A house divided

The Red, Very Red Godfather, Part II
The Red, Very Red Godfather, Part II

Venezuela’s opposition revealed today a recording of a conversation between influential Chavista broadcaster Mario Silva and (presumably) a member of Cuba’s intelligence. In the recording, Silva is overheard blasting Diosdado Cabello as corrupt, and saying that Cilia Flores is the power behind the Maduro presidency, that José Vicente Rangel is part of the power clique enriching themselves thanks to Venezuela’s Misión Cadivi, that the CNE can be manipulated, and a whole host of other things. The transcript (in Spanish) is here.

The important thing to keep in mind is that we are not the target audience for this recording.

Yes, we all knew that Cabello was a crook, Maduro a nincompoop, Silva a marxist Cuban mole, Rangel an evil power broker, and Flores a scheming Lady Macbeth. But the important thing is that rank-and-file chavistas … didn’t. Up until now, they have been immune from these facts because of the messenger.

Now? Well, it’s not Leopoldo Castillo making these claims. This is Mario Silva, Hugo Chávez’s favorite broadcaster, the host of a show Nicolás Maduro hailed for having “the greatest credibility” on TV.

The main takeaway from this recording is that there is a serious war under way between the Cabello and the pro-Cuban factions within chavismo. This recording was leaked (whether it was the Cubans or Silva himself, it does not matter since they are one and the same) to damage Cabello and break Maduro free from a particularly influential group of mafiosi hounding his administration.

Where we go from here I do not know. What I do know is that chavistas cannot continue pretending like everything is kumbaya within its ranks. That house is divided against itself, and it cannot stand. Sooner or later, either Silva or Cabello or Maduro will get thrown under the bus. We are mere spectators in this unfolding greek tragedy.

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    • Dear Sir, Do not worry; we shall keep your gut reaction to ourselves. You might also look up ‘vicarious’, for the next time round. And, in the suddenly prevailing circumstances, it looks as though this will be but ‘Round I’!

    • I guess I’m evil too bc I am about to get popcorn and watch the consequences.
      Few things I wondered, Capriles is forever in campaign (good but unusual). Diosdado is always very quiet (unusual). You hear him talking in the AN bc its his job. But no where else. There is something going on that we don’t know. These ppl know something HUGE.

    • This is not the time to wait and see. This is the time to constantly expose, discredit, and help Chavismo turn against itself. When you are in a fight against a bigger, stronger, viscious, and anything goes opponent, you must attack them ferociously. And if you cannot, or will not act as cruelly as them, you then must be relentless, never allowing them to come up for air.

      • Yes, this is precisely the vision of “democracy” that our friends among the opposition have. At least you openly admit it.

        • What kind of political opposition would you like to see? An opposition who doesn’t actively opposes is condemned to continue on that role.

          And it is not like what they are saying is not true, right? Diosdado is a major crook. Cadivi is a huge corruption nest, JVR is Rasputin’s reincarnation.

          These people is not suited for government.

          • “What kind of political opposition would you like to see?”

            Let’s see, how about one that doesn’t make up lies in an attempt to destabilize the electoral process? How about one that doesn’t continually refer to their opponent as “illegitimate” despite the fact that it was democratically elected, and has won dozens of democratic elections over the last decade?

            The opposition can criticize and condemn corruption, abuses, etc. all they want. But they have to agree to follow the democratic route, which they haven’t been willing to do. Capriles keeps talking about how this government is going to collapse soon, that it won’t last until the end of the year, etc. etc. What do you think he is alluding to there? How would this government not last until the end of the year if not by way of an undemocratic overthrow?

            “And it is not like what they are saying is not true, right? Diosdado is a major crook. Cadivi is a huge corruption nest, JVR is Rasputin’s reincarnation.”

            Oh, NOW is when you believe whatever Mario Silva says without question? After a decade of claiming he is a liar? You don’t know if any of these things are true. It APPEARS that Cabello is a major crook, but we can’t say definitively without hard evidence. It APPEARS that CADIVI is a huge corruption nest, but, again, it is not clear how widespread the corruption is. And JVR?? You are ready to condemn the guy because Mario Silva said some rather ambiguous things about him without any confirmation that they are true?

