Just in case you're interested…and hate the NSA:


We at CaracasChronicles thought you might want to know about this awesome new social network: FacePopular, the Bolivarian alternative to Facebook.

Iris Valera, now you can rest easy.


As always, you’re welcome.

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  1. Oh dear! Here we go again… The voices in her head must be singing barbershop now (paraphrasing “In The Loop”).

  2. Bearing in mind their explanation, “for Spanish speakers”, one has to wonder what The Brazilians will think. But, after all, it falls right in line with other initiatives, forming a parallel option and – in this case – endeaviring o push folk into it (which it won’t with terms such as ‘militants’) though one can’t help supposing it will be an initiative short of leg, so to say.

  3. Did anyone notice that it is possible to sync the account with Facebook? How hilarious. Facepopular is supposed to fight against Facebook, and, well, there you have it. It’s like a representation of the government.

  4. So, how would it work? Are you automatically friended with everyone else with the message: “¡Felicidades! Eres amigo de XX compañeros, hijos de Chávez como tú”? Can you expropriate a wall for national use? Can you broadcast cadenas to all your friends? Damn, the possibilities are endless.

    • Oh, totally be all over this if it was possible to expropriate someone else’s wall.

      Of course, facebook already has this feature. It only seems to be used by hackers selling stuff apparently. Stupid, evil, capitalist hackers.

  5. Emiliana, although it’s being promoted by Sibsi, FACEPopular (Frente Alternativo Contra el Establishment Popular) was launched by Luis D’Elia, an Argentian “social cristiano”… No matter how much we would like the revolution to continue to be this funny, it ain’t, it’s over…

  6. Did anyone notice you can use Facebook Connect to sign up and log in? Meaning that if FacePopular is an alternative to Facebook (which we’re told is a tool of the Empire’s spy machine), and you use your Facebook account to log in at any point, then any of the data created through FacePopular will be accessible to? Yeah you guessed it…

  7. I think Mr. Boludo Tejano has the right idea. Who owns this Face Popular? Isn’t it simply a mechanism to impose discipline on users? (Post the wrong thing and you get a visit from the Neighbourhood Committee? )


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