Panfleto Negro and its non-requiem for Globovisión

At least they had something to rail against
At least they had something to rail against

A smart take on the Globovisión closure, by Panfleto Negro’s Reinaldo Chacón.

The money quote:

Yo tengo dos años sin ver televisión, porque no tengo, y tres que no veo globovisión. No he necesitado de globovisión para mantenerme informado y saber de las privaciones en las que hemos caído como sociedad.  ¿No tenemos manera de ver a Capriles en vivo?, pues la venta ya se hizo; lidia con ello. En vez de ver la discusión estéril de si Zuloaga hizo bien o mal, preferiría que la discusión se decantara a ¿Qué vamos a hacer ahora?, ¿Qué alternativas vamos a generar?, ¿Quién va a montar una radio pirata y quién va a hacer un panfleto subversivo?, ¿Cómo vamos a generar medios alternativos para informar?. Para mí no son tiempos de lutos, tal vez haya tiempo para llorar después. Si no busquemos las plañideras y empecemos a cantar el réquiem: “Se va la audición que le vaya bien… (8)”

Si la venta de globovisión, paraliza a la oposición, va a ser falta de imaginación de la oposición y de nosotros como ciudadanos. Yo espero que seamos un poco más inteligentes que agarrarnos a pelear por esto. Es bueno salir de la zona de confort, vernos obligados a reinventarnos.

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  1. “Si la venta de globovisión, paraliza a la oposición, va a ser falta de imaginación de la oposición y de nosotros como ciudadanos.”

    This. This a thousand times.

    • ditto. Among the options, there are calls for operación radio bemba.
      En apoyo a nuestro Presidente HENRIQUE CAPRILES @hcapriles @MariaCorinaYA @VVperiodistas @JJRENDON

  2. There is something weird going on, there are reports that journalist from SIBCI are being laid off too.

    Is someone behind the curtains, scheming, to put some equilibrium in the Venezuelan media? We lost Globovision, but Chavista also lost “La Hojilla”, journalist of both sides are fired or they are forced to resign. Are we having a respite from radical extremist of both sides?

    Will this be good in the long term? If all it takes for a democracy to be viable, that it needs to remove and silence certain voices, then how can this be a democracy.

  3. I don’t know how far they want to take that idea that it is good to get out of the “comfort zone”. Some might ask: what comfort zone? Some might also consider, be careful what you ask for, as they say, because you just might really get it…

  4. Isn’t this blog part of the alternative media? The opposition won’t be paralised by this. It is merely a sad fact.

    Alas, the opposition has done much better without a huge presence in the MSM.

    The first cut is the deepest…

  5. Pues yo soy pesimista, es decir, ¿de verdad creen que el venezolano promedio va a andar pendiente de nuevos medios alternativos? Ya era difícil con Globovision…

    • Well, this surprised me. Thanks Nagel for sharing. There’s something that I want to add, given the comment of GTAveledo. I believe that we can’t rely completely in social media nor internet to try to keep population informed. They are great media, but sadly internet doesn’t have the same scope as TV, and even more, how do you fund serious journalism with a twitter account? We should keep that in mind.

  6. Yeah, let’s invent some novel medium very fast that has the power, reach and impact of TV.

    Sure, PF, dream on!

    I think that is a very foolish piece. Most people do watch TV all the time, turned to Globo for politica news and have no clue beyond Capriles and a half a dozen others who the leaders of the opposition are and/or pay little attention to politicians until vote time comes around. Most people dont write or read Panfleto Negro, nor blogs, nor do they write or care for any of them. As Vega said above, an uneven fight becomes even more uneven, the opposition now will try to do what was already difficult with no money and barely a window of TV exposure, with none.

  7. Of course Miguel Octavio is correct.TV is the THE medium in Venezuela, whether they have loads of time or little time.The time they do have is with the TV on.The TV in Venezuela is like a drone that just keeps droning, and whose mouthpiece, and eyes, are continually creating impressions on the population.I doubt we will never know the extent of its influence on us really.

  8. PN’s statement on how this should mean opportunities for us to think outside the box and reinvent ourselves struck a strong chord. I don’t really think social media should become the only source for information, but I don’t believe it won’t play a big part henceforth. The venta of GV, although a blow, is not the worst that could happen: Political parties have not been disbanded and outlawed, opposition deputies and other players are not being hunted down and murdered consecutively; the SEBIN is not rounding up people by the dozens and throwing them in jail without trial, without warrants.
    Wasn’t the decade of Perez Jimenez wrought with this kind of oppressive action? And yet he was brought down, even without the resources and technology we have…and more importantly, without GV. These guys may be taking their time and being more cautious, but that also means that they’re still leaving us room to grow and improvise….And the truth of it all: to say that GV was the heart and brains of the opposition, that there is nothing more that can be done, that we’re all doomed…THAT will be our real downfall.

  9. This are indeed baad news, I didn’t really watch globovision aside for el radar de los barrios(it seems torealba won’t get a consession), but I would dare to say this was the most relevant opposition medio de comunicación, the best?no, but the most relevant. I mean, there are a lot of persons that won’t be able to be ‘as updated’ as they aren’t tech savvy/internet problems.

    Also, I heard that maduro was trying to get cnn out the same way they did to rctv.


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