Prosecutor, judge and jury

Nobody has asked for my opinion, but I'm giving it anyway
Nobody has asked for my opinion, but I’m giving it anyway

Supreme Tribunal chief Luisa Estella Morales says: “There won’t be a manual recount.” All of the sudden, she starts feeling guilty about people dying on the streets, and threatens Capriles.

For a different take, I suggest José Ignacio Hernández’s article in Prodavinci. The money quote:

“In these Presidential Elections, there were news of violent inappropriate acts which fall under the scope of what is required to contest the election. In the first case, the authorities could void the results from the entire election. In the second case, the authorities could void the votes from the affected centers, and a new election would have to be called for those centers alone as long as this affects the total outcome of the election.

The other possibility is to contest the vote tallies (total votes and number of people who voted) when there are discrepancies. That way, if the electoral result as shown in one of the documents is different from that shown in the ballots, the document would be declared void and a manual recount will have to take place (Article 221, Organic Law of Electoral Procedures). Here, you wouldn’t have to repeat the election.”

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  1. Only in a country run by autocrat hacks, a Supreme Court doesn’t even bother to issue a legally binding decision to rubber-stamp a possible fraud, but gives a press conference instead. A prove of the laziness and mediocrity of Luisa Estela Morales besides her treacheary. Well legislation through press releases in SICAD, legal decisions through press conferences

  2. All of them are fighting within their pack to achieve being the top dog/bitch. The more extremist the better! Raul is watching!

  3. Cabello was right about Hugo being a controlling force for those guys. The problem is that this madness has a greater impact in the already very weak term Maduro is about to start. He‘s not been sworn yet and the country is in a tremendous unrest, and the current violence is expected to worsen given the agressive attitude Maduro has shown since yesterday. I think he‘s in a dead end: he chooses violence to gain respect or dialogue that would deepen internal divisions in chavismo. Whatever he decides will have the same pesimistic forecast. He‘ll have no governability, no way.

  4. Two points:

    -She completely abuses her role as a judge to make this pronouncement. It is further evidence that there is no judicial independence in Venezuela.

    -As I understand it, one of the points she is making is that the opposition did not or has not filed an appropriate petition to challenge the election result in the Supreme Court. Not that it would go anywhere, given my first point, but is this the case?

    • That’s a chavista red herring repeated all over the media. Why hasn´t the opposition filed the claim? There is a legal period to contest the election, 15 working days if you file it directly before the Supreme Court or 20 working days if you want to contest it before the CNE before going to Courts. Capriles has every legal right to use the period to build a case, gather the evidence and file it . A lawyer who is President of the Supreme Court should know this.

      • Wut, they’re swearing in Maduro before all possible legal appeals are exhausted?

        Talking about not even pretending to follow the laws anymore …

      • True that, but a bumbling twice-fired document forger posing as the highest magistrate in the land won’t necessarily know that (or precious little anything else, for that matter). After all, she is only there to shore up the judiciary for the Chávez (sorry Maduro) mafia.

    • Valid arguments but I think it is not worth discussing what she or any other chavista henchmen says. It is like trying to react to what ‘get a clue’ guys posts…

  5. From the LOPRE:

    “Subsanacion del acta electoral
    Articulo 221. La subsanacion es la actividad que de manera obligatoria e ineludible dee desplegar el organo que este conociendo del vicio invocado en contra de un Acta Electoral a los fines de subsanar el vicio que en ella se manifiesta, mediante la revision de los instrumentos de votacion, el cuaderno de votacion u otros medios de pruea.

    Si no resultare posile la subsanacion de los vicios que originaron la impugnación del acta electoral, a traves de la revision mencionada, el organo debera establecer la magnitud del vicio y su incidencia en la votacion o eleccion.”