            Funny how you unquestioningly accept these things because they fit your agenda, but absolutely refuse to accept things like Capriles fake fraude claims, despite the fact that we have hard proof that they are lies. Objective much?

          • Hey Chris, haven’t seen you post this much since…. Looks Like you got your panties in a bunch!

          • It is a longstanding element of the law of evidence that certain declarations have more probative value than others. For example, if an accused murdered says that he is innocent, that has limited value. If he says he is guilty, that has much more evidentiary value. Similarly, if Mario Silva says publicly that everybody in the PSUV is a saint, that is less probative than if he says that some of them must be put in front of a firing squad.

          • That is true, and I tend to think much of what Mario Silva has said is probably true. But it isn’t “proof” of anything, and cannot be taken as such unless it is backed up with hard evidence.

            Cabello has generally been regarded as a crook for a long time, and I have long assumed that he is. But that doesn’t make it true. For it to be true you have to have something called proof. Something that you all don’t seem to care about much, since you swallowed all of Capriles lies without even taking the time to check their validity.

          • Wow. The assertions about CADIVI, Cabello and JVR have a lot more foundation that what Mario Silva is saying. All this tape recording I think is rather boring and useless IMHO.

            There are many ways governments collapse. Not all of them are coups. Argentina recently suffered many collapses in a row.

            One could even dare to say that CAP II collapsed, and arguably not by a coup.

            I guess you base your assertions that Capriles is non democratic on the fact that he doubts electoral results (and for some reason the CNE has not cleared the doubts)? Or perhaps the famous cuban embassy incident where he was found innocent and all. Then you have Henry Falcon second at helm. What about him? Then Ismael Garcia, golpista too? Ramon Guillermo Aveledo?

          • It is interesting to see Chris’s evolving position. First he said “everyone” knows Cabello is corrupt, now he’s not sure and says the opposition shouldn’t trust Mario Silva, that the government must investigate itself and find evidence of fraud before any action takes place…. but either way, Chris is steadfast in his support for the PSUV because Capriles was not right about every instance of voter fraud.

            Never mind that chavez steadfastly supported the recount in Mexico, despite the wild baseless claims by the opposition there.

          • Oh by the way Chris, do you really believe the PSUV state will investigate a higher up like Cabello unless directed to do so by Maduro. Of course not! Otherwise it would have already happened, as you said he is generally believed to be corrupt, but no investigation has happened, because there is no independent corrruption investigator in Venezuela. By demanding proof of fraud before abiding by even accustations of fraud by the opposition you are preventing such proof from ever being found! But you knew that didn’t you, you intentionally make it impossible for any member of the PSUV to be brought down unless the party decides to do so. One party control.

          • Christ Rodrigo, do you have any capacity for objective thought at all?

            “I guess you base your assertions that Capriles is non democratic on the fact that he doubts electoral results”

            He “doubts” electoral results? No, he didn’t just “doubt” them, he asserted that fraud took place, and then proceeded to make up a bunch of false pieces of evidence as a way to destabilize the government of the winning candidate. This is just plain fact.

            “Or perhaps the famous cuban embassy incident where he was found innocent and all.”

            Not only did he insist on inspecting the grounds of the Cuban embassy in what amounted to a witch hunt for democratically elected officials, but he openly supported the whole 2002 coup, and there is video recordings of him doing so. Do you have any capacity for honesty at all?

            “Then you have Henry Falcon second at helm. What about him? Then Ismael Garcia, golpista too? Ramon Guillermo Aveledo?”

            I didn’t say any of those people would support a coup, but they obviously don’t mind telling bald-faced lies to the Venezuelan people in order to destabilize a democratically elected government.

          • Let’s see that video of Capriles supporting the coup, Chris (GAC). I’d honestly like to see it.

            After that, let’s investigate the perpetrators of both 1992 coups.

          • Norske,

            Just because everyone assumes something is true doesn’t make it true. I assume that Cabello is corrupt too, but I can’t incontrovertibly prove it, and neither can you.

            As for you saying that “Capriles was not right about every instance of voter fraud,” what a complete joke. You obviously have a slight problem with honesty.

