Observers get a taste of chavismo

fraudeThe international observers from Spain’s Instituto de Altos Estudios Europeos just came out with a damning report regarding the Venezuelan election. Basically, they think there are numerous elements to claim fraud, and ask for a comprehensive audit of the vote.

The money quote comes from Table 5, the narration of their visit to the Liceo Educativo Aplicación:

Both the observed and inquired-about facts are representative of the following electoral crimes:

  • Not allowing voters to exercise their right to vote
  • Activating fraudulent methods
  • Allowing for fraud to occur
  • Carrying firearms into a voting center
  • Altering public order in a voting center
  • Interrupting the act of voting
  • Accompanying people when they cast their vote
  • Preventing the vote of people with disabilities

It is worth pointing out that in light of the fact that there were people with multiple ID cards; that people were carrying firearms, threatening and stirring up the crowd; that a self-identified legislator was speaking to the press while crimes were being committed; that no authority gave the necessary information to solve the situation; and that people threatened observers by taking their pictures without consent, none of the authorities did anything to prevent acts of violence from occurring. These facts, together with the public comments made by one of the authorities of the CNE, are conducive to violence, and are particularly embarassing given how the electoral authorities should, instead, be worried about guarding people’s right to vote.