    “Declaracion de nulidad de las actas de escrutinio
    Articulo 219. Se declarara la nulidad de las actas de escrutinio en los siguientes casis:
    1. Cuando en dicha acta existan diferencias entre el numero de votantes segun conste en el cuaderno de votacion, el numero de boletas consignadas y el numero de votos asignados en las actas, inclyendo validos y nulos, o entre las informaciones contenidas en el Acta de Cierre de proceso y el Acta de Escrutinios.
    2. Cuando en dicha acta el numero de votantes segun conste en el cuaderno de votacion, el numero de boletas consignadas o el numero de votos asignados en las actas, incluyendo validos y nulos, sea mayor al numero de electores y electoras de la Mesa Electoral, con derecho a votar en la eleccion correspondiente.
    3.Cuando dicha acta no este firmada, por lo menos, por tres miembros de la Mesa Electoral.
    4. Cuando se haya declarado la nulidad del acto de votacion.

    Cuando ocurra el supuesto previsto en el numeral 2, si existe Acta Demostrativa, de la debida constitucion y funcionamiento de la Mesa Electoral, se practicara un escrutinio con los instrumentos de votacion utilizados por los electores y las electoras de esa Mesa Electoral que deben ser conservados conforme a lo previsto en esta Ley.
    Cuando ocurran los supuestos previstos en los numerales 3 y 4, se practicaran nuevos escrutinios con los instrumentos de votacion utilizados por los electores y las electoras de esa Mesa Electoral, que deben ser conservados conforme a lo previsto en esta Ley, solo en los supuestos de Actas de Escrutinio.”

    From the RAE:
    (Del lat. scrutinĭum).
    1. m. Examen y averiguación exacta y diligente que se hace de algo para formar juicio de ello.
    2. m. Reconocimiento y cómputo de los votos en las elecciones o en otro acto análogo.”

    Sorry Luisa, but without counting the paper ballots those articles can not be fullfiled, because one would have to count the ballots and cross reference it with the cuaderno electoral and the machine tally (instrumentos de votacion utilizados por los electores) to find out if that Mesa Electoral is to be anulled or not.

    Please, go sell empanadas on the street where you belong.

    • Sell empanadas on the street? Where she’ll actually have to manually count pieces of paper?

      On a serious note though, it’s quite infuriating to see how the chavista nomenklatura all of a sudden developed a conscience and actually began to give a damn about murdered Venezuelans after ignoring the mounting death toll for 14 years. Stuff like that just pisses me off.

      • Yeah and they do more than that. They say that the deaths where chavistas defending maduro in a protest. The father of one of them told that his son was, like us, an oppo.. imagine his grief and that his sons political conviction is being misused by a bunch of criminals?? I would buy an AK-47 and start shooting at anything that looks red…

    • La Unión Bolívar de Vendedores Empanadas just sent out a press release stating the irreversible decision that Louisa Estella Morales has been denied membership.

  6. This is just to much. They are trying to create a smoke curtain. Just by creating a lot of fuss they are trying to tire the revolt. Venezuela now officially went cubian full throttle..

    I wonder what’s in store the next few hours. Probably more fuss. More chavistas acting violent. More deputies acting like little castros etc. etc.

    In the mean time I am thinking how it would be possible to get out of this mess. And to be honest I do not see any ‘friendly’ solution.

    What we see now is the result of years of corrupting government bodies and abuse of power. Imagine if Capriles would be declared victor. He would be stuck with an unmanageable cesspool of chavistas in every government body. I would not like to be in that position..

    I think the only solution is that the whole thing collapses. Only then it will be possible that beautiful things will be able to emerge from the chaos we are in.

  7. Miranda Legislature is apparently decreeing the “absolute absence” of Capriles from his job as Governor.

  8. María Corina Machado asks Raul Castro to give Maduro permission to accept a recount

    María Corina Machado, a member of the Venezuelan National Assembly, asks Cuban dictator Raúl Castro to allow his puppet Nicolás Maduro, to accept a recount of the votes and bring peace to Venezuela

    Maria should be president.

