In the Face of Hatred


Slide1Following Tuesday’s National Assembly plenary session, I keep hearing people say that  focusing on the homophobic statements made by chavista parliamentarians does a disservice to the public debate, because the whole spectacle is but another smokescreen promoted by the Government to divert attention from other more pressing issues like incompetence, corruption, the economy, and municipal elections. “This is exactly what Chavismo wants,” some say. “Don’t take the bait.”

In my unending fight to keep my capacidad de asombro in the abysmal cesspool of hopeless relativism called Venezuela, I think we need to pause for a moment and reconsider the deplorable depths to which we have fallen.  Abstract concepts like dignity, respect, freedom of speech and human rights may seem secondary to Venezuelans struggling to make ends meet facing rampant crime and out of control inflation, let’s not forget that those values are at the core of a minimally functional society.  Trivializing homophobia, in this particular case, or humiliation as an officially sanctioned instrument for marginalizing dissent in general, is as close as we can get to losing all notion of what is right and what is wrong.

After Tuesday night’s cruel and homophobic disparagement of a member of the opposition, done in the name of fighting corruption, the Government went into hardcore damage control mode. Several PSUV spokespeople took to the airwaves to expound the Chavista love for celebrating sexual diversity, all the while insisting in broadcasting Oscar López’s homosexuality as an example of how depraved Primero Justicia is. Other cheap justifications of Chavista discourse inconsistencies include “Theres no greater example of homophobia than Capriles’s denial that he himself is gay, ” or “Homosexuality is a constitutional right as long as it’s carried out in a healthy way.” (those last two come courtesy of MP Robert Serra)

The lousy damage control machine reached unprecedented, ridiculous heights when Maduro, in a national cadena, awkwardly produced a photo-op flanked by two or three “sexodiversos” waving rainbow flags, and addressed the country (I paraphrase):

Come here, give me a hug […], let’s take a picture, give me your flag […] You are being manipulated […] If you are a participant in these sexually diverse movements, you are an honest man or woman. I am a heterosexual, I’m married to Cilia, but I am an honest man. […] It’s as if a woman committed a crime and we were accused of being chauvinists for wanting to persecute her. […] The opposition believes that because they are opposition, they can be presumed innocent even though the contrary is proven. It is unfortunate that the Governor of Miranda’s office has been used as a place for gay and cross-dressing prostitution. […] He had expensive parties. […] We have proof but it is too sordid to publish. […] I am happy to be here with you and to know that the gay community supports me. I am not homophobic. The revolution has vindicated respect for all people. […] I am sure that Primero Justicia has honest members. The least they could do was agree to be investigated. […] All opposition members who accuse PSUV officials of being corrupt without proof should be prosecuted for slander. […] The sexually diverse community knows that crimes such as running a gay prostitution ring cannot be perpetrated in the name of homosexuals, and that the opposition cannot hide behind homosexuality to excuse its crimes. 

It really is remarkable, Chavismo is dressing an all-out homophobic hate campaign in a rainbow flag as it fabricates a scandal to boost its phony anti-corruption drive.

And I agree: it’s certainly a smokescreen. But the fact that it is a smokescreen in no way minimizes the grave damage it does. The Government cares so little about civil rights that it’s willing to blithely trample them to carry out its agenda. What’s even more disturbing is that yesterday’s hackjob of a damage control campaign proves what the Government knows full well: that we Venezuelans have come to care so little about civil rights, that they can get away with it.

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  1. “The opposition believes that because they are opposition, they can be presumed innocent until proven guilty.” Thats how it works Nicolás, for all Venezuelans, not just the opposition.

    • So an observant reader pointed out that Maduro has been misquoted. He actually says “The opposition believes that because they are opposition, they can be presumed innocent even though the contrary is proven.” The thing is, nothing has been proven yet, and this doesn’t prevent sordid accusations from being tossed about like confetti.

