Tale of two crashes


Yendrick Sánchez likes to crash presidential speeches.

Compare the reaction of Nicolás “Ew-get-away-from-me-I-coulda-been-shot-respect-the-President’s-Majesty” Maduro

with Henrique Capriles’ reaction when, a few months ago, the same guy crashed his speech.

Say what you will, but Chávez would have never fumbled this like Maduro did today. In fact, he didn’t.

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  1. Capriles is the man. I sometimes get anxious with his calls for patience, but then I remember that good things come to those who wait. Viva Venezuela libre!

      • No. But I say we wait a little longer and see (hopefully things fall by their own weight. Trust me, if I were back in Caracas I would be throwing rocks and setting things on fire in the streets. But I want Capriles as president and I know that if violence breaks out and there is a Coup he will NOT condone it and I can see him not taking power. So we’re back at square 1. People have had enough, so I’m crossing my fingers it’s a matter of days and not years.

  2. How long before the government starts calling Yendrick Sánchez an opposition, imperialist, spy? An agent of Capriles that tried to kill Maduro?

  3. Maduro esta como cagao… que paranoia hermano… y la reaccion de Diosdado, ese si es malandro, el primero que se dio cuenta y se lanzo para abajo sin pensarlo a defender a su presidente! Su tonto util…

  4. It’s all very well taking the view that, “lo bueno se hace esperar” and psychlogically, it’s an attractive and, at first blush, mature approach but I have got a creepy inner rankling that ‘they’ have something up their sleaves that will put paid to aspirations of any return to a semblance of democracy. Already, the soon-to-be ex-president of the CNE is warning against putting false hopes in the audit process. I am beginning to wonder already whether indeed the whole thing will actually be taken to completion at all at all. If “once bitten, twice shy” holds, then how about suggestions for a value of X, when “N times bitten, X times shy” and N is a large integer.

    • i think maduro and cabello are just as dictatorial,opressive and fascist as they come.
      Maduro is interested in keeping the democracy charade
      Cabello isn’t,and he hasn’t been too shy about it

  5. Of course they are going to do something bad….14 years commiting FRAUD (and no is not the machines) but the hidden centers, the gerry mandering, the assisted voting, the threats, the missions, the lobby in many countries against the opposition with the help of tenured professors that have seen way too many time “Motorcycle’s diaries”or what ever the name is…

    and I hope they could do and apply things like this one “A recent paper published in PNAS describes statistical techniques for clearly displaying the presence of two types of electoral fraud (PDF) — ‘incremental fraud’ (stuffing of ballot boxes containing genuine votes with ballots for the winning party) and ‘extreme fraud’ (reporting completely contrived numbers, typically 100% turnout for a vote-counting region, with 100% voting for the winning party). While the techniques would require skill with statistical software to apply in real time, the graphs produced in the paper provide tools for the interested non-statistician to monitor an election ‘live.’ Examples are discussed with both ‘normal’ elections, fraud by the techniques mentioned, and cases of genuine voter inhomogeneity. Other types of fraud, such as gerrymandering and inhibiting the registration of minority voters, are not considered.”

  6. Can someone here dare to explain why did the CNE finally admit the audit? This people “no da paso sin alpargata”. I trust Capriles’ and the MUD’s judgement and I believe them when they tell me that they will find and prove the fraud in the audit, but something is just not right. The CNE and Maduro should know this, then why did they agree?
    Everyone I’ve asked says the same, buying time. Well for me that’s not enough, something more is in the cooking but I fail to see it.

    • I have the weird feeling there was some blackmail involved, but that’s just me.
      2.5 hours with Ocariz and 9 hours meeting (consulting?) is like too much time.

    • Don’t believe anybody that shouts FRAUD before having proof in their hands.

      Looking at pure probabilities, it was always more likely that a close result would come down on the side that won substantially just a few months ago.

      Let’s wait and see what Capriles says when the numbers match up. If he continues with the agitation, we’ll know this was never about “fraud” — it was always about destabilising the government in a period of transition.