  9. More on the LOPRE:

    “Verificacion de los comprobantes de votacion
    Articulo 162. La verificacion ciudadana del cierre de la votacion, se efectuara mediante la revision de los comprobantes de votacion con relacion a los datos contenidos exclusivamente en el acta del acto de votacion elaborada por los miemrbos de mesa.

    El acto de escrutinio se efectuara una vez que finalice el acto de votacion

    El Presidente o la Presidenta de la Mesa Electoral anunciara en voz alta el inicio del acto.”

    “Eliminacion del material electoral
    Articulo 169. El material electoral que no sea objeto de impugnacion administrativa o recurso judicial podra ser objeto de destruccion, despues de transcurridos seis meses de la celebracion de un proceso electoral.

    La orden de destruccion de material electoral solo podra ser emitida por el Consejo Nacional Electoral.

    El procedimiento para la destruccion del material sera establecido por el Consejo Nacional Electoral mediante Reglamento.”

    Articulo 202. Los actos emanados del Consejo Nacional Electoral solo podran ser impugnados en sede judicial”

    “Lapso indicado
    Articulo 211. Si en el lapso indicado no se produce la decision, el o la recurrente podra optar en cualquier momento, y a su solo criterio, por esperar la decision o por considerar que el transcurso del lapso aludido, sin haber recibido contestacion, es equivalente a la denegacion del recurso”.

    So, in short:
    a) The verification requires the ballots. There IS such thing as a manual count.
    b) Capriles may interponer as many recursos as he wishes.
    c) If the CNE doesn’t solve it, he has to take it to the TSJ.
    d) Only when either the CNE or the TSJ order a full audit, there will be a manual count of the ballots, as well as cross checking with the rest of “instrumentos de escrutinio” (actas, cuadernos de votacion, etc)
    e) Oviously, neither the CNE nor the TSJ will do anything about it, which, “is equivalent to the denial of the request”

    So, juego trancado.


  10. If all the electoral material is worthless and the digital vote is the last resource, why bother bringing the register books, tallies and paper votes to the CNE in Caracas and keeping it save for 60 days or longer? We might as well get rid of it and erase that part about voiding votes or contesting the election…

    But, Luisa Estela could not care less about justice. She’s just there to rubberstamp any nonsense Miraflores tell her to. This is not going to end well, sadly…

    • “Get rid of it”, no–there is a massive absence of (toilet) paper in the Country–it can be distributed free to the faithful, in Mercal.

  11. Welly-well, of course this proves absolutely nothing, but it’s interesting to say the least:

    Also, for those who believe in Reinaldo Dos Santos, his latest prediction (yesterday) said that there will not be a recount and that maduro will stay in power, however, shortly, and said that his term will end:
    a) Right now, but it’s not gonna happen (he said it)
    b) Near the end of this year or at the beggining of the next, something drastic will happen that would change things in venezuela and soon afterwards, he’ll be out
    c) On the referendum (I think he means the recall)

    • The key part of the text is this: ” Tras el Fraude Electoral de 1952, Pérez Jiménez asume como Presidente Provisional de la República , nombrado por la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente a partir del 2 de diciembre de 1952 en sustitución de Germán Suárez Flamerich para posteriormente ser nombrado por la misma asamblea como Presidente para el periodo 1953 – 1958, el cual inició el 19 de abril de 1953.”

      Way too similar to be mere coincidence..

  12. Actually, the President of a Supreme Court should not be giving her opinion until she is asked to decide. A judge should not pronounce itself before that….

    Juan, here I found a very interesting link. It seems that the percentage of tables were the auditing was not public is more than 9%. here it is:

    I think this should be given prominence for the international media to know.

      • It would be interesting to cross that dataset against what the people at esdata have on this election, as to know exactly how much votes are we talking about, how much of them for each option, and make a statistic study to determine how distorted those results are.


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