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A guest submission by Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, live from the Windy City.

Yesterday, at DePaul University in Chicago, the following event was presented by the local Venezuelan consulate:


The primary speakers were — rather fittingly — a couple of Cubans empowered by our consulate to speak for us (and, allegedly, vote for us as well). Content-wise it was basically what one might have expected from this sort of thing:

No Corregido
Thanks to Carlos Alberto Silva Uscátegui for the picture.

Now I’m not going to spend any time feigning shock at their arguments. We know the government by now and we know that they don’t do the whole “tone it down a bit for the international audience” angle of diplomacy. If the whole: “Capriles is a sinister fascist/terrorist” story is the official line what good is my opinion on the matter? After all Chávez Redentór created us in his image and we are what we are.  Fine.

What I can’t get over is the catastrophically unprofessional way that this “information” is being presented. Here is a version where I’ve taken the liberty of making some corrections:


Note that this may not even be a comprehensive list. I gave the corrections a solid try but, as both Quico and Juan can personally vouch, I’m not a particularly good editor. So consider this the bare minimum of what could be wrong with this train wreck of a slide. And feel free to point out any more in the comments.

Now I understand that there can be legitimate reasons why this would happen: maybe the person who made the slide had a crazy-hot English teacher whose smile is itself directly adverse to the didactic process But this is as an unacceptable way to present ourselves before the world.

And at the risk of further entrenching my budding reputation as the Andy Rooney of Caracas Chronicles … I just felt I had to say something.

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  1. What happened to “prominent Chavista leader” Eva Golinger? If this prominent Chavista leader resides and operates in the U.S., does this not qualify her as an unregistered foreign agent? EG is spewing forth the claim that USGov inoculated HCF with cancer. If VE is ever designated enemy State, EG better watch out.

    • Oh this as,e golinger was pregnant and happens to decide that she would rather have her child born in the states to have us citizenship than to be born in Venezuela. Right……. In the missions……. Right……..

    • I know by twitter that she arrived, and was caeroleada in the airport, and reported all the fascistas!!! thing…so that means she was not in Venezuela… As she was given the Venezuelan citizenship in 2004 o 2003, after they discovered she has no way to be Venezuelan by father or mother ( maybe it was the grandmother)… I really like how A boyd got so passionate about her… However, if USA is so bad, how come she doesn’t resign he US citizenship? She came to Venezuela in loon for “her roots”

      • and i forgot why she announces in her bio that she is a specialist in immigration Law to the USA ? why she would do such thing to a person to go to the empire?

    • The last live report on Globovision from Capriles’s camapign HQ (a little bit before 8 p.m.) said there would be a press conference later tonight. No new developments so far.

  2. Eva Golinger told the Brasilians she was filing charges over the airport harrasment. Here she is back in New York on Russia Today talking about the incident. Note she does not mention legal action here.

  3. I doubt someone took these guys seriously after saying that shouting at a politician/governor is a terrorist act.

      • That is the worst, the universities with Latinoamerican departments are full of Viva el che type of people… Specially people from hispanic descendant…they were so whining about chavez… I have had some really encounters with those kids, IMHO they have a pasticho , why they are enjoying being american get scholarships, or ta positions, they come and say o me the same things about fascismo, oh yes I orgot that I’m white ( that is a good one) These kind of people speaks so much shit about the us and the system , and complaint about how “their countries”not really, are las putas of us…I always , ask them if you think that is so good what are you doing here, you should be in Mexico, or El salvador, saving your country..and go to venezuela, and i want to se e what you are going to do with 2000 dollars you get here being a TA…of course some with only green card alway said but i can’t go for a lot of time because o f my green card…..and i said what ou want a green card from a country is so horrible…. they all keep silence…. Of course they say i’m crazy, and i am totally wrong!!! not that i could be vehement but discussing with a person that spent more than 33 years in that country….not fucking around in a pHD , and he cherry on the top….the thing is professor X visited and he knows so much more about life in venezuela…I graduated but Really the latinoamerican departments have no shame… on the other hand the liberal limousines ( democrats) because they just enjoy that chavez face bush…with the sulfur episode, and his stan…until i said to them we depend of selling oil to you guys….then more silence….. The thing is evven I’m a burguesa facha, in The US…white and a slavist!

  4. Has anyone looked at the website for the Washington, D.C. embassy of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, lately? Why must Chavez’s image still adorn the masthead along with a party affiliated slogan? Is this constitutional? In fact, the website comes across as a promotional website for the PSUV.

  5. Mr. Lansberg-Rodriguez,

    Three Cubans. The host professor, Dr. Masud-Piloto, is a Cuban who is often critical of gringo immigration policies and a LatAm “expert”. I’m not sure how leftist his leanings actually are not having read his books or having heard him speak, but some of the references I’ve seen related to him indicate that he’s probably pretty warm and friendly with Bolivarian aspect of Venezuela.

    • At least one of the guys murdered was an opposition man. His father said that himself.
      The health centres were not harmed.
      Chavistas disguised themselves as opposition people in many cases.
      Do you want more?
      Shouting at politicians is terrorism? Are you in North Korea or what?

  6. The Provost of Loyola University, John Pellisaro, Chicago probably doesn’t object to this presentation based on Freedom of Speech. However, as a US Military Officer and Veteran, he probably has a lot to object to in terns of content! Has anybody gotten around to dropping a dime on Eva to the US Marshalls inlightof her Tweets and Blog Rants condemning Tim Tracy as a US Intel Operative? The major theory is A Boyd, get on the stick! The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 (Pub.L. 97–200, 50 U.S.C. §§ 421–426…Google it up!

    The evidence that Eva violated this act is facial, in the open, and repeated over and over again and again. Her broadcast performances and texts are evidently malicious! The potential for harm to Tracy and so many others for all kinds of reasons is almost 100%, Eva has touched off a witch-hunt for intel agents in Venezuela and its’ allied nations. Considering the source is the Princess of Lies, we can safely assume Tracy is just an innocent videographer and documentary film maker. Maburro is using him to distract people from the general mess he and his party have made because they have no feasible program and no resources, and their inability to inspire and lead. All that counts here is that Mr. Tracy has been harmed, when would that not happen in one of Linda Blair’s jails and with instructions from El Carnicero, Ramiro Valdes?


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