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Supreme Evil Overlord President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello giddily announced on Twitter yesterday that this afternoon’s plenary session will be full of surprises and is not to be missed. How exciting!

Seeing as my first choice of surprise (monkeys flying out of Diosdado’s arse) is not a very likely bet, your guess is as good as mine on how they will take this opportunity in our nation’s Legislature to publicly humiliate opposition MP’s instead of, um, legislating. Maybe they will out someone from the closet. Maybe they will play edited wiretapped conversations between MP´s that make it look like they’re getting money from the CIA. Maybe they will have a public beating of all opposition Diputados.. oh wait, that already happened.

On a more boring note, rumors are flying regarding a certain something that rhymes with Autoparlante.

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  1. wathever the hell it is, and we could expect almost anything, I’m beginning to hate the fact that the opposition seem to have lost the iniciative since the release of mario silva’s tape, all the cards are on the red side and we are back to countering what they throw at us

  2. How far are they with the salto de talanquera? Do they have now 2/3 majority?
    If not, they will announce some accusations about 10 opposition deputies and then they will vote to remove said deputies right away from the National Assembly.

        • Its Gabino, that’s why you can’t find it. And ANTV announced that he jumped the talanquera this afternoon, Ricardo Sánchez confirmed it, and then Gabino Paz himself said it wasn’t true. The sad, repugnant, shameful finale to this was the AN’s ignorant promotion of homophobia and violation of someone’s privacy for no other reason than to smear and humiliate them.

          • It was a new low even for chavismo. I want a PSF to justify me how they can support something like this, the homophobia or the idea that a supposedly progressive lawmaker is disgusted by the fact of watching clothed men hug each other.

          • Yet, are you surprised by Cabello?

            Lets be brutally honest about the type of guy he is. He’s the guy that would be the only other occupant riding in an elevator with you, who would then fart, and blame you for it loudly and emphatically.

            That’s the kind of guy you are dealing with.

            The only way to handle him, following along the same line, is to fart first when exiting and punch all the buttons leaving him to enjoy his ride.

    • Some trivia:
      There are over 1300 voters called Eudomar in the Land of Grace. The highest percentage are in Delta Amacuro and Zulia. Zulia alone has at least 364 Eudomares.
      I think this one was born 16 January 1957. Cédula: 4777191.
      Oh, my! He is the CAVIDI guy!

    • And the new CADIVI President is José Chino Khan, el Chino de CADIVI. You cannot make this stuff up. And apparently Jorge Giordani is going to be the new Venezuelan embassador in the UK.

  3. I was hoping for another fascinating round of corrupción in flagrante! Mardo-Style!

    Perhaps they could nail Ms. Machado for failing to pay a parking ticket she was unaware of and thus ban her from leaving the country and strip her of her immunity?


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