Observers get a taste of chavismo


fraudeThe international observers from Spain’s Instituto de Altos Estudios Europeos just came out with a damning report regarding the Venezuelan election. Basically, they think there are numerous elements to claim fraud, and ask for a comprehensive audit of the vote.

The money quote comes from Table 5, the narration of their visit to the Liceo Educativo Aplicación:

Both the observed and inquired-about facts are representative of the following electoral crimes:

  • Not allowing voters to exercise their right to vote
  • Activating fraudulent methods
  • Allowing for fraud to occur
  • Carrying firearms into a voting center
  • Altering public order in a voting center
  • Interrupting the act of voting
  • Accompanying people when they cast their vote
  • Preventing the vote of people with disabilities

It is worth pointing out that in light of the fact that there were people with multiple ID cards; that people were carrying firearms, threatening and stirring up the crowd; that a self-identified legislator was speaking to the press while crimes were being committed; that no authority gave the necessary information to solve the situation; and that people threatened observers by taking their pictures without consent, none of the authorities did anything to prevent acts of violence from occurring. These facts, together with the public comments made by one of the authorities of the CNE, are conducive to violence, and are particularly embarassing given how the electoral authorities should, instead, be worried about guarding people’s right to vote.




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  1. Wasn’t there also something in there about the Winning Candidate’s having to have resigned his prior position to stand under those pernickety Venezuelan laws and that said guy did no such thing wherefore his candidacy was rickety from the get-go?

  2. They forgot to add a bullet point:

    The guy with the big mustache claimed on public TV that he had a list with the names and ID of those who didn’t vote for him.

  3. This is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. All these observations are simply not worth the paper they are written on as such incidents have to be reported and actas drawn up and signed by all witnesses present at each voting center to have any validity or credibility.

    The fact that these compaints have not been catalogued and that all 39,000+ witnesses from Capriles side signed off the results at the 39,000 plus voting tables means that there was no fraud.

    Irregularities? if they had been documented, then fine. But they have not and so this “demning report” is just another piece of negative propaganda from a bunch of right winf Spaniards.

    Check out the Instituto de Altos Estudios Europeos and see who runs it.

    JC – you always back a loser. Better luck mext time. ;aduro is President. GET OVER IT!

    • I checked out who runs it. A bunch of academics principally from Europe, Colombia and Africa, looks like. What are you suggesting, is this some sort of front for paramilitaries, drug cartels and people who beat up on legislators?

    • Truro, when Maduro’s Colombian birth certificate shows up, what will you say? Viva Colombia!

      In any case, no partida de nacimiento has been found for Nicolas. Could that be why Santos met Capriles? Maybe Santos is waiting for Maduro’s popularity to drop to drop the Nicolas-is-Colombiano bomb.

      Just kidding, just playing with your mind!

      • Thge next desperate comment will be to say that Maduro was born in Hawaii and his father was Colombian.

        Who has asked to see maduro’s birth certificate? MCM or Ledezma?

        • How to elicit reverse psychology from Arturo: Demonstrate that the repressive Cuban government, which he underhandedly promotes, has cracks in the veneer. Nothing infuriates Arturo like the release of information, which should otherwise be under forced lock up. Come to think of it, any release rubs him the wrong way, whether it applies to political prisoner Afiuni, or for that matter, fornication, the latter having an exception in the person of Mario Silva.

          Observation: On the ladder of troll intelligence, Arturo inhabits the lower rungs. Anyone with any ounce of insight would have figured out, by now, that I don’t live in Australia or California. But hey, when you’re sexually repressed, as is our troll of low IQ, California is the den of iniquity, the seat of all wickedness.

          Otro loco.

          • Arturo can’t get any eh? That explains a lot.

            Its a common theme that authoritarian ideologies appeal to the sexually frustrated and repressed. The Basij in Iran are a prime example, they are infuriated by the site of a beautiful woman.

  4. Arturo, seriously? Go back to smoking or snorting whatever substance it is/has been whenever you make a comment here…


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