            Capriles was not only WRONG about EVERY example that he gave, most of them were blatant lies that he just made up.

            To this day, Capriles has not give A SINGLE piece of real evidence of fraud. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Everything he has said is either demonstrably false, or impossible to prove.

          • “Let’s see that video of Capriles supporting the coup”

            Seriously? You’ve never seen it? Holy Christ you guys are terribly uninformed. No wonder you are so clueless in your political opinions.

        • democracy? what democracy? Like that of MS when he says that voters often get it wrong and bourgeois elections shouldn’t continue as recommended by Fidel Castro? Tremenda democracia, pana! carae’cemento

        • Clueless, you know exactly what I meant. However, with someone like yourself, who is ignorant, a troublemaker, and who only cares about your self satisfaction, it is true that you must be left alone to self destruct.

          • He is a pathological narcissist but doesn’t know it. That is usually the case

          • clueless is a troll, Do not answer to trolls. I think he get paid for every one of us that answers to him

  1. I was going to write this to you but I put it here, in Spanish as I wrote.
    Juan, lo del marxismo lo veo así: no es que quiso decir per se que los marxistas
    no hablan demasiado, que sean “discretos”. Maduro creía realmente en algo
    así como una aparición de Chávez durante su evento (aunque era consciente de que esto sonaría como ridículo a la oposición). Silva lo dejó hablar y “no dijo nada”
    en el sentido de que no lo apoyó en eso o dijo “verdad, chico?” No creo que Silva haya contempleado decir “no hables tonterías” (cosa que bien podría haber dicho no solo un ateo, sino una persona creyente en una religión tradicional y con raciocinio). Él mismo sabe
    que eso podría herir a Maduro.

    Realmente no estoy tan decepcionado, aunque no era lo prometido.
    Esto va a tener repercusiones. Me puse a pensar en cosas que dijo
    sobre el CNE. Creo aun que hay gato encerrado en otros allí (que no
    están cercanos a Silva). Lo nada-nuevo pero refrescante escuchar fue lo
    de que Silva no quiere elecciones pluralistas.
    Supongo que querrán algo parecido a lo que había en la RDA.

  2. I don’t know anything, but it seems to me that the MUD is being used (perhaps willingly) by the Cubans / Maduro to discredit Cabello. Why the MUD lends itself to be used belongs to the realm of intelligence / counter-intelligence thinking that is best left for Le Carré novels. I would not want to have anything to do with it. Then again, I’m not a politician. Sordid stuff.

    • If it were the “willingly” option, then the MUD would not be “being used” but part of the plan. As for Le Carré novels, what makes them so addictive what is precisley the peeks into ” the realm of intelligence / counter-intelligence thinking”. As observed by others above, no charlie in the Non-Chavismo camp is included in the target demographic: you can contemplate from a distance, possibly with a powerful stethoscope. The overal upshot – it will take time for all of it to sink in – is that any remnant of an mage of a solidly grounded set of authorities and institutions will be prone to crumbling as a sand- castle before the advancing tide.

  3. El G2 cubano desliza este video y Capriles lo promociona con bombos y platillos. Se acordarán de mí, con este video Mario Silva pasa al Panteón de los inmortales con el chavismo; y más con las denuncias que hace contra Diosdado y Rangel.
    Lo que me molesta es que la oposición lo use como si alguien se estuviera pasando de bando, o peor, como si lo hubieran conseguido de buena fé. A leguas se ve que el G2 comienza una batalla contra Diosdado para retener el control y prevenir la caída de Maduro.

    • Anything that weakens chavismo is good, and throwing Diosdado under the bus definitely weakens chavismo.

      • But couldn’t you argue, using Silva’s logic, that throwing Diosdado under the bus or getting rid of him actually strengthens chavismo? It appears that he views Cabello as a cancer who, if he gets control of certain ministries, fucks over the PSUV.

      • Or strengthens (a faction of) chavismo. The MUD is helping them fight each other; that is a good political move only if you think that both sides will come out weaker.

