Prosecutor, judge and jury

Nobody has asked for my opinion, but I'm giving it anyway
Nobody has asked for my opinion, but I’m giving it anyway

Supreme Tribunal chief Luisa Estella Morales says: “There won’t be a manual recount.” All of the sudden, she starts feeling guilty about people dying on the streets, and threatens Capriles.

For a different take, I suggest José Ignacio Hernández’s article in Prodavinci. The money quote:

“In these Presidential Elections, there were news of violent inappropriate acts which fall under the scope of what is required to contest the election. In the first case, the authorities could void the results from the entire election. In the second case, the authorities could void the votes from the affected centers, and a new election would have to be called for those centers alone as long as this affects the total outcome of the election.

The other possibility is to contest the vote tallies (total votes and number of people who voted) when there are discrepancies. That way, if the electoral result as shown in one of the documents is different from that shown in the ballots, the document would be declared void and a manual recount will have to take place (Article 221, Organic Law of Electoral Procedures). Here, you wouldn’t have to repeat the election.”