  7. Something tells me this Yendricks character will have an unrecognizable face by the end of the day. These are madmen, staging a stunt like this at this point in time was probably the worst thing he couldve done for his freedom/physical integrity.

  8. ……. but don’t worry, the security/safety plans for the country will be a lot better than what you’ve seen today ….. no kidding!

  9. So, apparently, Unasur election observers witnessed a complete failure of the fingerprint machines during the elections. They observed that people were able to activate the voting machines with their fingerprint, despite presenting the cedula of another person. In other words, you could present any cedula you want, and you fingerprint would activate the voting machine every time. This was observed by Unasur election observers in Santa Rosa de Lima. They began checking all the mesas to see if the problem was isolated to one mesa or if it was happening at all of them. Apparently, all of the mesas were affected by the “glitch”.


    How convenient.

    • I know that there were issues in Merida with the machines and fingerprints. My mother-in-law said the voting was delayed several hours because of it. However, she also mentioned that they weren’t allowing anyone to vote while they were down in any way whatsoever and when they did, they scrutinized the cedulas pretty thoroughly. Of course, her voting center leans Capriles…

    • I always suspected that technology to be bogus. The ultimate purpose is to track who has voted in real time and to intimidate voters.

      • The tracking of who has voted in real time is done in the station where they give you the piece of paper telling you your table number, page and line of the notebook (which is the real purpose of the station, as the table-page information is posted in the lists outside the centers and available online)
        No one, not even from the opposition, has ever been caught voting twice through the captahuellas which makes me think too that it is a bogus mechanism to scare people into thinking that voting is not secret..

    • This explains perfectly how individuals with 100’s of fake cedulas can come and vote. Just present any cedula, put your fingerprint y listo, the machine activates for you to vote. I believe this has been going on for many elections.

      • I posted it above:

        I really think that someone needs to put an eye on the combination of these two irregularities:

        If the RE is inflated with ghosts and death people and the above modus operandi is repeated systematically they could easily accumulate many thousands of votes that won’t show in a audit.

        And if they’re smart enough to do this mostly on areas with most opposition votes plus unattended zones it could easily go unnoticed. For example in the place where they “captured” this individual if you add 100 votes using this method the percentage would only reflect a couple of points difference that no one would notice as suspicious…

        Or am I missing something in my theory?

        • Sounds about right to me. But you also have to consider the possibility of something much much worse. Ghost voting machines setup in undisclosed locations where boxes of fake cedulas are provided for a group of people to vote for everyone single cedula. There were reports on 14A of unregistered voting machines in PDVSA buildings and other locations where the gov’t was taking people to vote.

          The “captahuella” in my opinion is a complete gimmick. Just gives the appearance of security but completely non-functional in that sense.

  10. Hey, I understand, you’re pissed, you guys have to save face after the CDI fiasco, so I guess you’ll say that cacerolazos near the CDI are attacks of terrorism, sure.

    • Nope, not a liar, and nope, do read the blog. The very quote you provide includes the operative word: some. Going back to your first question (which you then answered by putting words in our mouths, then went on to offend us as if we had answered with those words) no one has claimed “that the CDI’s were never attacked”, what has been claimed is that *some* of the CDIs that were claimed to be attacked had not been attacked. You would have to prove that each and every one of the CDIs to which maduro made reference was in fact attacked, including the ones that some here on the blog pointed to their not being attacked.

      • extorres,

        Give it up. For them, “Logic” is a capitalistic tool of the the empire and has no place in Bolivarian Socialism. These are the same folks that “know” that Chavez was “inoculated” with cancer, even though they have no evidence of it, or even evidence that such a thing is even possible. But, they know it to be true, so therefore it is, and one day they will prove it.

        • You should let these things play out in the future. Torres had a check mate in his hands, he is learning to break GAC down with logic, because no human that likes cleverness isn’t suceptible to logic.

          • Agreed, that should have been left. The myopic aside you started about WW2 seems however less relevant.

          • In reply to faust:

            Agreed, GAC arguments should have been left. The myopic aside you started about WW2 seems however less relevant.

      • Yes, because when fascists attack health centers, what is really important is whether or not they attacked ALL the centers named, or if they just attacked SOME of the centers.