      • Absolutely right, Emiliana. Nothing has been proven……..yet. That is the key word. Yet.

        You can twitter on all you like about por PJ gay members being pilloried for being homosexual but no one will be jailed for that. Oscar López will have to explain where all that money came from. The USD2 million from the US diplomatic bag mentioned in an email? The Bs. 4 million sent to Richard Mardo. The cheques he made out to pay adolescent prostitutesd of both sexes to “perform” at the PJ parties. The drugs involved. He will have to defend himself against accusation against running a network of prostitutes from the secreary’s office of the Gobernación de Miranda.

        Nothing has been proven …..yet but according to Maduro there are photos and videos recovered from López’s apartament that are impublicable and he has spoken to Diosdado as AN President to see if a private viewing of what one can only presume to be possible pronography and sexual aduse of minors can be seen by national deputies.

        Let’s face it – no one in their mind could possibly support people who are involved in child abuse, adolescent prostitutes and child pornograpjy as that is what this case will come down to as well as drug taking.


        If Capriles denies knowing anything about López’s actions the he was not doing his job at the Gobernación. On the other hand, if he did know…………..

        Now we all understand why PJ were so hell bent on defending Richard Mardo. Mardo leads to López; López leads to other PJ involved in nefarious activities. Mardo is facing 8 years in jail since ex chavista mayor from Portuguesa received a sentence of 12 years last week for stealing Bs. 6 million..

        • I love the rant but nothing against the princess living in la casona, or the real enchufados like diosdado, or ruperti taped saying that oh nooo those guys they don’t know how to make transfers to a bank in swizzerland. In a serious country, Carreño would be already packing his bags to the real gay hotel (jail) for defamation and slander.

          And, maduro can’t say I have proofs but sorry can’t show them, he has to show them to the country at any point in time, if he is really serious about it, but we all know that point in time never gonna happen, who cares if this is true? Right?

    • I like it, this blog would be boring without those very venezuelan words, tough I don’t know how the non-venezuelans can understand them, there should be glossary of some sort

    • The term “cadenas” has been explained several times in the past, and it’s explained in the first pages of their book (you should buy it to catch up…).

    • Or maybe you could kindly ask… A cadena is when the executive actually “chains” the broadcast TV and Radio networks in order to give a pressing message that should be of concern to the nation.

      Under Chavez that presidential power was used to push his rhetoric and lost its original significance.

  2. “Thus they in mutual accusation spent
    The fruitless hours, but neither self-condemning;
    And of their vain contest appeared no end”

    john milton

        • Gerry,

          “There was a time when meadow, grove and stream,
          The earth, and every common sight,
          To me did seem
          Appareled in celestial light,
          The glory and the freshness of a dream;—
          Turn wheresoe’er I may,
          By night or day,
          The things which I have seen I now can see no more.” -W.W

          • firepigette my dear friend.

            When I consider how my light is spent
            Ere half my days in this dark world and wide,
            And that one talent which is death to hide
            Lodg’d with me useless, though my soul more bent
            To serve therewith my Maker, and present
            My true account, lest he returning chide,
            “Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”
            I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent
            That murmur, soon replies: “God doth not need
            Either man’s work or his own gifts: who best
            Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state
            Is kingly; thousands at his bidding speed
            And post o’er land and ocean without rest:
            They also serve who only stand and wait.”

            By John Milton

            My Beloved Venezuela is in a “Holding pattern”

          • Gerry,

            There is a kind of state when we find our way, that makes it all worth while.I wish you all the best.

            “and I am waiting
            for the last long careless rapture
            and I am perpetually waiting
            for the fleeing lovers on the Grecian Urn
            to catch each other up at last
            and embrace
            and I am awaiting
            perpetually and forever
            a renaissance of wonder”

            L Ferlinghetti

  3. Venezuela is still a too macho-driven country for these guys and many common people to understand, accept and open up to sexual diversity, so I’m not surprised. This kind of discrimination to the LGBT community is very common in the day by day of the venezuelan society so why are we so in awe that these thugs are using it to attack the opposition? It’s just one more of their ways to keep instigating hatred to split the society.

