning once again, the Chavistas are going to realize that in the end we are all headed toward liberal democracy, as Francis Fukuyama predicted. It’s just a question of time, and you are wasting ours.

    • “There is no way of winning once again,”given the way that opposition voices in radio and TV are progressively eliminated.

      Being a refugee from the rojo planet myself..

    • BTW if you miss mars there is always Antarctica*. Send us a postcard!


    • Yes Cort, we all know the national endowment for democracy is overwhelming state funded electoral campaigns all around the world. A hundred thousand dollars here, a million there, before you know it the opposition can get a few TV spots and perhaps even rents a small office with a web server.

      But, in reality even the upper range of the amount of funding people like Eva Golinger claim the US gives to Venezuela, assuming it all goes DIRECTLY into Capriles campaign coffers (not the case, none of it does, but let’s pretend) it would amount to less than the cost of hosting ONE Chavista refrigerator/washing machine give away, not to mention a house!

      The PSUV on the other hand gives away oil in such away as to allow national politicians in friendly countries (bought and paid for allies) to skim and run their electoral campaigns. When that’s not enough, they send suitcases full of cash! The US is at least tasteful in trying to influence/improve politics in other countries, PSUV flunkies are crass, tasteless and two faced in buying their allies.

      • You have worded it perfectly….and besides who could really even compare the campaigns money and power wise? Maduro has everything ready… Caps, t shirts, buses, kiss for cilia :p everything to the last detail. Capriles is just starting on the 1 od april up a slippery slope… Where do the chavista trolls of this forum think the fiscal cliff our money drained into? Hellooooo chavez’s campaign of millions of dollars. I won’t justify creaking my neck or my fingers answering these martian expats… Sorry!
        Emiliana fantástic piece. I agree with you completely! Even my flu is receding… I feel better, just drinking up HCR’s righteous indignarion. 🙂

    • “Being a refugee from the rojo planet myself”

      Finally, a rational explanation for why Cort is so wacky.

      I grok you now, Cort

    • Cort, for the record, the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and drinking the Kool-Aid (in Jonestown, granted) are two different things. The Venn diagram of those two concepts would be the trippy logic displayed by those who buy into the Chavez clusterfucktocracy model — as is often on display, for instance, in your brave contributions to this forum.

    • Geez, Cort, one would think that, as “informed” as you’d like us to think you are, you’d at least know that it wasn’t “Kool-Aid” that they drank; it was “Flavor-Aid”. Now, go see if you can educate yourself a little better than what you’ve shown yourself to know here.

  2. This piece is phenomenal. The video convinces me that this guy Capriles is a leader. He know how to lead and speaks from the heart and integrity.

    I want to see how the defenders of the chavista faith defend the Maduro homophobic rant. Do they agree it was disgusting? Or do they think it is justified in the light of the higher goal of “changing society”. The latter would be the ultimate irony.

  3. “Vas por el camino de Elías” je, je, je. Excellent post Emiliana. However, this war is going to be anything but fun. #HayQueArrecharse

  4. Great Post.

    We are in it to win, of course you can be using same speech as before, he is confronting for two reason to ignite his base and to detach Maduro from Chavez.
    Capriles already soft talk and has a base, its time to grow that base by confronting the other.

    This is a campaign, you need a strategy and this is Capriles you can say he will loose, but he is do in it for win (is there is a chance this will be the way).

    We will use the same REP of October and the participation them was very high, it seems really difficult to get more votes, perhaps a wider difference seems more realistic.

    In Emiliana’s words, dont worry and enjoy the fight if we win it will be a historic victory and if we loose it will be an honour defeat, and in both ways in the short and long term we win.

    Pardon my bad English.

  5. it is too early too think every detail…But hey Morning caffeine! Great article, you put a smile on my face! And well I just want to say that a good orator is not one that talks hours rambling, so yes , chavez had charisma, but talking and singing for hours is not good oratory… And I don’t know if it had to be with the fact that Capriles is a lawyer ( good contracts and codes in Spanish legal writing are just dreadful to read and translate, well i think worst was the time i translated Telenovelas episodes and want to poke my eyes out!)

    Anyway from experience that had an horrible fear to talk in public and well my Spanish speaking way of thinking after classes in oratory in both language ( not that I’m good) but help me a lot.