      • I don’t know Nicolas is there because Diosdado ant the militar wing supports Nicolás… And most of them ar Cabello’s pals…Let’s say they throw cabello under the bus. Do you think the Narco Militares are going to keep quiet? they need to be in power or they don’t want el cartel de los sapos….just saying…maybe is a way to the rest of the miliytary to get rid of maduro, and castro…why give so much porquer to cuba hat could sell anything to the americans? I don’t know but to me is very strange that The US with the new no restrictions to travel of Cubans, The US did not do anything? I was expecting some kind of revision, because , well how you will get more people entering into the US and being Americans in one year?… I don’t know I need more data to see who is the one losing more in this thing

    • The switching-sides story may merely have been a ploy to blindside the targets of the actual tape when it came out; the Arreaza detail could also be deemed to fall into that category. If a dribble of leaked info included that aspect – or was only that aspect, the side-switch conclusion would be natural enough.

  4. JC,

    Rank and file Chavistas have known for a loooong time that Cabello is corrupt. In fact, I remember as far back as 2006 many Chavista friends talking about him being the leader of the “derecha endogena” and having strong connections to the boliburguesia. This video won’t come as any surprise in that regard.

    What WILL come as a big surprise, in my opinion, is that people like Mario Silva have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a way to neutralize him, and that this huge division exists within Chavismo regarding this issue. How this plays out, and what Maduro ends up doing about it, is going to be really important.

    • Even the more so, the fact that Maduro is unreachable, Cilia Flores doesn´t answer the phone. The Ministry of Defense isolated in Fuerte Tiuna unable to speak to the President. WTF???

    • So let me get this straight: Rank and file Chavistas have known for a loooong time that Cabello is corrupt. And yet he is made vice-president of the PSUV and then president of the National Assembly. Because… let me see, Chavez did not know anything about what the rank and file chavistas have known for a long time. Right? Hello? Bueller? Anyone?

      • I think the reason is because Diosdado has a lot of power within the military and has important connections that have made it difficult to exclude him, but that’s just my understanding.

        You can attempt to give your own explanation, but denying that people generally knew Cabello was corrupt would be the dumbest argument you could make.

        • Menos mal que los corruptos eran de la 4ta. Este es el hombre nuevo que Chavez pregonaba. Comunista siempre será ladrón. Nunca ha sabido trabajarse lo suyo. Parasitos.

        • As we can see, this specimen of PSF, normally known as GAC, Who defended Cabello “A capa y espada” When Diosdado ruptured the space-time continuum of irony by accusing other people of being corrupt, now does a 180º turn agaisnt him so he can come out as the “I knew it all along guy” Fascinating…

          • I’ve never defended Cabello, and in fact I’ve often been critical of Maduro and Chavez as well. But when you have such a binary understanding of the world, it can be difficult to understand more complex political positions.

            Here’s a fun question. Can you show where you’ve been critical of Capriles? How about regarding his recent lies that anyone with eyes can see? Please point me to where you criticized those things.

          • This coming from a socialist who previously recommended a blog touting the benefits of Lenin’s democratic centralism in Cuba. What a joker you are!

            I’ve seen far more critical comments here towards Capriles, by Capriles supporters, than I’ve ever seen from you regarding Chavez. People here have already questioned Capriles claims on the type of fraud (although even Chavistas admit they engage in fraud, such as using Mission rolls to track down voters). Neither the opposition or government is free of partisanship, but in Venezuela the government is so far down the rabbit hole that an open dialogue about the suitability of someone like Cabello only really starts when the opposition presents a video from a Chavista critic! You guys are so screwed.

          • “This coming from a socialist who previously recommended a blog touting the benefits of Lenin’s democratic centralism in Cuba.”

            ??? I have no clue what you are talking about, and you apparently have no clue who I am.

          • Perhaps Arturo did, but you conflate the entire opposition all the time. More to the point, I bet you do support Cuban democratic centralism.

          • And you seem to think all people who don’t support the opposition are automatically supporters of Cuba and communism. You just demonstrated that. Your comments are completely worthless.

          • I think that was a different poster who posted the link to the blog touting the virtues of Cuba’s demcoratic centralism. It was that summer semester revolutionary living in Canada.