    One thing that concerns me is that many people seem to be missing that the photos presented as proof of a “prostitution gay network” were private photos of a private party of what, 6 guys or so just having fun? To get them they obviously hacked into somebody’s system and stole the photos and made an interpretation of them as they wished.

    Are there any laws protecting the privacy of the people? Soon enough they’ll have a photo of somebody sleeping and they will say it’s proof of being drug abusing.

    This and the recording of MCM private visit to Carrera Damas are enough proof of what’s going on: everybody in Venezuela is naked and exposed to the G2’s wish.

      • syd – I saw Carreño say that and he is right. Your problema is that none of the opposition has been able to produce any eveidence whatsoever against any PSUV member for being involved in parties with gay and travesis paid for by Capriles’ number 2 – Osar López.

    • Agreed, and I can’t believe how so many people can buy that a bunch of pictures, however shocking they may be, are not proof of the crimes of corruption or running a prostitution network. If a bunch of gay dudes feel like hanging out and having an orgy, one may find it gross or impossible to watch, but it isn’t in itself wrongdoing. Even if they film it and keep it to remember the fun times it’s not a crime. Nobody should care and it shouldn’t be a problem and this is shameful and disgusting, if López enjoys gay swingers parties or orgies or whatever it’s up to him, not anybody else, unless chavism can actually come up with some form of documentation or testimonials regarding prostitution or corruption. The fact that people can get behind this bullshit that is being pulled right now, smokescreen or not, I find it sickening and disgusting and definitely sinks our society to a new low that makes the Bible Belt seem almost enlightened.

      • The photos presented actually reminded me of my university years and the parties 30 years ago. LOL!
        C’mon! Playing “botellita” or “quarter” (chapita?), with lots of drinking, laughs and daring involved were the common themes!
        Our bigger fear was our parents showing up in the middle of the party, not being filmed, photographed, or being prosecuted for it.

      • They don’t have anything against them Juancha. Those photos are not a gay orgy party, not that I know for sure since I never been in one, but I can tell you it’s a bunch of guys drinking and having a very antiseptic good time. I mean, they even looks as a bunch of “gallos” don’t you agree with me?. Kinda look like the guys who always got the good grades at school and they didn’t know how to party.

        The emails posted on perro carroña’s twitter are fake and anybody with a printer can verify what I am saying printing any email and compare it to those “proofs”.

        Maduro says that this is only the 1% (ha!) of what they have found that they cannot show because of modesty laws whatever they eat that with. Meaning, they have nothing.

        So much to talk about this all “corruption” scandal that not even la mamá de Chavez believes. *excuses to Gilber Rod but they are certain words I like to say in Spanish*

        • Oh, I fully agree! Seriously, for a gay orgy I would expect, at least, penises, not a bunch of dorks hugging with all their clothes on! What I mean is – even if they found 300GBs worth of naked orgy and genitals and drunken madness, last time I checked, being gay was legal, having gay sex was legal, and getting drunk off your ass and having stupid sex you will regret the next morning was also so fiercely legal that it is almost an institutionalised means of reproduction in this country, so no matter how many pictures and videos and sexy chats they find, all it does is embarrass our whole society and bring shame to our country. Seriously, what kind of people choose and enable a government that uses such vile slander to make their opponent “look bad”, and what kind of a people is it then if everyone either looks the other way or agrees with them? It’s just such sad days for our dignity 🙁

          • No one will go to trial for being gay. But people will go to trial for using narcodollars and US dollars from the US Envbassy. Wait and see but there is also an element of poaying for sex with underage adollescents on the cards. those are the potos and videos the DIM recovered from López’s apartment.

