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As long-time readers know, traffic in Caracas is one of our favorite topics. This video I caught today reminds me that we haven’t written about it in a while.

So on the day when Maduro signs what is, more or less,  an agreement to form a commission to study the design and further implementation of a potential new highway to La Guaira that will probably be finished sometime in the XXIVth Century … let’s ponder the never-ending misery of our capital city’s commuters.

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    • Con la manera autista que tienen los venezolanos al manejar, me imagino la de autobuses estrellándose contra los trenes en la curvita…y ni hablar de los motociclistas.
      Y se imaginan la cantidad de carajos que tratarían de viajar en el tren guindándose por debajo? Me los imagino clarito, con sus camisetas rojas y aquel rostro del poeta de Sabaneta.

  1. Finally on caracaschronicles, a vision of the communist future where nobody has to work more than 1-2 hours a day.

    If these buses can be automated, so can cars, factories, supermarkets and almost everything else.

    • Advertencia: Yoyo es un carajito que está tan alienado que ya ni siquiera puede hablar en cristiano. Vive en Inglaterra soñando con “comunismo”, que, para él es vivir jugando jueguitos de computadora y leyendo sin ton ni son mientras unos robots que otros fabrican le llevan comida. No lo tomen muy en serio.

      • Disclaimer: yesterday Kepler and I had a short email exchange on this exact topic, which he abandoned very quickly. Really, I think his worst nightmare would be a society in which everybody has lots of free time and money is not necessary.

        • Yoyo: you sound like someone without any practical training, or motivation, or goals, while you seek wet-nurse philosophies in order to keep you from having to work for a living.


          • Pathetic because I think human labour and money can be phased out in just a few decades? Take a look at technological advance and project into the future, it’s that easy.

          • Yoyo, last comment on this: people have discussed what you talk about over 50 years ago. And it is not only about the technology but about the economics. You obviously don’t have the basic economic knowledge, one you can even as a teenager. You don’t have a clue technologically speaking either. You probably haven’t worked a single da in your life.

            Nowadays it’s mostly guys in early puberty stage who think this idea is new and hasn’t been discussed to death.

            Now I understand better: you are a teenager. Come back in 10 years.

          • It’s incredibly hard to get an argument out of you. All you do is insult, tell me to read this book or that book, give brief statements without explanation…then quickly abandon ship.

            It could be that your arguments are paper-thin, or that you don’t have the intellectual capacity to explain them.

          • Yoyo’s pipe dream world was supposed to be a reality before he was even born. He is both naive and ideologically misguided. Bad combination. Entertaining, though.

          • Actually, Yoyo, it’s incredibly difficult to get an argument out of you. You almost never address any point, and simply latch onto any perceived sleight instead of addressing a substantive point. It’s very thin skinned of you. You haven’t even addressed the point that the utopia you mention has supposedly been right around the corner for fifty years, even though it has been addressed to you multiple times.

            Another point, do you really think that in some point in your life, i.e. the next 80 years, currency will be not needed (Ration cards, credits, dollars, whatever)? In other words, you really believe that every human desire, even those not yet thought of, will be met to satiation?

          • Yoyo, I am not insulting. Being a teenager is not bad. I also was a teenager, even though bak then I already knew one could not work just for 2 hours and I took the effort to read a tiny bit about why.
            I told you: you lack very basic knowledge. You are entering into some topics and you think this is an innovative idea and in reality it has been an idea that has been discussed to death…not 2, 5 years ago, but before Flash Gordon, the first series, came to be. I am not your teacher. I mentioned some books that could offer you some perspective. You wrote “I have read many books”. That’s exactly the Chávez attitude, la atitud facilista.

            Come back after you get a job and have worked for 10 years.

          • Wait, you were serious about the 1 to 2 hour workday quip? We´ve been waiting for that lovely future to come to pass since 1917. You´re worse than Jehovah´s Witnesses.

          • Speaking from personal experience of having been there…being in a position of not having to work breeds all sorts of nasty character issues and in general corrodes prinicples and standards of those who elect to while away their time. Not to get all biblical, but the whole idle hands being the devil’s being the devil’s workshop is something I’ve observed numerous times.

            In theory, it sounds grand (much like socialism), however in practical application, it is woefully lacking. Something about human nature deviating from theoretical ideals.

            If you want a utopia wherein technology does a great number of things for people who have eliminated currency and the need for labor…I suggest reading up on Gene Roddenberry. Its great…unless you happen to be wearing a camisa rojo.

    • What a noble goal. To work 1 -2 hours days. It is through work that we humans enlarge and grow our spirits and others. It is not by being passive.

      To aspire that, is to aspire mediocrity and laziness. Is to renounce progress and meaning in life.

    • “a vision of the communist future where nobody has to work more than 1-2 hours a day.” This is going into the Hall of Fame of ridiculous comments

    • Why do so many commenter pay attention to this fucking lazy bum? Let’s ignore this ignorant moron yoyo from lala Land.

  2. I don’t think a shared lane for cars and this train would work in Caracas unless you implement a sophisticated over-height detection system and strong lane usage policing. Can you imagine local “microbuses” cutting in front of the train, microbuses-train crashes 🙂

  3. I would like to know why yoyo lives in England. Why doesn’t he move (back) to Venezuela where he can help with the revolution? It is so easy to defend a revolution that doesn’t work while you live in relative luxury and freedom in England.

  4. OT – does anyone know if the MUD is actively helping to register new voters in the REP? It is only open till 6/21 and I have not seen any indication that they are.

    • Other than to complain that several states and cities have no CNE offices open to register new voters, I really haven’t seen a huge push by the MUD to get people to register.

      It is a shame, really, new voters will likely trend more towards voting against the incumbents.

    • What makes you think those are women?

      In the future, not only has the government outlawed baby formula, but it has also mandated that males of the species homo sapien receive hormone therapy so they too may breastfeed.

  5. Speaking of Caracas and traffic, it’s great when one direction of entire highway during rush hour is taken over by malandros conducting what seems like a malandro version of ‘state funeral’ for a fallen friend, thus slowing traffic to a crawl (more so than normal). The fact that this actually happens (normally not on the highway, but it happens once in awhile), with no response from the police or anyone else, is just one more strking example of the utter decay of institutions and society in this “Revolution”. Depressingly sad

  6. sure, they can work on this just as soon as bus caracas is done. I think they only have to rip up and repave la av. fuerzas armadas another dozen times first

  7. SERIOUSLY! Remember,the Metro at the beginning? If anyone was even leaning against those pristine walls, a voice would come over the loudspeakers: favor no apoyarse en la pared, no tirar basura or what ever the infraction was. I have no idea how long it remained in such beautiful condition since I had left the country before it apparently went downhill .

    • “Se les recuerda a los señores pasajeros de no pisar la línea amarilla…”

      Subway management was too much law and order for Chávez and his troops, whose aim it has been to undermine all social systems.

      • I dunno about that. I was under the distinct impression that everything went out the window with an, “aieeeeeeeeohmygodohmygodohmygod” in that shrill way that only a twelve year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert can pull off as anything sort of normal, when they shook hands.


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