Chavenomics inspires a nifty cartoon


Yeah, that pretty much rocked (in Spanish). Kudos to Daniel and Miguel Angel for this.

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  1. Stop calling it Chavismo. Call it el Regimen, Oficialismo o el establecimiento. You need to remind people that they are the authority now and they offer no change. The rebels are someone else.

  2. I wish they could make a 30 second spot of this. It would be great and probably the CNE would ban it for broadcast anyway. Great work all around, specially the animation. Top notch.

  3. I wouldn’t have used official Argentinian stats for ‘reduction of poverty’ around the 3 minute mark… -75% over a decade? really??

    isn’t there general consensus worldwide that the Kirchners’ numbers are bogus?

    otherwise, the video is wonderful… congrats to those responsible!

    • The Argentine stats make sense. You just have to keep in mind how dramatically poverty rose in the first years of the decade when the economy collapsed. It’s not because of good policy, per se, more just a return to potential but the number isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds just because of the starting point.

  4. Muchas gracias por el post Juan Carlos! Ojalá lo vea muchísima gente y que mejor sitio que este blog para publicarlo. Gracias de nuevo!


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