          • Arturo: “No one will go to trial for being gay. ” Are you suggesting that because no women are being taken to trial for being female, we can use their gender as an insult to those who will be taken to trial for something else?

    • It’s too bad we don’t have labor camps for people like you to be corrected thru cutting sugarcane. A few strokes of the whip would teach you some respect.

      Maduro or Death!

  4. what disturbs me is the possibility that the chavists may get away with this and that it may help them win the december elections, are the majority of the venezuelan people really that asshole to watch the AN and not get appalled or are they simply not watching this stuff and letting themselves be manipulated by the sicbi, the opposition needs a strong response against this sh*t

    • The only thing I can add to all this, is that an image is worth 10,000 words, and Emiliana’s photo from the New Yorker of Bert and Ernie with a paste of Carreño (Carroña certainly) with the rabid tirade (didn’t you noticed he almost lost his voice because how agitated he was) is priceless!

      Also, when I saw that maduro video with the chinese little old lady, is she gay? Must be very old school mind you. All I can hear while seeing this video was Carreño screaming full lungs with hatred almost no voice: “maricooooon”, so insane, play both at the same time in your mind please people do it.

      Point to notice to all of you the guy community was kinda not in their full mode in this video supporting toripollo, showing off like they do you know what I mean. Never ever seen gays or lesbian showing off their “sexo-diversidad” like that.

      Maybe because I travel often to San Francisco I am biased, I dunno.

      Kuddos for the one who mentioned this is a “performance”, it is one for sure, a bad one too.

  5. Only in Venezuela can you divide the LGBT community into the good gay Chavistas and the bad gay Opposition! Where talking about 5% of the population being gay and .5% transgender. In a country where there is little acceptance of gays, viewers of this cadena must have been going WHAT! Except as a topic of discussion while standing in line to buy food and TP, I doubt most cared. For some gay men, the sight of Maduro with his neat hair and big mustache, waving a rainbow flag, must have been just too much.

  6. Diosdado and others have repeatedly accused Capriles (with name and all) of planning to murder Maduro. Capriles has dismissed it all. Why hasn’t he demanded the Fiscalía to investigate and demand Diosdado proofs? Will the Judiciary do anything? No, but the point is to demand that with an open – and registered – letter to United Nations, the international media, etc.

    The same goes with accusations of organizing a prostitution ring.
    And the slurs against homosexuals: simply translate them and send them to media outlets abroad.

  7. I keep searching the Internet to answer the question of whether or not we, as a country, are royally screwed. I don’t know if CC is the place to get the best answer, but thank God for the insights. (Or maybe the Internet isn’t the place to search…)

  8. Creo que el tipo en el video dice: que la opsocion quiere declararse inocente ASI se demuestre lo contrario. Eso fue lo que yo entendi. Soy de oposicion, pero me parece importante traducir las cosas como son: ” they can be innocent even though the contrary is proven”.

      • Si claro, lo importante es la que todo esto no es mas que un reality show y de la mas baja calaña. Si realmente tienen algo por que acusar a alguien, deberian usarse instancias pertinentes, citarlos, llevarlos a juicio, que haya abogados, jueces, jurados, etc. Saludos!

  9. It’s the so not new political strategy of skillfully being on both sides of an issue, except that the Chavistas’ “performance” is deplorable and way too transparent (maybe not for el pueblo). Bill Clinton was the master in doing this, although he would have never touched this particular issue.

  10. I agree that even though this is a smokescreen, it is important to raise the issue of civil rights, dignity and reject homophobia. A good way of doing that would be if MUD deputies challenged PSUV to approve gay marriage and other anti-discrimination laws. If they are so peace loving and open-minded then they should prove it. The problem is that an important portion of the opposition itself is conservative and would not support it. Actually, this would be one of the best de-polarization strategies in Venezuelan politics.

    • I agree.
      I would add/start with a very active and strong campaign about violence against women, huge problem in Venezuela.
      Eradicate machismo and you’ll open the door to civil and gender equality.