          • GAC is a worm and an opportunist. Much like the folks he’s now distancing himself from. Plenty more where that guy came from…

          • Who? Maduro? I was quite critical of him on this very same blog during the campaign. I’m not going to go looking for it now, but I basically said his campaign was idiotic, and that Maduro is blinded by ideology, and for that reason cannot understand the real causes of the problems that afflict Venezuela.

            The problem is that the people here are so focused on irrelevant nonsense, and on unquestioningly kissing Capriles’ ass, that these kinds of discussions seldom come up.

          • The billions lost to corruption is irrelevant nonsense to Chris. What matters is whether Capriles lied about the specifics of voter fraud…

            Meanwhile the US is looking at millions stolen from bandes, but no investigation is running parallel in Venezuela. Chris could not care less!

        • You think but you don’t know shit. What about Maduro? He’s has been on my nomina for ten years. Is he corrupt?

      • Chavez tolerated corruption as long as you were, above all other things, Loyal, and also occasionally useful.

        Cabello was both.

    • Chavismo is dead. Madurismo, Cabellismo or any other faction will not have time to regroup, not in the present circumstances. So, the clock is ticking.

    • Under Chavez, all divisions were swept under the rug in their loyalty to him and in his role as final arbitor. With him gone, it was only a matter of time before divisions became apparent.

    • Of course.
      The best proof that the video is bullet proof is that even GAC has blessed it.
      This is his typical explanation when nothing else can be said. Cuál es es peo Mario? Si tú mismo te grabaste???

    • Woops, looks like it’s time for GAC to update his stance, now that the command has come from down high that the video is fake and work of the המוסד.

      • you have to say “of the מוסד”
        or you say “of המוסד”.
        You cannot say “of the המוסד”.
        Uri Ben Secret

        • Ah, sort of like the CIA then, “The Company.” Also interesting, you know some Hebrew as well! I’m a bit envious of your language skills.

          And as I expected, GAC’s position is now evolving to skepticism of the video and most recently he is demanding definite proof of Cabello’s corruption before he will tolerate any accusations of corruption.

          Perhaps, if Cabello openly states he is a thief, he can then be investigated to figure out if he is telling the truth about himself? Then again, the opposition didn’t trust Cabello before, so it would be quite hypocritical to start believing him just because he starts fitting the opposition’s agenda.

          • Norske,

            Why are you so obsessed with me? I have not showed any skepticism of the audio (there is no video genius), I’ve simply said that it cannot be taken as fact, obviously, since it is simply the private opinion of one person.

            Having said that, I tend to think, and have said here several times, that most of what Silva said is probably true.

  5. Somebody is setting something up. In Cuba one would say a Purge is being setup. In Venezuela, everyone need to be purged so it more of a power struggle. Question is how do you do that in what is suppose to be a democratic country?

      • I was actually gonna say that…but changed my mind. You ever talk to someone on that? The manuscript looks the same as this one..

        Although ppl drunk on their own ego also talk like they are on coke because their ideas are so great and important.

  6. Juan, you nailed it; we are not the target here, merely spectators to this tangled web. Whether the house of cards implodes soon or later is anyone’s guess.

  7. ver artículo completo »
    Mario Silva: Muy buen montaje
    ND.- El conductor del programa ‘La Hojilla’, Mario Silva, respondió a través de su cuenta de Twitter al audio que reveló la oposición este lunes. Consideró que se trata de un “montaje”.


  8. >>>> … Where we go from here I do not know.
    Life moves on…
    the fantasiosos implode,
    the hate mongers lose allies,
    the pragmatics close ranks,
    and the bullies lean ever harder.
    Yet REAL shortages of IMMEDIATE CASH,
    of basic necessities such as GASOLINA,
    and the LOSS OF FACE for the rank and file
    will fan the winds of CHANGE.
    one of the original golpistas will grab the chalice of POWER
    the supply of goods and services collapses estrepitosamente,
    more Cuban moles will lead us to the slaughter block.
    Maybe, we will live happily ever after.

      • “Thank you, kind sir,” said she
        “Welcome, sweet Miss,” said he
        “May I not escort you home?”
        “You may not, I’ll go alone
        I’ve a husband,” said she
        “And I’ve a wife, Miss,” said he
        >>> … to distinguish it from prior proffers, kind sir?
        we would have to be single, uncompromised and
        sane, sweet Miss.
        Prithee for thy kind words.