        If they just attacked SOME of those centers, then its not really a big deal and we should forget about it, and go on criticizing the government.

        ” You would have to prove that each and every one of the CDIs to which maduro made reference was in fact attacked”

        Why would I care to do that? The point is that several were attacked, and you and your fascist candidate denied that it ever happened. Capriles said that “NO CDI’s were attacked” and that “Only sick minds would do something like that.”

        He’s exactly right, only sick minds would do that… like his supporters…


        • Thank you for posting the truth and exposing oppo lies. Their failing attempts to ignore and contextualize their previous claims are both pathetic and hilarious.

        • Get a clue, why is it not a big deal for one CDI to be attacked only because not all were attacked? That’s crazy. It’s a big deal for anything or anyone to be attacked, regardless of anything or anyone else being attacked or not. Period.

          • Then you better go have a good talk with Gustavo, who claimed it was all a patraña… Because you really care about this… right?

          • Get a clue, Does everyone that really cares have to go talk with Gustavo? Did you have a good talk with Gustavo? I didn’t see it. Maybe you just had that talk in private.

          • Well, we all know your candidate really cares about it. Here’s what he said:

            “ningún CDI fue afectado, sólo mentes enfermas harían algo así!”

            We’re getting pretty accustomed to him lying through his teeth aren’t we?

            Here’s those photos again, just in case you didn’t take the time to look at them.


            I know you really care about this though, because people who care usually make fun of those who denounce fascist violence.

          • As opposed to your candidate, that LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH about centers that were attacked.

            And again, no one has been found guilty of this crime. Chavistas regularly say it isn’t absolutely clear who is responsible for 9/11, even though people were found guilty of it. In the case of the CDI, your candidate first lied about it, then belatedly once that lie was exposed a number of CDIs were attacked. That stinks of conspiracy, but unless someone is found guilty in a reasonable court of law we can’t conclude anything one way or the other.

            Sorry, you already lost this argument. Just give it up.

          • He LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH about centers that were attacked. Those pictures seem to indicate some centers were attacked, but he clearly lied about WHICH centers were attacked. The absolute proof of this is the pictures of those very centers the day after they were supposedly attacked in pristine condition. Do you admit this GAC?

            Secondly, it’s not clear who attacked the centers, Like I’ve said endless times, Chavistas applied this very standard to 9/11, it’s fair for everyone else to in turn apply it to Venezuela.

          • Here are some questions for you to answer Torres.

            Do you admit your candidate lied about no centers being attacked?

            Do you admit that the only people who would violently attack a public health center are fascists?

            Do you admit that much of Capriles so-called “evidence” for fraud was false?

            Do you admit that it takes an extremely manipulative person to lie to the public about supposed “fraud” in order to call into question an election, and then call his supporters into the streets knowing full well that it could create violent situations?

            I won’t hold my breath waiting for your answers.

          • Yes, please. If you need help, here’s a tip: take a pillow, cover it with a lot of crazy glue, and then put it over your face. It’s quite effective for breath holding… tho’ it might be lethal…

          • Get a clue, have you heard about “el concepto de reciprocidad”? I’ll answer your questions if you…

          • What is your question? If I talked to Gustavo? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Anything to avoid the issue at hand right Torres?

            Your incredible level of dishonesty never fails to amaze.

          • The most ironic part about the past few days is that people like you Torres (completely dishonest, manipulative opposition fascists) have made people like me who don’t even like Maduro realize how much better he is than having undemocratic lying fascists come to power and attack the social programs of the poor.

            Thanks for your good work! Is it any wonder that more than half of Venezuelans keep voting against you all?

          • Get a clue, again, you keep making it about me…

            The question is regarding my original comment: Do you dispute the relation between Chigüire’s joke and the announcement made regarding the CDIs being fixed?