      • Gewt your head around what is happening. There is or at least was an adolescent prostitution ring being run from the Gobernación de Miranda using “dirty money”. This is the investigation. Insulting gays is not good and in this case is a smokescreen since it pales in the face of these accusations. Hopw can you possibly not focis on what could be a case of child abuse and pornograpjy. Get real and stop making excuses for these morally depraved pieces of “s***-

        • No there is not a prostitution ring happening, no proofs whatsoever no investigation nothing, nada, yet… they haven’t come with anything credible my love. But yes, Carroña said “maricooooon” a gañote pelao with more rabies than a dog on national tv, under the LOPNA that guy must be prosecuted. Oh wait, he is not opposition he can do whatever he wants. Cuidado and he is not the pervert in this story.

        • Your lack of intelligence is showing while your ability to make wild accusations and jump to unsubstantiated conclusions gallops. Just another day for a chavista.

        • You’ll find no one as righteously indignant as one who sets up a kangaroo court with no hard evidence, while aiming to cover up the depraved waste of public funds and the perversion of public trust, precisely at a time when the most vocal public opposition is on holiday.

          I say, there’s a locked-up cat in here, or in the vernacular: aquí hay gato encerrao.

          Btw, welcome back, I assume from your duties as Cilia’s bag boy. Did you at least get to accompany her to Milan for yet another one of her weekend shopping sprees, on public funds? The least she could do for you, dontcha think?

        • Actually, we have yet to prove that you, Arturo, are not running a gay adolescent gay prostitution ring. I have pictures of you drinking in suggestive gay like costumes. I have separately heard that you might be involved in sex with underage male Thai prostitutes. What you put up your butt is your own business, but when it involves underage Thai boys then it is time for public justice. Until this is cleared up and your innocence is proven, you should step down from commenting here.

  11. The average venezuelan is less liberal on some of these first world ‘fine trigger’ issues than probably many of the people participating in this blog . This doesnt make them into raging homophobes, the spirit of tolerance is there but there is in the machista tradition no righteous sense of respect for people who flaunt their gayness , to come out for gay marriage in a moment when the country is battling for the defense of even the most rudimentary principles of civilized govenment itself seems frivolous and politically inconvenient , younger generations are more and more attuned to this sort of subject but many older people dont find it easy to adapt . these change in postures take time and there are more pressing topics on the table . Some of the photos whatever the terrible use made of them dont seem so innocent . If they had been photos of regime higher ups the independent press would be all over them !! The regime forgets how the dear defunct leader is said to have responded when some not so wholesome photos of a close relative where supposedly posted on the web !! The term cesspool accurately describes what extreme political polarization has made of our country.

      • I think the problem is that people don’t realize yet that being gay is not humiliating.
        What if the would have use the photos of an overweighed person as proof of food hoarding? Everybody would have laugh at it and dismissed it quickly.

        • the problem is that people don’t realize yet that being gay is not humiliating

          agree. and it’s hard for people to get a grip on present-day realities when:
          (a) most have been brought up under a very strict moral code that rendered gayness invisible, so to speak.
          (b) righteous outrage is the tone that accompanies the verbal lashings in a public forum.

          • Thinking a little more about it, Quico is right about something: this government (and the one before) is one of bullies. That is their way.

      • I think the issue is twofold, Quico. Certainly, the main thrust, pardon the pun, is the visceral humiliation tactics used to gain political control. But the choice of subject matter cannot be dismissed. More particularly when there’s a double-edged sword at play. For how else does one interpret this photo of one of the ‘verdugos’, his eyes shining brightly…?

        Vean esta foto de Pedro Carreño quien tanto critica la homosexualidad— Jose Rafael Marquina (@marquina04) August 15, 2013

      • Hey Toro, people like you deserve to be humiliated. there’s no other way your going to grasp the concept of just shut up and sit down.