    And Capriles still needs an oratory class, Charm, like the showman chavez well that was a personality trait.
    And it would be interesting no the percentage of vote…but how many, because if only 20 people vote and one wins with the 60% of the votes?

  6. OW: Im just curious , if you were Capriles what would you say to persuade people to vote for you ? and leaving aside the repeated to death, pompous catchphrases of traditional Chavista discourse , what would have Maduro say to attract the vote of people currently in the opposition ?

    • bill bass, do you have background on OW? In case you don’t, he is the epidome of ends justifying the means, with his ends being pushing the far leftist agenda. Imagine, he once even lied about counting digits. When he was caught in the lie, he denied, denied, denied, then disappeared until prudent, blow-over time passed. He never admitted the truth, and I doubt he ever will. Since then, he comes back every so often, and tries to rewrite history by pretending that “won” over those who showed his lies and sidestepping the proofs.

      He will use his high intelligence and good logic and respectful manner to seem innocuously innocent while twisting and stabbing for advancing his ends. Note how his comment is designed to demoralize while pretending to sound reasonable. Be not fooled. As Quico once wrote, he has a black hole for a heart.

  7. Chavez Math –
    Chavez salary averaged $548,000/day assuming a 5-day workweek. Just average his $2 billion net worth by the 3650 weekdays during his 14 year reign. In comparison, Chavez made more in a day than the president of the United States does in a year. Not too bad considering the government picked-up all Chavez living expenses including thousands of dollars on toiletries, a likely $25 millions in health care costs, a $76 million Airbus customized jet, luxury hotels around the world, and gifts of cash-filed briefcases to his close friends.

    Did Chavez ever contribute any of his own money to charities to help the poor? Was he really a friend of the poor?
    Chavez salary could have fed 110,000 people each day.
    Chavez salary could provide hospital care to 5,000 people each day.

    If Maduro becomes president, Chavez corruption will look like small change.

    (I assume we can now talk of Chavez family finances)

    • Did Chavez ever contribute any of his own money to charities to help the poor?

      No. Because he wouldn’t want to be associated with those awful capitalists that do, people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc.

      Was he really a friend of the poor?

      Only if they could help him camouflage his real intentions (acquisition of wealth and power under a ‘I-heart-the-poor’ banner).

      And here’s a related question:
      Did Chavez ever teach his children to do a little charity among the poor?

      I never saw that materialized.

      • Sure, Syd, remember the famous posted photo of a daughter fanning greenbacks?-I’m sure that was just her daily contribution to the poor/needy….

      • syd,
        “Did Chavez ever teach his children to do a little charity among the poor? ”
        This is a critical point. Socialism is based on charity; the giving to those that have needs.
        This is more clear proof that Chavez did not believe in the spirit of socialism.

        I doubt that any high level Chavista regularly and openly supported any charity other than their own pockets.

        Let me give an example which always sticks in my mind. Princess Diana had everything from looks, to wealth, to fame, and to royal benefits. She visited an AIDS clinic for babies in Washington, DC. The children were in cribs receiving little attention. She went to pick up a little boy. Immediately her staff stopped Diana and told her to put on a gown, mask, and gloves. Diana refused, said that is nonsense, and picked-up and hugged every baby in the facility. Diana put loving the babies above all else.

        You will never see that in a Chavista.

      • No, but it’s probably understated. Proof will need a serious Venezuelan Government-ordered search, which Venezuela has never been wont to do, even the Chavez one with such transgressors as Perez/Lusinchi (most everyone in Venezuelan Government has had a rabo de paja).

          • Agree that that last report, which constructed a financial framework for Chávez lacked credibility. As for questioning if Chávez was in it for his personal enrichment, perhaps a “solely” is needed. There’s no doubt that adulation was Chávez’ primary motivation. But financial aspects shot that motivation to the moon. Otherwise, we would have often heard the following from he who obviously wore no hair-shirt:

            “No me interesa,” he said to the Central Banker. “Dáselo a los pobres.”

          • But Chavez could turn a blind eye if somebody on his familiar inner circle were getting the best of his political career. Forget about him publicly denouncing his own family to be subject for trial. It would have been the end of his political career.

            As the saying goes, “El que le pega a su familia se arruina”, I don’t know any easy or equivalent translation.

