Why Communicational Hegemony Terrifies Me UPDATED

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The biggest drug bust in as long as anybody can remember goes down on a flight departing from Venezuela and this is what the State Media Conglomerate has to say about it.

Yup. Nothing. At all. Never heard of it. Never happened.

The notional news consumer who relies exclusively on SIBCI for his information would just never have known it happened. You might call that a somewhat churlish gedankenexperiment if it wasn’t for the fact that establishing SIBCI’s hegemony over people’s access to information is an avowed state policy goal. (In fact, inside the nation’s military barracks, that notional news consumer is very much alive and kicking.)

And to think, we have to take lectures on journalistic ethics from these people. Hell, even Aporrea does better!

UPDATE: 36-hours after the fact, SIBCI catches up with the story, only to shift-blame to the ‘Ndragheta immediately.

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