          • By the way, Get a clue, “more than half of Venezuelans”? Can we conclude that you and people like you don’t consider children Venezuelans? 😉

          • I’m gonna keep this comment for future reference 🙂

            You still believe that the Chavismo will be holding the majority… Oh boy… I wish I could see your face when the revolution is torn apart and the memory of Chavez will be associated with lies and shame…

            We’ll see, we’ll see…

          • I’m gonna keep this comment for future reference 🙂

            You still believe that the Chavismo will be holding the majority… Oh boy… I wish I could see your face when the revolution is torn apart and the memory of Chavez will be associated with lies and shame…

            We’ll see, we’ll see…

          • @estebangerbasi
            Estoy convencido que Nicolás Maduro con sus comentarios machista solo demuestra que tiene un pipisito, típico del acomplejado

          • Seriously this Get a clue guy should be blocked. His comments are just baiting and unnecessary provocation most of the time. I enjoy healthy debate but the overbearing nature (and sheer quantity) of his posts are ruining the comments section of this blog at the moment.

            Please consider.

      • “no one has claimed “that the CDI’s were never attacked”,
        Except for Capriles himself who made this claim on his twitter account. That does not count apparently.

  11. Nah, the claim was that they weren’t burned down. Which is true. There were a lot of protests that night but none led to a CDI being burned down (and given how easily the PSUV sites burned down, they could’ve been burned down relatively easily).

  12. Right, the bombs burst on the INSIDE of a retaining wall. Must have had a hell of an arm to throw such a high arc. And how do we even know who threw said bomb? Really, unless we can clearly establish a case of attack AND establish who perpetrated it, it doesn’t mean much. Chavistas themselves widely agree on this when it comes to the September 11th terror attacks.

    Either way, I agree it is pretty terrible, I mean people protesting! The nerve! Protests, what does that remind you of, oh yes, people protested integration. The Nazis protested. Ergo, these protesters are all racists, and probably Nazis!

    … Even funnier, because what Chavez did is the exact opposite of integration. Instead of expanding access to high quality medical facilities, he reduced their funding, allowed their physical infrastructure to rot and established lower quality clinics for the poor.

    • The more I look at that picture the more it looks like the Molotov was thrown at that wall, it’s really peculiar. It’s as if someone stood there and tossed the Molotov at the wall itself, from the inside (though the far away picture shows that there’s no real “inside” to that wall). It doesn’t look like it impacted the top of the wall but rather face on the wall. I think the photo was staged.

    • “Instead of expanding access to high quality medical facilities, he reduced their funding, allowed their physical infrastructure to rot”

      Based on your posts you are living in a dream world. Chavez hugely increased funding for all levels of health care in Venezuela which allowed those facilities that were just attacked to be built. And of course that extended to the many world class hospitals which were built as well.

    • Good on the money quote. But the NYT’s candidate could not even win in this sort of “virtual rerality”………….jajaja….

    • For me, this is the best quote from Mr. Neuman’s NYTimes piece:

      “In his speech, Mr. Maduro compared Mr. Capriles and his followers to Nazis and the devil. But he also said he was ready for dialogue. “I extend you my hand,” he said, addressing those who voted against him. “I want to work with you.” (end quote)

      • Makes sense that Maduro would is willing to work with someone he sees as a Nazi. I’ve always thought if it were 1937 Chavistas would be close allies with Germany as a fellow anti-US socialist country. The racism would be no obstacle at all given Chavez’s love for Russia which today harbors quite open racial animosity and homophobia, the most of any multi ethnic country.

        • Man, even if Mitt Romney mis-spoke about the 47% at a private fundraiser, I think we can all agree that Nicolas Maduro is making a mistake calling the at-least 49% of Venezuelan voters “Nazis” in his inauguration speech on national television.

          As you indicate, in talking about fascism, this is an incumbent who knows whereof he speaks.

        • Don’t forget antisemitism, them russians hate the jews, but hey, we all know they caused 9/11, faked the holocaust and created limpiador the pocetas MAS comercial to inoculate the brave venezuelan people with disgusting capitalist hunger for toilet cleaners.

  13. “We’re too poor to provide anything like actual evidence, but hey, have a picture of a slightly singed table instead.”

