The tweets are God-given


What was Diosdado Cabello saying with these tweets? Was he interpreting the unease with which the military received these “results”? Was he undermining the weak Maduro? The floor is open for wild speculation.

Godgiven Tweets

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  1. Note to foreign correspondents: that last Diosdado quote does not indicate imminent introspection on the part of the PSUV. That was a message, with an audience of one. I’m coming for you, Nicolas….

  2. Arrogant as always but a much realistic take on the results than Maduro’s speech yesterday.

    A side note: how can they call the opposition vendepatrias when they have cuban flags in all of their rallies. It was specially enervating yesterday to see the chavistas waving the cuban flag during maduro’s speech, as if the Castros were telling us: “Nosotros somos los que mandamos aqui”

  3. I believe that the more radical Diosdado becomes, the more he paints himself into a corner–the Commie/Cuban leftists don’t want him, since they see him as un “derechista endogeno”. And Capriles doesn’t really need him now, with at least 50% of the popular vote.

  4. Unofficially, the gentleman that the former President thought second best to the unofficial Acting President has advised that the unofficial total of 49% and change is “la rancia burguesia”. Clearly a statesman of the highest order.

  5. For me, GodGiven is in the best of the positions. With Maduro dwindling, he can either (i) offer support to Maduro, which is going to cost Maduro dearly, or (ii) wait for Maduro’s demise, then show himself as the savior of the Chavez legacy.

    • The “Chavez legacy” is crumbling as we speak. If Diosdado wants to go down with the ship (which would be the most-fitting, given his role in it), so be it.

    • Completely agree. I think the key for Capriles is to keep his position of strength during the recount and then focus on tying Diosdado to the failings of Maduro.

  6. Y hablando asi como los locos, que paso con las encuestas?? Ciertamente no predijeron este resultado mucho menos un probable triunfo de Capriles… defensores de encuestas en 3.. 2..1…

      • Sin embargo no es nada comparado con el papelon publico que hicieron Oscar Schemel, Jesse Chacon y los demas pseudo-encuestadores del Chavismo.

        • Cuando en Venezuela se acabé el papel toilette (que me imagino será pronto) podremos echar mano de las encuestas. ¿Qué fue de Consultores 21 después del papelón de octubre? Si se hubiesen lanzado otra predicción loca esta vez si la hubieran pegado

        • Bueno, yo si quisiera defender a las encuestadoras. Todos sabíamos que los números se estaban estrechando, y que estaban cambiando de a diario. Fue una elección difícil de predecir por lo corta y por lo volátil.

    • 1. These results force us to make deep self-criticisms. It’s contradictory that sectors of the poor people voted for their exploiters.
      2. Eternal gratitude for those who kept their promise to the comandante. We deeply regret that others allow themselves to be seduced by the perverse right.
      3. Let’s look our flaws underneath the stones but let’s not put in jeopardy the fatherland or the legacy of our comandante.

    • Loose Translate –
      tweet 1: Let’s look for our faults even under stones but we cannot endanger the Fatherland of our Commander
      tweet 2: Eternal thanks for those that followed through with the Commander, it is very sad that others allowed themselves to be seduced by the perverse right.
      tweet 3: These results call for profound self-criticism, it is contradictory for sectors of the poor to have voted for those that have always exploited them.

    • Kind of “Let’s find our flaws even under the rocks, but we can’t put in danger the legacy of our Commander. Eternal thanks to everyone who fulfilled our Commander’s wish, we are sorry that others let themselves be seduced by the evil right. These results demand profound self criticism, it’s contradictory that part of the poor people voted for their exploiters of all time.”


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