      • It’s total bullshit. Noname NGO with a laugh-out-loud awful website, a report that’s alluded to but never shown with zero details in the public domain, not even a broad outline of where they get the $2 bn. figure…

        I could go on, but the bottom line is that this story is total crap.

        I mean, check these jokers out!

        …personally, my bias is that if you really think Chávez was in it to enrich himself personally you’ve understood exactly nothing.

        • That Chavez wasn’t in it for the money doesn’t imply at all that he and/or his family didn’t get rich in the process.
          I don’t give any credit to this particular story that Chavez accumulated $2bn throughout these years. But, Quico, don’t be naive. Can you really assure that Chavez (or his close family with his knowledge) didn’t get rich? Do you really think that with all that money Chavez personally managed without any kind of transparency he didn’t get filthy rich (probably not nearly as $2bn would imply though)?

          • What I “really think” is neither here nor there. You don’t get to make these kinds of allegations on the basis of what “you really think”, you get to make them on the basis of *E*V*I*D*E*N*C*E*.

            They have none.

            Yet people take the report at face value because it conforms to pre-existing biases.

            Sorry, but this kind of journalistic malpractice pisses me off.


          • I completely agree that one needs hard evidence before making this kind of serious allegations. However, I think there are reasons to think that Chavez did get rich during his presidency. First and foremost, there wasn’t any transparency at all in the use of public monies during his reign. Second, he was lax, very lax, regarding corruption, especially from his entourage. Therefore, I think an investigation is in order. Since an official investigation is out of the question as long as his people are in power, it’s journalist job to look for that evidence. If they can’t find anything, fine. The question is who’s going to take that job seriously.

          • There’s a fair bit of other pointers:
            Argenis Chavez (brother) President of Corpoelec, the National Electric Corportation: Adan Chavez Frías is the governor of Barinas state and was Minister of Education (red education). HCF father Hugo de los Reyes Chavez was the previous governor of Barinas. Aníbal Jose Chavez is the current mayor of Sabaneta, Barinas; cousin Asdrubal Chavez is Vice President of Refining for state oil company PDVSA, Science and Technology Minister (now Vice President, illegally) Jorge Arreaza …i’m guessing there’s a whole rebaño more.

          • We will never have evidence quico. That’s naive. I understand where your professionalism kicks in. But puedes cortarte las venas en asterisco de que su familia gracias a él se enriquecieron ilícitamente. No es que lo escondan mucho tampoco…

          • Of course there are no OVERT financial statements as evidence! But rest assured, there are money and real estate trails. That you don’t have the information, Quico, is one thing. That you get on your high horse to flatly deny the possibility, to close all avenues of inquiry and
            wonder, is another. In fact, any reporter worth his or her salt would be sniffing away, quietly in the background, rather than stomping their feet, demanding that the trail be laid out as a banquet for them. ….

          • About two nights ago they had a special on Univisión by a venezuelan journalist called mariana atencio, a columbia graduate, o sea… who interviewed the NGO guy and the person that sells them their private jets, which do they prefer etc etc I will get you the link
            Her twitter is @marianaatencio

        • @marianatencio es una periodista venezolana que trabaja en univisión que se encargó de un programa especial sobre el enriquecimiento de la familia. Aún está en Uvideo. Y la puedes contactar por twitter. Sale entrevistado este sr brewer del NGO, y entrevistan también a la persona que ha vendido estos aviones y cuales son los aviones privados preferidos por la familia. Anyway… It’s worth a shot. No creo que lompasen por Univisión si es puro vapor ware. No sé.

        • No, but it surely came in handy. Even “Forbes” some many years ago had Fidel Castro’s net worth increased from some $200 million to $800 million, thanks to Chavez commissions/rakeoffs. (I haven’t seen “Forbes'” figures lately). Welcome to the real world, Quico.

          • Maybe some periodistas have to get used to the way lawyers handle scuttlebut: by way of words, such as, “alleged”, “deemed”, etc. (Hay un camino!)

  8. Check out Criminal Justice International… An NGO with Mr Brewer stating that Chavez familiy will be veeeery comfortable with only 2 billion us $$$$$ and that the handouts to Cuba are an estimated $ 5 billion a year. Do you wonder why they are sinking their claws and teeth y no quieren soltar esta manguangua por nada de este mundo?