  14. I read this blog because I think it is one of the most eloquent opposition platforms on the internet out there (why in english though?), even if I disagree (not that I’m chavista either). However, when you people start to criticize trivial things in Maduro such as his reflexes when someone is interrupting his speech instead of touching more important, structural issues, than that makes you look more like a tabloid.

    • Ash, I am calling bullshit on your observation that comparing reactions to a speech crasher is tabloid feast and feed fare. No, uh uh. It is telling of the temperaments involved. There could be several examples of Maduro’s “fumbling” which do not bode well in a leader.

      • First of all “Chiva”, refrain from insulting me, you do not need to “call bullshit” to say that you disagree. We do not know each other, I have not said anything hurtful or violent to you and makes the page sound even more like a tabloid comment section….

        Anyways, the issue is a bit more complicated than just being a clash of “temperaments” here. There are deeper questions at stake: they involve social and economic structures, complex political competition, power relations, long term history and so on. There are many things to say and investigate on these topics. Even right now, where the priority is set on the very short term day to day evolution of the post-elections: to understand what is going on you need to take into account the more complex, underlying phenomenons to be properly understood (and eventually, to take a side).

        • And therefore, wasting precious time and space to compare the two candidate’s reflexes or even their temperaments feels more like self-reassurance and childish attacks than actual analysis (even if subjective. I’d rather read smart partisan information than a pseudo-objective poor presentation of the situation).

          • Yes, if this guy had rushed Obama in the presence of ten heads of state, and if Obama had responded by saying, shakily, ” I could have been killed!” why, no one in the US would have noticed. OK maybe Parade Magazine. Because inaugurations aren’t news. There would be no implications for security practices, nor could it suggest that for all his rhetoric about a “golpe”, there wasn’t even minimum security in place.

          • If this had been the actual point of this “tale of two crashes” then I would not have commented (or at least, I wouldn’t have compared it to a tabloid). But here the point wasn’t to confront the political usages of the “golpe de estado” by Maduro. No, the point was just to say that that, I quote : “Say what you will, but Chávez would have never fumbled this like Maduro did today. In fact, he didn’t.”

            PS: I’m not sure that the ways in which US journalists cover American politics is that great of a model to begin with, but that’s just me.

          • I guess I got more out of it than you did. By any measure, the way Maduro handled an interruption of his inaugural speech is quite significant. Any competent press corps would have reported on it. For Venezuelans, the obvious comparison is with Capriles. Who better?

        • Ash, I was being informal saying “bullshit” regarding your comment. Not meant in a hostile way, just plain talk. You are right, it could be seen to be undignified. I apologise to you because my tone was unclear. I shouldn’t have said that.

  15. Good sideshow to offset your 17th defeat in 18 elections. We await continued sabotage and economic war from the non democratic opposition. The big question is when will Radonski, Lopez and Ocaeiz be arrested? If maduro wants to show mano dura then this has to be done.

    As Ash says – you are now in a world of trivialities and I would guess that some imbéciles amongst you would also parrot maria Conchita Alonso saying “Why can’t I burn what I want?” – Por favor………..

    • Arturo,
      I am for investigating every one of all murders committed.
      Now, my question to you: of the 7 persons killed, what are the details about the perpetrators?
      Don’t come with “Capriles”. Please, tell us the names of the people who are accused of the actual killing.

    • Hey Arturo

      Do you seriously believe that the derecha is responsible for the food, medicine, and electricity shortages in Venezuela right now? Where has there been even one tiny bit of proof of that?

    • Well, they have “barely avoided a coup” and are not able to ensure the security of the president? So, and then you expect they do a good work ensuring electrical supply, food importation (it is not other thing than that…) etc.? But go ahead and put the opposition to blame for all the faults. Laughable. Good they do that show with their allies. Guess Ahmadinejad isn’t coming again, too risky, if the CIA/Mossad want to kill him, they know where now…

      • It could backfire telling people the opposition is responsible for all the shortages. At some point swing voters might decide since the PSUV can’t protect anything it would be easiest to just elect the opposition, because once they are elected all the problems will be solved. afterall the Mescal is empty anyway and they still haven’t gotten a house. There’s a reason the Mafia does protection rackets.

