Don't know who Juan S. Montes is? Maybe you should…


The senior PDVSA manager (a.k.a. “Black”) is fingered for pocketing some US$35.7 million in bribes from Francisco Illarramendi to make his PDVSA Ponzi Scheme possible. Much more detail in this International Consortium of Investigative Journalists report. Unfortunately, the names of the government officials allegedly extorting Illarramendi himself are not public yet.

Update: Dang, I was asleep at the wheel. Setty and Miguel had the details months ago…

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  1. I think it would have been less complicated to have chosen fundamental-particle physics as a career. Mind you, I suppose they save on matresses, not being able to sleep and all…

    • Feo, you’d be right, except that this is part of a global — as in almost 50-countries — takedown of people who are using British Virgin Islands money havens to hide questionably gotten gains. I don’t love the ICIJ story, but you’re being silly to imply that they timed this whole global release for the Venezuela election.


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