      • Francisco is right : There are two overlapping issues and sometimes one tends to draw attention away from the one that really matters . Example : When Eligio Cedeño’s rights to due prosecution where being violated some people in the press ( friends of a relative) werent too incensed about his situation , they thought him a crook and didnt feel too motivated to defend his right to a fair trial . The real issue however was not whether he was a corrupt crook or not , but the fact that certain basic human rights were being violated !! The issue is not whether the PJ fellow is gay , but the use of his purported gay behaviour to anihilate his human dignity in order to humiliate and discredit all those which share his political views and thus impair their capacity to exercise their political rights .

      • No Francisco. It is about drugs, money laundering, fiscal evasión, adolescent prostitution and possible use of public funds to pay for parties. Nothing to do with gay issues as you say.

        Wait for the investigation to continue.

        • One good thing about arturo’s hallucinations is that he apparently believes “investigation is to continue”. Could that mean that the AG’s office is finally going to investigate the drug cartel allegedly run by high ranking officers (generals) of the Venezuelan armed forces? These guys have been seriously pointed at by authorities in the Empire; their USA visas cancelled… That’s no garlic peel (sounds nice in English, LOL). What about PUDREVAL? Will we finally see an investigation on this? Miranda authorities filed a ton of circumstantial evidence of plain corruption, theft, by Diosdado while he was governor of that state. Is arturo suggesting that these allegations will now be investigated under the government’s (I hate to use this word in reference to those now in power in VE) anti-corruption rally? That’d be really nice, R2ri2!! Maybe they can chip in rafael ramirez and his tejemanejes in PDVSA… By the way people: only in court can PROOF (PRUEBAS) be established. When someone presses charges against somebody at the police or fiscalía it is on the basis of INDICIOS (alleged evidence) which has to be turned into proof in court during a fair trial. So all this crap that the red MPs have shown is proof of nothing, its just hearsay, circumstantial evidence because it is subject to interpretation (they interpreted that the bunch of guys were having sex, but that does not show at all in the pics. And then again, nowadays pics can be seamlessly forged…). arturo, como dice Er Conde del Guácharo: “Oye, vale, por más que sea das pena…”.

  12. Ok, something else to my last reply lol…. I have never seen GAYS or lesbians with this carómetro shown in the video with Maduro. Ni una sonrisita pueh… I think the muchachonas stole that flag from somebody else. No gays btw I think only one on the back also with a giant carómetro. Do they know they are called gays for a reason???? :O I have to laugh about this, do everybody see it as clear as I do, hope so

  13. Know more about your two time loser presidential candidate.

    In 2000, Capriles was found by policeman Jesús Teodoro Hernández engaged in a sexual act (oral sex) with another man (this man was Capriles campaign manager, Armando Briquet) on a public road in his car. At the time Capriles was mayor of Baruta, a position which he then used to cover up the event, avoid any charges and have the policeman in question subjected to a disciplinary process. This information was all in fact released by Hernandez. Pedro Carreño produced a placard of the police report filed by Hernández in 2000 naming Carpriles and Briquet with their cedula numbers and showed it during Monday’s debate in the AN.

    Hernandez has stated that he wished to make the story public in order to clear his name and to halt the “barrage of threats” that he had been receiving. Why do you bloggers think that jokes go around saying that Capriles should marry Briquet? Nothing wrong with being gay bit performing oral sex on a public road is a crime.

    What a classy candidate Capriles is.

    • Mira mijo, que te quede claro, that in the case that this is true, which we all know it’s not since he is not homo, had a gf for a long time and etc, but let’s say they were for the purpose of your libelous accusation, and they were doing whatever they want, what is to anybody? Like you never had done anything on a car? You must be very ugly, cretin.

      • Well, at least we can agree that there’s absolutely no way to accuse Arturo of hypocrasy on this count… there is simply no way he could possibly have engaged in a sex act while in a car, with a man or woman. Doing it in a car is afterall a subset of sex in general.

