Someone to watch over them

Limpiecita como un sol

Reading this great post by Setty, it strikes me that there is real ingenuity and entrepreneurship in Venezuela. It’s too bad it’s often used for things such as protecting the online reputation of the boli-bourgoisie.

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  1. Setty’s post was breathtaking! Anyone who hasn’t read it should go there now. It captures the very deep undercurrents of Chavismo, the corruption, the fraud.

  2. Brilliant stuff… I am in awe of the work of Setty, Alex Boyd and their kin (including CC), some may find flaws in their analysis but they deserve admiration for probing into the dark recesses of venezuelan white-collar sewage.

  3. This is, great work, just posted over at Setty’s that I will tweet to people at Google, they should be interested to know this. They are always trying to improve their algorithm to avoid black hat SEO practices… We should all do the same and maybe it will make their “work” more difficult

  4. Thanks so much for all the traffic! You sent me something like 1,000 readers with this little note. Thanks. My story had some effect, Google promptly knocked all the Carlos Diaz domains completely out of its search results — blacklisted, gone, not showing up at all. Never seen that before.


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