      • Where else would I be privy to a debriefing of a cuban operative
        by a minder? Have I read too many Deightons or LeCarres?
        or is life imitating fiction?

  9. So, GAC, what do you think about Mario saying that the recording was “fabricated”? A 50-minute fabrication saying what according you yourself are “truths that everyone in the chavismo knows about. Wouldn’t it be better if he said that the recording is true, Diosdado is a criminal and he must be excluded? Is he scared of God-Given? Also, Mario Silva did say that our CNE was vulnerable… how about that? Where is Quico the defender of our “sistema blindado donde un fraude es imposible?”

    I’ve always said that if a person can change bolivares to dollars via CADIVI without restrictions, then sell the dollars via black market, then buy dollars via CADIVI ad infinitum… well you can make millions pretty quickly. I bet this was Diosdado’s move.

    GAC, it is time for the chavismo to stop blaming the opposition and the 4ta for all the problems and face internal corruption, which is what’s really destroying our country. Blaming everything on the previous administration is nasty but is OK when you just got in, but not when your party has the total control of the state for 14 years. If they don’t do so, this power struggle might be the end of it.

    • “So, GAC, what do you think about Mario saying that the recording was “fabricated”

      Sounds like bullshit to me, but we’ll have to wait and see what he actually says.

      “Also, Mario Silva did say that our CNE was vulnerable… ”

      He said it could have been vulnerable to hackers, but given the way the CNE network is set up I don’t see how that could possibly be the case. Either way, if hackers tried to alter the official results, IT WOULD SHOW UP IN THE ACTAS, for the millionth time.

      You all need to learn how your fucking electoral system works before making retarded comments.

      “I’ve always said that if a person can change bolivares to dollars via CADIVI without restrictions, then sell the dollars via black market, then buy dollars via CADIVI ad infinitum… well you can make millions pretty quickly. I bet this was Diosdado’s move.”

      Definitely could be. We’ll have to see if any more info comes out about that.

      “GAC, it is time for the chavismo to stop blaming the opposition and the 4ta for all the problems and face internal corruption, which is what’s really destroying our country.”

      I agree, and disagree. It is way past time for Chavismo to stop blaming the 4ta for their failures. But corruption isn’t what is destroying Venezuela. Corruption is a symptom, not a cause of the problem of underdevelopment.

      • @GAC , I would like to know your opinion of what’s destroying Venezuela. It is a pleasant surprise to me that for once, I seem to agree with part of your comments.

        • If this is the first time you’ve ever agreed with me, then you certainly aren’t going to agree with me on what the central problems are, and you likely will never understand them. I’ll give you a hint: it has everything to do with the structure of land ownership, agriculture, and latifundio. Another hint: Capriles will do absolutely nothing to resolve it.

          • that is so mexican, and central american theories….really that is your causes for Venezuela? Those are the typical explanations in Latin American departments for all latin america focusing on Mexico and central America….maybe you should update the sources, and the research about it, and please not Dependency theory as well…

          • Uh, well the causes are very similar for most countries in the region. Or did you think each country on the continent has some completely different explanation? Who said anything about dependency theory? You apparently don’t even know what that means.

  10. Some are speculating that the Cubans are behind the release of this recording. I am reminded of the 1989 trial and execution of Cuban General Arnaldo Ochoa. He was executed for alleged black market dealings in diamonds etc when he was in Angola. Also for alleged involvement in drugs in Cuba- taking payment for drug flights over the island. Some viewed his trial and execution instead as a way to get rid of a potential power threat- with Ochoa being told that if he protested during the trial his family would also be eliminated. Be quiet, go down for the count, and your family will survive. If not….

    I wonder if all this is a setup for the Cubans to get rid of Diosdado and his faction of the Army generals – who are making a mint in the cocaine business.

    If the Cubans can take out Diosdado and his generals without any collateral damage, the regime might be considered strengthened, with Venezuela correspondingly screwed. On the other hand, if Diosdado and his generals put up a big fight, they may bring the house down.