  9. Do you wonder why even super mega millionaire diosdao states that they will do anything anything to keep the revolution going? They demonize HCR because he visits family in NYC but it’s with HIS money! I remember Maduro in spite of his diplomatic passport being hassled in JFK’s airport by officials because he was paying for 2 first class tkts in cash, i remember the photo because he was dressed to the nines AND had at least 4 vuitton trunks, not suitcases, in his luggage cart! I bet my curly locks that WE paid for the tkts, the coat and everything those vuitton trunks had inside.

  10. HCR is using a technique we all know too well: He is trolling Maduro BIG time, and Maduro being the lame idiot he is, has fallen for it.

    TROLL on Flaco!!!!!!

  11. Lavici,
    Chavista Math 2.0
    The Castro brothers were getting $19.2 million/day for a five day work week. What a great family business. I give it all to the Castros because I hear no evidence that el pueblo in Cuba benefited at all.

    If the money were distributed equally, each of the 11 million Cubans would get $1.83 each day.
    I have read, maybe on this blog, that Chavez spent more on the average Cuban than all the missiones in Venezuela spent on the average Venezuelan.

  12. Escape from the rojo planet was easy, took ride on a spaceship 3 million years ago!
    You never read the book” Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”,eh.Just joking about both.

    As for the in it for the fight, I realize you have to fight to win but like the Marlin Marlins or Tigres de Aragua the party over for you all this year and many years.

    • Cort : while this electoral bout may be called a fight , what this country is really engaged in unfortunately is in a War , may be a long one , whoever wins this war however has to wage another War , the one that really counts long term , the war on what kind of life Venezuelans can get to achieve for themselve , you could win one war and lose this second war , this country could become another Nigeria or Cuba and we would have lost this war , or we could become a country like Chile or a watered down singapore and we would have won it . No one focuses on this second war , their are too busy and excited fighting the first one . The really tough one is the second and no one really pays much attention to it!!

    • Cort, you are getting crushed in your home games. Crushed I tell you. By lunatics just as lunatic as you. Wouldn’t feel so smug.

  13. Emiliana, your (as-usual) wonderful article was great, except for one thing–Why use a picture of a train loaded with Chavistas going to collect their monthly: Government minimum wage/pension/Mision payment/Mercal subsidized pollo/etc. ??

  14. Regarding HCR’s press conference, I didn’t know that Noticias24 had the role of interpreting Maduro’s words…that was embarrassing.

    (Re: Ana Vanessa Herrero – Noticias24 @41:23)

    • Noticias24 seems to have completely sold out to the robolution. Their hagiographic coverage of Chavez’s death was pathetic, to say the least.

      • La directora, antonieta jurado era la asistente de juan barreto, somi believe that once a chevista you’ll probably be always chavista. Manynpeople believe she is an infiltrada, but when she married miguel henrique otero from el nacional, it was diluted…. But the site IMO has become less objective as time goes by.

  15. ¿Cómo es que se dice PERREO en inglés?

    First I thought you’d written perrero (dog lover) but perreo is ‘doggystyle’, but in English that word would only be used for a sexual position.

  16. There’s plenty of elbow space in Venezuela – enough
    for the thirty million or so of us. I don’t want to be in
    somebody’s pressure cooker [the train] –
    I and my neighbors live in peace, and I want to keep
    it that way. When communities sobreviven, then
    Venezuela will still have a bright future for us and
    our children. So let’s all chill – Either-Or societies are
    passe. Them-or-Us mentalities – that’s not the
    Venezuelans way of life.

    • btw – we are NOT manipulating electorates here, this
      blog was always about individuals, anxiously eyeing
      tectonic changes in our society, and trying to make
      head and tails of our lives here. Whether one team
      or the other gets to be top dog, we’ll still be here,
      and webbing in for the local scuttlebut. 🙂

      • >>> … Well, as far as my morale goes, this election is truly priceless.

        and a point of inflection. Should power NOT be shared …
        fun and games will end, There are no adversaries in
        this contienda, only enemies . It’s a point of no return.
        The slightest misstep, and even syria will look like

  17. Amazing post, Emiliana. The “Say Anything” one was really good too. Not only am I looking forward to the next Capriles press conference, but also your reaction.

