Annals of Bad Timing


I know … I know … the timing is garishly bad. But over the next two weeks I’m going to be off the grid – doing day-job stuff and only sporadically online. It could not be helped.

Worse, Emiliana is also going to be on leave. She’s working for the Capriles campaign and it’s just not right for her to blog about an election she’s working for. Even though there will be a piece from her today that is ready to go, she will be focusing on the campaign for the rest of the week.

Still, you’re in good hands. Juan and Gustavo will blog it out for the balance of the election campaign.

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    • That’s precisely the point. We’re putting Emiliana on hold because we don’t want people to think CC is speaking for the Capriles campaign. We don’t want to give out a false impression.

      We’ll call the election on Sunday when we feel comfortable with our prediction, as we always have.

  1. Just when El Imperio should free Quico up for full-time coverage of Venezuela, he is forced to work at a day job? If I were them, I’d send him into Venezuela in a sealed train.

  2. I fail to understand why the fact that Emiliana is working for the Capriles campaign makes it “not right” for her to blog on the campaign. On the contrary. C’mon, Emiliana, show your stuff! This is what blogging at its best should be all about, not some lame attempt at objectivity.


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