    • House down? And who’ll be under all that debris, then? No prizes for the right answer!
      Also, would anyone opine that the purge you speculate about would be capable of engendering tremors sufficient to prejudice the integrity of the régime’s basic underpinnings?

    • Yes, I think the most interesting thing to know is who leaked the recording? It could be the Cubans in preparation of a full-on charge on Cabellismo. It could be MS sending a preemptive attack to discourage attacks on his family or himself. It could be Diosdado to destabilize Maduro’s government. It could be anybody.

    • I think that theory is interesting. The Cuban regime is desperate for some love and they want to force a confrontation.

    • Cutie eyes from way back is known as the guy with his own agenda and power base , the least dependent on Castro , evidently the first guy Castro would want out of the Picture to take over the whole show . Now this recording comes out and in it its always Silva talking and talking and the Cuban operative on the other side keeping mostly mum , or saying neutral or indecipherable things . Seems as if they dont want him to reveal to much of his own thoughts or opinions , he is basically a sounding board to Silvas outpourings against Cutie eyes and those that make up his sphere of influence . Maybe this is a manouvre to purge the Regime from the influence of people who are too independently powerful for Castros comfort !! Maybe its a way of bringing out in the open things which cannot be dealt with inside the regime for fear that the oppo will use it to attack it , but now that its out in the open maybe it can be addressed more direclty by the opponents of cutie eyes, !! The picture it paints of the innards of the Chavista movement are revolting !! so revolting that it seems to difficult to believe that its all a Cuban plant.

      • “The picture it paints of the innards of the Chavista movement are revolting !! so revolting that it seems to difficult to believe that its all a Cuban plant.”


        If the Cubans really are behind this, they have lost their mind. Or perhaps Cabello was about to mutiny anyway.

      • BB: Your analysis makes sense to me, especially the astute observation of the Cuban operative keeping mostly mum, or saying neutral/indecipherable things, while allowing a known compulsive talker (MS) to spin away.

  11. My take is that this could be a product of our own military intelligence. Not aimed precisely to sink de cubans but to fuck up Diosdado, counting that the armed forces dont hold him in high esteem. Obviously the government would release something like this so they used an “expendable” chip, Capriles, benefiting both.

  12. I think you may be close to the truth GDA. It’s is getting damned obvious that NM couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel (Yes… that would be LBJ). Multiple power brokers are getting their panties in a wad…. look at how late GAC types are into breaking news now….. OODA loop is SCROODA. The first mover has the advantage, right GAC? Be on the look out for a sealed-donkey cart.

  13. No se quien filtró el audio. Y es posible que sea un peine. Y que el PSUV esté usando a la MUD para una purga interna. Pero también es posible que el audio debilite al chavismo. Lo que si es cierto es que se trata de una grabación privada. Y son pocos los que se quejan de tamaña violación al derecho a la privacidad. Aún cuando se trate de un personaje como Mario Silva que justamente ha hecho carrera de ese tipo de bajezas.

  14. Besides all the crap going on in the chavismo snake pit, I found this interesting:
    “Compa, Schemel me hizo llegar los últimos resultados y habla de una baja en la brecha, creo que va a hacer llegar unas recomendaciones”

      • For what I could understand, it was from days after the 14-A election. But I’m not 100% sure.

          • And he also talked about April 11th Maduro rally at Av. Bolivar, the cacerolazos (he said there were loud in the 23 de Enero) and the people who died after the election.

          • Yes that was when he was commenting about whatever they saw in el cuartel de la montana…april 11th. I read the transcript, because I can’t stand hearing the guy…

    • He was talking about the days before the election, this recording is from a few days AFTER the election, but he was reporting to this cuban guy events from the election day and earlier too.

  15. On Globo about 45 minutes ago Roberto Giusti said that this was “presumably” Mario Silva’s voice. He then proceeded to analyze the recording as if it definitely was his voice??????????

    Mario Silva tells lies all the time on his program and then SHAZAM……….this recording is all 110% true! Are you people naive or what.

    The CIA and Mossad have technology so that they can make any recording of anyone. Of course this is NOT the case here, is it? And especially because all what Mario says fits in with the opposition position on politics, the economy, the military, corruption, Cuba governing Venezuela and so on. How convenient!

