Playing the victim

No thanks for the parting gift...
No thanks for the parting gift…

Yesterday, our mental-patient-in-chief released a doozy: he complained openly, bitterly, sheepishly about how “the bourgeoisie” and “the media” are ganging up against him, and about how the other campaign has the advantage.

This man is pathetic. Is it even worth explaining that reality is the opposite?

Chavismo’s inability to prepare for the demise of its leader – a once-in-a-generation political talent – is there for all to see, and it ain’t pretty. Chávez left a void, and it is being filled by a man who believes cancer is “inoculated,” Chávez talks through birds, dead men elect Popes, and that he’s … the underdog!

Hugo Chávez rarely played the victim in this way. His chutzpah was based on a firm belief that, even when losing, he was still winning because the people were invincible, and Chávez is the people. Chávez would have never whined about people ganging up on him the way Maduro is doing. And Chávez would have never said he would “stop whistling” because his advisors told him to…

A man this ignorant, with such a feeble grasp of reality, and such a tenuous, haphazard feel for the political needs of his base, simply cannot solve Venezuela’s many serious problems. He basically admitted it yesterday, saying that the task he was left with “is really complicated.”

He is the favorite, and he will likely win, but I doubt he’ll finish his term. Venezuela stands on the edge of a cliff, and Maduro commands us all to take one step forward, or else we will be cursed.

Take a deep breath, folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

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