  16. Oh the blog of Luigino, another enchufado that has been working as “webmaster” on quite a few government institutions. I used to be friends of that clown.

  17. This is about what winning an election means. To give an example if you wish to be declared the first to have reached the top of a mountain , then you can either climb the mountain to the top or you can have an helicopter land you on the top . The way you achieve a goal matters , Some marathon runner was found to have won a race because mid way through the race he was picked up by a car and taken close to the finish line where he once again started running reaching it ahead of his competitors . In both of the above two cases who won the contest ? In one of the earliest olympics a french runner who was about to faint before reaching the finish line was carried by his country men to the finish line so that he could be proclaimed the winner . Was he really the winner? , If in an election you use mass methodical coercion or bribes or public resources or vehicles or organizations to prevent your opponents votes to be cast or duly counted or to inflate your own votes and further have the records doctored to show you winning by 1.5% of the total votes , have you really won that election ?? Of course not??, no matter how much you thump your chest and jump and shout loudly your “thriumph” , you have lost . But the sorry thing is to have lost after circumsntances gave you a 20% advantage !! Even if the use of all the fraudulent advantages allowed you to win by a tiny fraction of the votes , losing that 20% advantage to a rival that did not have one tenth the resources you had and used to win the election means that you lost !!

  18. Why should Maduro have been startled by a guy coming up from behind to take charge? After having failed to stop at countless/mandatory designated stop zones during his former career, our former bus-driver-in-chief would surely have been accosted from behind by numerous irate bus patrons, even while wearing his beloved straw hat with the little birdie on top. Er, the birdie providing directional guidance of course….

    • It is the perfect excuse for each time he changes his mind, or has a fresh lie to share…

      “I was not going to let the audit, but Chavez told me it was okay.”

      “Chavez told me that it was the opposition who attacked the CDIs”

  19. The opposition are Nazi’s? Globovision are fascists? Assassins, hospital attacks… for godsake! It all sounds like desperation and confusion to me! Hugo Chavez, Hugo Chavez, Hugo Chavez, and no plans for dealing with inflation, shortages, electrical grid, etc. Already, erosion of support, which means these tactics are not working that well… but are continuing.

      • Not the best comparison; Obama is the world’s biggest fan of drone attacks, which are effectively death sentences without trial.

        • People forget that the US is a genocidal organization. They are the only one, in fact, to have effected genocide in the manner of minutes.

          • Faust,

            I was going to argue with you. Then I thought about it decided not to. Since you see the U.S. in such a negative light, perhaps it is better that you think all that is true. Maybe there is now a drone with your name on it…

          • There’s no point in arguing with someone who sees the end of WW2 in that light. China (both communist and nationalist China), the Soviet Union, the UK, France all at the time agreed with the necessity of the bombings. Leave it to some arm chair generals sixty years later to condemn them with absolute certainty, not even seeing it as debatable.

            As to Japan’s dropping of Bubonic plague in a matter of minutes on China, or the ongoing starvation of millions of civilians in China every day the war continued, Faust doesn’t really think about that.

          • Well, ongoing starvation. Upwards of two million Chinese civilians starved to death just in 1945 due to Japan’s stubborn refusal to surrender a lost war. Of the lives of innocents is a distant consideration when condemning the US.

          • Lol. I see. Human rights only count when they do it. When its the US, we have to be more subtle, look at the circumstances…

          • In anything you need to look at the circumstances. If you are a police officer in modern day Germany killer a school shooter and thereby saving lives, it’s moral. If you are a police officer in Nazi Germany shooting a Jew, it’s immoral. You would at least agree on this, correct?

            From the US perspective, not using the bombs would have required an invasion of Japan and further aerial bombardment (normal aerial bombardment and famine already killed more Japanese than the atomic bombings), in total more Japanese civilians would have died, millions more Chinese would have died and more Americans (the primary responsibility of the American government) would have died. If the war continued even another two weeks the casualties in China would have been greater than both bombings.

