Why doesn't the opposition say more about Syria?

Getting some tips on how to deal with dissent.
Getting some tips on how to deal with dissent.

Nicolás Maduro is highly supportive of Syria’s dictatorial mass-murderer Bashar el Assad. He has sent subsidized diesel to Syria. At one point, there was even a nonstop Caracas-Damascus flight. Even now, the government is busy warning the US not to attack Syria, organizing rallies, writing “letters,” and basically covering Assad’s ass while saying nothing of the use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians.

Assad and Maduro? These guys are best buds. While he is enabling Assad’s chemical warfare machine, Maduro gets away with saying “we reject war and we say no to bombs, no to desolation, no to death” … with a straight face.

So why isn’t the opposition talking about this? It’s baffling.

Think of it this way: what, exactly, is preventing Nicolás Maduro from getting his hands on chemical weapons in the future? Scruples? Institutions? A sense that there are some lines he dare not cross?


Of course, Maduro is no Assad, at least not yet. But still, one would think that our opposition leaders would be interested in talking about this a bit more than they have. Instead, they offer a few sound bites, or simply scurry along and change the topic.

With his actions and his words, Maduro is lending support to a deranged nut who flaunts international law and uses weapons of mass destruction on innocent civilians. But it seems the opposition only wants to talk about hospitals having no gauze.

True, Capriles has tweeted a thing or two against Assad, but he has said nothing that comes close to a clear position on the Syria conflict, and Venezuela’s role in it. He needs to say more.