        The rest of us on the other hand must be a bit more understanding.

        PS. I don’t know what Capriles did or did not do, but the fact the two sex scandals Chavistas have “discovered” are “coincedentally” gay scandals strongly suggests it is BS propaganda.

        • Not to mention what syd pointed out, than this forged event supposed happened many many years ago to a police name closely to jose gregorio hernandez…. yes the poor thing wanted to speak up but there wasn’t a chavista leader who noticed all those treats and took this to the public opinion and to the authorities, what happened to the state of freedom for the common man brought to you by mao tse chavez, right? where was lina? and the other crazy one, where were all those defenders of the people towards the ewil imperialist henrique turned tony soprano promising “a barrage of threats” to jose gregorio hernandez? Either you are hypocrites, morons, or utterly incompetent, I think all of those apply!

          See how you story is falling apart in pieces Arturo?

          It’s all so very clear you guys… glad you r so very mamarrachos, but this is not funny.

    • bwhahahaha,
      1. it took this government 12 years to produce a placard of the police report filed by Hernández in 2000, naming Capriles and Briquet in flagranti.
      2. no offense to Hernández if he’s telling the truth, but anyone who eagerly buys whatever another tells them is a fool. And that includes “testimony” from the police. I should know. After a public transit bus collided with my car, it took 5 hours for the reporting police to arrive — after a supervisor from the public transit company. I was in shock at the time. Months later when the case went to traffic court, I was appalled by the falsified drawing that the policewoman had made, completely contrary to what happened. She had me hitting the bus, instead of the other way around. Furthermore, the bus company couldn’t provide an invoice to attest to the damages that I supposedly caused the bus. Unbeknownst to these creeps, and in spite of not being of sound mind, I had my camera equipment with me and photographed the scene from my dashboard — completely destroying the “evidence” of positioning that the police had tried to create.
      3. you are one hell of an idiot, Arturo, if you so eagerly buy whatever your corrupt government tells you. Don’t you think you should be spending less time scapegoating and more time investigating that misuse of public funds? Or does the public not matter to you.

    • Was another witness not obviously a Chavista who reported what Capriles was or not doing? No. According to his report, this policeman found them at 1 am in a car in a deserted street, apparently after he went to the car and looked at the back of it. It was not the Papamobil, according to the report.

      Recently we have had here in Europe a couple of cases of politicians actually filmed while having sex in public: someone saw a Flemish politician leaning on the wall of a castle and a guy (I don’t know if the husband) on the back.
      People just could imagine what they were doing. There were some gossipy articles in the press and that was it.
      There was no one offended, you could just see them far away moving in a “funny way”. Another thing would be if people were showing their genitalia in public or in clear copulation act to people passing by.

      You are just so full of rubbish.
      Venezuela has the highest murder rate of Venezuela and that is so since Chavismo is in power.
      Over 21 billion dollars are missing from FONDEN, just an example.
      Give me a break

  14. I find it funny that Carreño went into his fiery tirade thinking he was going to get something out of it (A promotion maybe) By being more chavista than Chávez. Instead, he has ingrained -scratch that- BURNED, two things into the Venezuelan physique. First, thats hes a gigantic, homophobic bigot and second, it has once again made Venezuelans wonder to what depths is the PSUV willing to sink the country.

    Don’t get me wrong, he may still get some sort of prize for his “act”, I mean, how long did it took for Rangel Silva from saying: “The armed forces won’t accept a opposition victory” (Violating the constitution, mind you) To being promoted to defense minister? With that being said, Carreños homophobic remarks will live on as some sort of “chavista highlight” my generation would probably show their children saying “See? Thats what being a homophobic asshole means”

  15. De seguro que estе fragmento ԁe texto hha sido revisado
    ρoг lа gran ρarte ԁe los viewers, ԁе laa red ya ԛue se trata
    de algo un interesante párrafo ρara la construcción
    de actuales weblogs.


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