            That you even present not using the atomic bombs as serious choice for any government shows just how myopic you are. It fits nicely with the modern narrative in the Japanese right and the German Ultra-right: “We were innocently minding or own business, when one day for no reason at all, the Americans started killing civilians.”

            All that said, it was the right decision by Obama to send a representative to the memorial at Nagasaki in 2012. Commemorating civilian, and even (non war criminal) military deaths on both sides is the right thing to do in healing the psychological wounds of war.

          • You are silly. To use the term genocide with you is like using the term freedom with a lawyer (and one with only one client).

    • I find it interesting that the same guy after interrupting Capriles’ speech was not brought before a court, as far as I know at least.

      • Of course not, does Caprlies even get any protection by the Venezuelan state at all? Anyone know for sure? In any decent country he would at least get protection during the campaign.

      • Well I think that not even Chavez jailed the guy… Our fears are coming true, Maduro is going to be even more of a dictator than Chavez was in 14 years of autocracy….

  20. Poor Yendricks!

    I heard from a person working at Televen that Maduro has twice the amount of security personnel that Chavez had.

    • “Testigos de la zona comentaron que al parecer los carros de los pacientes que estaban en el sitio fueron destrozados. Desde este martes el CDI permanecía custodiado por efectivos militares y de PoliCarabobo.

      La noche del lunes intentaron quemar el CDI en el sector La Manguita. Testigos informaron que los habitantes de la zona lo impidieron y evitaron destrozos. El Centro de Salud Integral en la urbanización La Granja no sufrió daños.”


      So your argument is that since there weren’t major damages, that the attacks shouldn’t be denounced? Your argument basically goes like this:

      “Hey, they only destroyed the patients’ cars and attempted to burn the building. But there weren’t major damages, so what’s the big problem?”


      In other attacks, people were actually killed. But you obviously don’t care about that.

      • Get a clue, again and as usual, you are wrong. You state, “Your argument basically goes like this” then you go off on some made up story pretending it’s my story, then you go reaching offensive conclusions about me. Both things are out of whack, but that you always try to make things about me is telling.

        Anyway, I made no argument. I merely pointed out that the government oficials were now claiming what Chigüire had pretended they would. Do you dispute that?

        Would you please present proof of any lack of caring, which you claimed was “obvious”. While you’re at it, please point to any part of your comment that demonstrates more caring on your part for those hurt by the attacks than what you care for trashing me?

        • If you cared, you would be denouncing it, not trying to make fun of the government and claiming they lied about…

          Now you ask for “proof of any lack of caring”. Hahahaha!! This couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous.

          • Get a clue, I’m getting the impression that you’re in love with me. I gotta tell you, not a chance.

            1) not denouncing something does not mean not caring. If it were as you suggest, then we could claim that you do not care for the children on the street, yet I doubt that is true.

            2) I did not make fun of the government. It was Chigüire who attempted to make fun of the government by pretending the government would say something ridiculous about the CDIs. I merely pointed to the reality that the government took Chigüire’s ridicule to the level of irony by making life imitate art.

            3) what is ridiculous about asking for proof of a claim which you described, to boot, as obvious?

            4) answer the question do you dispute that the government statement regarding the CDIs is similar to Chigüire’s joke on the matter?

  21. So Yendri is going to jail. Meanwhile, there’s nobody being charged for William Davila’s horrible assault that sent him to the hospital.

  22. During the last 14 years rabid chavista followers have comitted countless acts of vandalism and brutal violence against innocent venezuelans and against both public and private property , at the direct public and vociferous instigation of regime leaders ,No one from the regime has paid the slighest attention to these acts of vandalism and crime . There have cases where they’ve used direct violent threats to prevent their political opponents from the exercise of their electoral rights or from peacefully protesting the unlawful infringement of those rights . For the regime the use of paramilitary groups and organized violence as a way of terrorizing the opposition (vide The Tupamaros) into a state of total submission is standard practice . For chavistas Violence is part of their political brand , of their modus operandi for engaging in politics . Now Capriles calls on people to exercise their right to publicly request a vote recount given a large number of electoral rights violations which can be attributed to the regime, The regime stages a few violent events either direcly or by infiltrating bona fide protesters with their own firebrands to take the position that the opposition in asking for a recount is engaged in violence and to draw attention away from the fiasco of their electoral result , also to see if they can trump up charges against Capriles for having asked people to present a public request for a vote recount . This is the height of hipocricy on the part of the Regime and reveals their continued bad faith in attempting to vilify all forms of lawful opposition by falsely depicting these isolated acts of staged violence as a deliberate seditious effort on the part of the Opposition. Now we have a group of trolls trying to validate the regimes case with all kindof specious exagerations or false arguments. We all know that to argue with them is both a waste of time and a way of distracting our selves from looking at the fundamental truth about the regimes machinations and behaviour. Lets keep our eyes on the ball and not pay them an attention they dont deserve.

