Pre-election Google Hangout


Join Gustavo and I for a pre-election conversation, Corpoelec willing. Already online. Also via Youtube.

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  1. Sorry Juan, I’m going to pass. And not because I have no time at that hour. But because, with the exception of GEHA who is trained as a journalist, CC has been churning out the sifrino malcriadeces that are hard to stomach. I need a break from the ‘look-at-me-aren’t-I-clever’ attempts from some who can’t even make the effort to go and vote. Me revuelve el estómago.

  2. I actually enjoy the contortions most readers experience when confronted with harsh truths. Are these truths written with the express intention to wreak havoc? maybe. In any case it´s not only fun, it´s also insightful. And then having Quico and JC go out at each other is just even better. I am certain to attend the hangout.
    Amidst the controversy lies a kernel of wisdom, you just have to get past the provocation.

    • The problem is that the hard truths tend to be irrelevant, it is like giving somebody a bodyblow over feet fungus medication. I cannot believe its been decades and they still don’t understand venezuelans.

    • Being an effective provocateur is a fine art. Unfortunately, our hosts here at CC haven’t quite mastered it.

      And frankly, I still don’t see Quico’s position as unassailable truth. Reality is not a zero-sum game. Least of all in Venezuela.

  3. I’ve read a lot of history and biography and also have had a chance of seeing a lot of people having to do tough jobs , under a lot of pressure. One thing I’ve learned is to be very tolerant of human error because no one scapes it . Even the best and smartest every so often , miss the ticket , lose the boat , slip on a stray banana peel , it happens so often its banal. For many years I worked under a very wise and tough man ( my monicker for him ‘the no bullshit man’ ) who taught me when I was a bit rough responding to my subordinates mistakes to give them a bit of slack , to understand the frailness of human judgments. Now that we’ve seen that rare spectacle of both Juan and Fco write articles that have met with heavy reader criticism I am reminded of my old boss’s admonition. They deserve our tolerance, For over 10 years theyve kept this blog alive with their comments and insights with very little in the way of material incentives , They are entitled to a few lapses every now an them , they write so much , they are exposed to dealing with so many difficult and challenging issues , that inevitably something gives and they go a bit overboard in treating a particular subject , in a way that dont make many of their followers and readers happy. Babe Ruth when on a home plate never hit a 1000. Both Juan and Fco are both deserving of my greatest respect for their honesty , analytical acumen and journalistic talent . The greatest mistake of western thought is to proclaim that human beings are rational creatures , they are not , they are basically a mix of irrational instincts mixed with a not always skillful attempt at being rational . Human rationality is a ‘work in progress’ , a long term unfinished project , quite a few thinkers have pointed this out ( best one of them Ortega in his essay ‘La caza y los Toros’ ) , modern psychology specially as it pertains to economic decision making is on to this often neglected fact . At most what human beings can hope to be is not rational but reasonable , to reconcile the core irrationality of their ethos with a redeeming effort at rationality . We all know this . That’s why Franciscos complaint agains the Mayameros sounded so unsound , because he demanded them to be perfectly rational when normal human beings never are . That’s why Juan’s criticism of some of Capriles press people seems so unbalanced , because he is not taking due account of the blunders people incurr when faced with a lot of pressure , ultra tight deadlines and a barrel full of uncertainties . I will be in on the hang out tonight.


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