Dear @Forbes, do you realize what @HilaryKramer is using your brand for?!

Still not fired, for some reason...
Still not fired, for some reason…

Setty in full rant mode is a force of nature. A thing of beauty. A real joy.

Do not miss his epic takedown of the appalling Derwick fluff piece Hilary Kramer perpetrated on Forbes’s website yesterday. The offending piece is now taken down from the Forbes site but, of course, nothing is ever really deleted from the internet, and this one’s still live on the Chicago Tribune’s website.

A taste,

The issue here isn’t that she offended anyone. It’s that she supported a group of people who have made it their business to attack her fellow members of the press. That she ignored legitimate, well documented criticism. That she didn’t seek the slightest bit of outside comment. In short, she disappeared the facts that those of us in investigative reporting have dug up at our own expense, on our own time, in order to help the country she claims to love, this raped place called Venezuela. Instead of helping us expose the facts about what is happening there, she participated in a fraud, she participated in the cleansing of the reputations of a few of the thousands of people who have diverted billions of dollars from the people of Venezuela into the pockets of a very few rich bullies. If she really loves Venezuela, as I do, maybe she will make it right. Not by retracting this half-assed, poorly researched article, but by devoting much more effort to finding the truth about that place and helping the country recover.

But this snippet hardly does it justice. Just go over there and read it.

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