Bucaramanga Calling


ulibro-noticia-colombiaSo, I’ll be hawking the book at ULibro, la Feria del Libro de Bucaramanga in Colombia all next week.

Around for that?

Write in and and we’ll have coffee.

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  1. Next stop–Kalamazoo?? Seriously, your/groups’ book is excellent, as are your exemplary efforts on this Blog. All the best!

  2. Switching planes in Bogotá just now.

    Chamo, en Venezuela habrá escacez de toda vaina, pero aquí la cosa es mucho más agresiva: hay escacez de OXIGENO! wheez-wheeezh…recórcholis…my head’s still spinning…

    • Come on Kico, are you one of those Caraqueños that go to the Laguna de Mucubaji and start looking like a ghost after 10 min walking? … ha,ha 😛


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