Annals of Revolutionary Innovation: The E-Ration Book

Finally an answer to the question: what's 21st century about this socialism?
This 2.0

Folks, it was inevitable, which is why it’s happened: the ration book is here, soon to be piloted in Maracaibo.

The twist? It’s a database in the cloud rather than a physical booklet.

So we finally have an answer to the age-old question: what’s so 21st century about this socialism?

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    • No. They will be instructed by the authorities that in case of any bowel movements during their visit to Venezuela to rip-out pages 15 and 16 of their passports to use as,…you know.

      • I dunno, I am thinking, if they want to follow the Cuban model, foreigners get first dibs on things like food, soap and toilet paper.

          • Not really, that’s fairly standard. I wrote about this in my blog: the Hitler distribution in Venezuela. There is a man called “Hitler Maolenin Leañez Aponte”,..and many other Hitlers there is one or two called Napoleon Bonaparte + surname, there are a lot of Stalin plus Estalin and so on.

  1. Looking at the picture in the article makes me wonder… is having a potbelly a requirement of our glorious and soon-to-be-victorious FANB?? NATO must be scared shitless!

  2. could someone please be so kind to refresh my memory: when was the last time Nicky Mature claimed that Venezuela was well on its way to becoming a global superpower, was it last week?

  3. You seem to have missed out the war and gone straight to the ration book.

    Venezuelans must be the only people who willingly give in at any obstacle. Why are you like that ? No one takes to the streets, no reaction whatsoever. Even your politicians look externally for solutions to a domestic problem.
    There must be a simple reason.

    • And whatever outrage is expressed will undoubtedly be against the supermarket that won’t sell you more than one product – not against the government. They are safely out there in the cloud. And if there are protests in the supermarkets it will be a great excuse to militarize, militarize, militarize.

    • I tell you what the reason is: people are too afraid. It is depressing to see how the country accepts every shitty decision by the government without doing anything about it, the pacifist method of resistance by Capriles is really not working at all!! People lost their capacity to protest and are hopless to do try to change their future. To the point that they will participate in upcoming elections! On a system that was impugnado by Capriles???

  4. The people that make cédulas falsas must be ecstatic, now they’ll be able to diversify their business from teens who want to get drunk to just about everyone who wants to buy food.
    BTW, cédulas venezolanas are the latest rage in underage teen drinking in Bogotá since they are much easier to copy. And a second funny BTW, if you google “cedula venezolana” (así perezoso sin tilde) in Images the second image is Juan’s.

  5. I’m waiting to see what name the government ends up giving these, I doubt they’ll call them ration cards, they’ll probably give it some name that tries to hide what it actually is, my money is on something long like “Libreta de soberanía alimentaria en contra del acaparamiento capitalista y en defensa de la revolución de nuestro comandante supremo, Hugo Chávez”

  6. So. Here’s a silly question: what legislation entitles any governmental entity to know what you have purchased? What legislation limits the amounts which can be bought?

    • Jeffry : Your point is a good one except that legislation ennacted in Venezuela is almost always drafted so that whenever it grants a government agency authority over a certain area the wording is broad and vague so that it can be interpreted as giving the agency the greatest powers. This is specially true of legislation ennacted in the last 14 years !!

      • Additionally if someone where to contest the agencys use of such powers , because there is no rule of law , no independent judiciary , the courts always side with the government . the whole system is rigged so that the government is always right in what it does.

        • Oh, I understand there is no tribunal where one could contest this. But as we have discussed here before, the model of the Eastern European, “velvet” revolutions was to contest the legality of each wrongful state action. So, here, somehow if I need two tubes of toothpaste, a seller can sell me only one, or he/she is punished? What is the punishment? Where is it set out? etc. You would think that, if there had been a law passed saying “The State of Zulia may at any time control the amount of food or other necessary consumed by any person”, someone could point to it? And, if it’s not there, it would be an additional argument against those imposing it?

          • why would you need TWO tubes of toothpaste? are you hoarding the tubes of toothpaste in the country, ARE YOU CONSPIRING AGAINST THE REVOLUTION AND THE VENEZUELAN ECONOMY AND THE WELL-BEING OF VENEZUELANS???

  7. It must be titillating to find an element, in this case, a photo of UK post-WW2 rationing, to illustrate an issue of political economy in Venezuela. But I have a problem with the puerile choice. The historical undercurrents couldn’t be more different. The UK se sacó el pellejo durante la 2da Guerra mundial, mucho antes de que interviniera los EEUU. Muchos murieron para que el mundo estuviera libre de un loco. Las consecuencias de ello merece respeto.

  8. The Ration Book has been used for a long time during wars ( military and economic) even in the USA, nothing new.Many of this blog don’t have to worry because of their backgrounds and would rather many to starve and go without.

    But the “let them eat cake” fascists on this blog should watch out because their days are numbered just like the woman who made that line infamous.

    • That’s great! The Maduro gang can’t provide toilet paper to Venezuela’s population, and that proves “our days are numbered!” And because we’re smart enough to recognize that the answer to shortages is production, not rationing, that makes us “fascists”. That’s not even sad; it’s funny!

    • Que burrada de comentario, doesn’t even make sense. First we are in a war, that’s what the revolution of peace and love brought us. But moreover the comment of Maria Antoinette… hello…. today’s Maria Antoinette is Maria Gabriella Chavez and her court of Cubans and other enchufados my friend, aterriza brother.

    • And where, pray tell, is this war Venezuela is waging? Point us in the direction of it, won’t you?
      I would have thought that, instead of further limiting the consumption of the people, Maduro and the gang would get some real work done in the national production sector, instead of importing everything (as mentioned in previous posts which you no doubt skipped) but then, that would imply they have the capacity or the will to efficiently govern.
      And not to defend Marie Antoinette, but there is no actual historic record that confirms she ever said that line.

  9. “The twist? It’s a database in the cloud rather than a physical booklet.”

    Pero a estos coños como les encanta una computadoram, un twitter, un celular, en fin, tecnologia del imperio mesmo…. que bolas que tienen.

    I wonder how many ration books to Princess Maria Gabriela.

    How many paper toilet rolls and eggs Maria Gabriela be rationed to? And Diosdado? Get a clue, Arturo and Yo Yo, not that far up for me to ask, or maybe they are? At least in the times of Carlos Andres we lived abundantly and lower middle class could drank black label and could afford shopping trips to Margarita and Miami. No me jodan! Ahora la miseria es de todos menos de los enchufados.


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