    My comment about the reactions to the post: When people say that Capriles is just being a release valve for the opposition collective frustration, that would be true in any country were the rule of law prevailed. In the last 48 hours, Capriles has activated the offices of “Tall Luisa” (sorry, I confuse the “Luisas” last names,) and it’s very likely he will spend some jail time after April 14.

    To say that this is just a mind exercise is not only disingenuous, but it leaves out the most important aspect of Capriles stance: he’s in it, not to win it, but because it’s the right thing to do. In the past, people have feared to vote against the government, have feared to be outed by “Tascon” like lists. They have feared for their jobs, for their concessions, for business opportunities if they voted against chavismo. This time, no one in the opposition is standing to power and taking more risks than Capriles. There is a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt that is used in leadership seminars: “It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.”

    Capriles is a leader not because he was endorsed by Chavez or the Castro brothers. He’s our leader because he’s willing to fight even in this circumstances. He’s keeping hope alive for the time being, even if that means personal sacrifice beyond what the rest of us will have to endure in the near future. It’s a moral obligation to jump on the train.

  18. I think all the oppo sites and forums are a huge echo chamber, This message is good for us because HCR has earned his authority as leader, and he’s saying what we want to hear, very loudly.

    I however doubt that this message reaches the chavista population at all.

    I also understand that this is probably a long term (3-5 years) strategy, to take the power after Maduro crashes and burns.

  19. A special message to Cort Greene: I posted a comment to you after one of your previous rants but you may have missed it. As I said then, please take a minute to re-read the comments you have posted, if only in the last week. Not only do you need to improve your writing skills but your ramblings do not make sense and appear to be those of a paranoid schizophrenic. They add no value to this site. I think it is time you get off the drugs and find a real job. Don’t you have family and friends who care enough to help you? If not, perhaps a caring individual on this site would be willing to. Since that is unlikely, check out Mental Health hotlines in your area and take the advice they give you before you hit bottom. Good luck!

  20. Just observing the over the top viscous attack strategy of Maduro,, I bet it’s coming from his Cuban handlers. They really have a lot at stake. What they need to happen is a complete take over to eliminate any change of political power, the complete demolition of democratic uncertainty!

    • Ironic that Maduro should insinuate anything about anyone’s sexual orientation in a twitter entry with a slip about his liking “los mujeres”…

    • oh, we are way far from that level of discussion in Venezuela, we are still in the stage of having to understand that is not OK to use sexual orientation as an insult…

    • During primary debates all candidates were asked that question, and most skirted the issue diplomatically, without explicitly supporting it but also not categorically ruling it out. I seem to recall Capriles saying something about how every Venezuelan should have equal rights, and that it would certainly merit a broad debate amongst all citizens.

      • I hope that if Capriles becomes president someday, he’ll open the country to those types of debates, not going evangelical priest on it and call gay people devil worshipers or paint detractors of gay marriage as mouth breathing rednecks.

    • He hinted that he support the idea, or that was just me. I don’t know. But he did stated that nobody should be restricted on the basis on their personal beliefs, religious views, sex, race and sexual orientation.

    • I remember that session, because I happened to change to this channel by mistake, and I saw the man, speaking with such tone, like scolding and berating, and I though who will be the next imbecile that gets berated and insulted in national TV and at the same time to be pride and happy for being humiliated in front of the country.

      At that time, I though, how come you are not keeping track of your flagship program? How come you create a new minister for something you envisioned and they end up doing nothing? If you are not able to explain what comunas are, how do you expect that somebody else will?

    • evidently, Argenis has not heard of partes médicos and partidas de defunción.

      Y sí, quien sabe cuando exactamente murió Chávez. Definitivamente él no pudo haber trabajado por 5 horas con Nicolás, luego de haber sufrido un derrame.

      Las mentiras tienen patas cortas. A ver cuando revelan otra…

  21. Please don’t feed the Cort, I mean the dumb troll.

    I can concede that OW adds to the discussion, and that he tries actually to come up with valid, reasonable argument.

    But Cort is here to TROLL. Just TROLL. His only message is, can be, shall be “You gonna lose, we (he’s not even near Venezuela) gonna win, you suck, majunches”, that conjoined with a complete ignorance of everything Venezuelan. TROLL. PURE.


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