    Another storm in a cup which will get the opposition nowhere.

    You all seem to forget that chavismo rules in the AN, the Executive, 20 states out of 23, 272 alcaldías of 335…………..and you think that half a man like Capriles is going to change that? Dream on!

      • Do you really believe all the bull you write Arturo? If so, please make an appointment with your nearest shrink. CIA and Mossad making a 50 minute tape using Mario Silva’s voice? not Maduro’s, Cabello’s or even Chavez’ own voice? Please try to make a plausible explanation for the tape, not this bull.

    • The CIA, Mossad… So you agree that MS lies all the time, yet you take his word on this. Didn’t you forget a few other “secret” organizations? I know for a fact that you left out the Mickey Mouse Club, among others. Nice try, Arturito.

    • So, just like that? You are going to blame it all on the CIA and the Mossad? You doubt what MS says in the recording, but believe MS’s extravagant explanation?

      You are not talking here to the regular audience of VTV, my friend. At least try!

    • It is so much fun watching you try to explain this away, I’m sure I am not the only one enjoying you clueless fools run around like headless chickens. It is great entertainment! Keep it up, I wont bother responding seriously until you guys have the final talking points on this issue, it would be a mutual waste of time!

    • It makes absolutely no difference if the tape is real or false!!!! Because now these exposed truths have to be dealt with by the Chavismo administration. We are witnessing a great moment.

    • Yes the mossad it is really woriied about Venezuela ( not with iran or Syria) and the CIA…yeah they are desperate with Latin America…I forgot, chavez said that was impossible that a venezuelan voted against him, that people doing that were paid by the CIA…Well , just saying like 14 years, and I haven’t seen a $ from the CIA…. Son maulas!!!

      • “14 years, and I haven’t seen a $ from the CIA….”

        Demand your rights! Hell, why hasn’t Eva Golinger started a class-action suit?

  16. El rio suena porque piedras trae. Notice how all the trolls come out to play? They know Maduro is weak and that their dirty laundry is starting to show.

    • el tipo es asqueroso, no es la primera que le veo, ya se que la prioridad de cisneros es asegurar su supervivencia, pero coño, ten aunque sea una microscopica parte de dignidad, viejo, no hace falta caer tan bajo

  17. Hey, everyone, and paraphrasing a great U. S. comic of yesteryear: Anyone who refers to Cilia Flores as a dangerous influence, Jorge Arreaza as a sapo, his brother Carlos as a crook, ditto for JVR, and Diosdsado as a super-corrupt Hijo De La Gran P— –can’t be all bad!!

  18. So somebody released this video, and nobody cares about who and why, or at least the comments so far seems to be that every body ignores that factor. I mean who recorded the audio, and why the person that released the video feels the need to released that video.

    Is not necessary to know the identity of the source, but it will be reassuring to know if Capriles pondered this decision very well.

    The thing about getting in the middle of a fight between factions, is that wound up involved too. And that scares me a lot.

  19. So after going on a tirade in his last show about how this is all a Zionist conspiracy, Silva announces an indefinite leave of absence? Is he going to Cuba for treatment? If so, will he return to Venezuela? It’s become a circus.

  20. It’s interesting to look at this recording in terms of production – I always do so out of habit because I work in media. The ratio of talking (Silva) and responding (Interlocutor) suggests that Silva (remember he is a well-seasoned interviewer and knows all the tricks) used this tape to vent and rant, while the Interlocutor was almost always just a prompter. So while Silva’s answers or ramblings are apparently spontaneous, the recording clearly had an agenda above and beyond merely confirming what circumstantial evidence has always suggested. And it’s unlikely that Chris, Arturo and other trolls will get the “objective” data to prove it (hard to get from an outfit that lacks all transparency), a long time Chavista loyalist has basically outted not only God-Given and others, but exposed the rifts in the administration.

    Since this recording has all the feel of a piece of anti-Maduro propaganda in the guise of a true rant, one wonders who the intended audience is. And perhaps the larger question is how MUD or whoever can leverage the tape to hasten the fall.


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