    • “The regime stages a few violent events either direcly or by infiltrating bona fide protesters with their own firebrands to take the position that the opposition in asking for a recount is engaged in violence..”

      Yes, the “regime” staged the deaths of 8 of their own followers. Who on Earth could possibly believe this?

      Oh, I forgot who I am talking to…

      • But one of those followers was not, he was marching for Capriles as established by his own father (at considerable risk to himself). So we can logically question whether any of those 8 followers were Chavista at all.

        And since when do Chavistas throw out the possibility of government attacking it’s own citizens? I’ve heard numerous times from them that 9/11 may have been or definitely was staged by the US government. There’s no reason not to raise the same question in Venezuela. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  23. Why oh why people engage with the trolls in this blog? En fin… Poor yendrics must be gang raped by now in Coro. Another political prisoner…

  24. JC, Quico, Emiliana, Gustavo – – – it’s so nice to see you guys taking a rest from posting after this hectic election. It’s funny that the trolls seem to run your site without you just fine! Really it’s hilarious. They seem to be having a great time while you are away. Let them blather on while you rest up. “See” you soon.

  25. New Cabinet announced. They are splitting the Ministry of Finances and Planning into two agam. Giordani is the New Minister of Planning Merentes goes to Finances. How is that going to work?

  26. Finally GAC’s ravings have gone to his head . GAC thinks he is become the Grand Inquisitor , The Tomas Torquemada of the Glorious Revolution , making twisted rethorical question that already imply the answer his ignorance and prejudices dictate to him . Maybe there are also some questions we can make him.

    Do you admit Maduro lied in not admitting to the use of coercion and threats against people wanting to vote for Capriles or against opposition witnesses in the polling stations.? or that his minions are now threatening people with dismissal from their public jobs for voting for Capriles

    Do you admit that people who stage attacks against CDI’s to falsely make believe these are oppostion actions are fascists? Moreover do you believe that armed people who attack and harm people marching peacefully in exercise of their rights are fascists?

    Do you admit that much of Capriles evidence for fraud is absolutely valid ??

    Do you admit it takes a very manipulative person to order his minions to create situations of violence to distract people from the fact that the electoral results, despite many instances of fraud , show the regimes popularity to be faltering and falling precipitously ??

    GAC , get the ideological venom outside your system and start acting like a sane man, then maybe you will be able to make questions people can address seriously and not simply reject as waste of time ..

  27. The trolls are making this website everything but Venezuela beyond the cliches. Please do not feed them. The conversation on the comments is less about the articles and more about trying to convince him out of their paranoia and the comments section has always been an important part of this blog.

    Maybe its because there has not been any article posted recently and people need something to do, but again, shouting matches between chavistas and opositores are the cliches of Venezuelan society nowadays.

  28. “Do you admit that the only people who would violently attack a public health center are fascists?”

    Do Chavistas admit that 9/11 was perpetrated solely by Islamic extremists despite trails and guilty verdicts?

    The answer is no, so why should opposition supporters take it as a fact that these attacks were indeed not perpetrated by groups without ideology or indeed by Chavistas themselves?

  29. Seriously this Get a clue guy should be blocked. His comments are just baiting and unnecessary provocation most of the time. I enjoy healthy debate but the overbearing nature (and sheer quantity) of his posts are ruining the comments section of this blog at the moment.

    Please consider.

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