The smoking squirt gun


This is the video that proves, PROVES the expelled American diplomats are responsible for everything wrong in Venezuela.

Words fail me.

Extra points for the first reader to figure out where they pirated the soundtrack!

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  1. The lady has two bags, ergo, it is obvious the shady nature of all these subjects, the audio cue should be conclusive. Also, no one has any beards!

      • The unfortunate thing for you, syd, is that these gringos have no divine or legal right to be in Venezuela and can be expelled for any reason. We don’t have to prove anything regarding Noriega or Reich. The fact that Kelly is a gringa is reason enough to expel her. There is no appeals process here and the soonr the US Embassy is closed in Caracas as was the Israeli Embassy so mcuh the better. We don’t want terrorist states armed with nuclear bombs represented in our country.

        • Just what would your reaction be if any country expelled our ambassadors simply for being venezuelan? I suspect your double-standards would show.
          Russia is a state armed with nuclear weapons. China incidentally went nuclear a long time ago. May I remind you that Russia is also guilty of toppling foreign governments for ideological interests, since that seems to be a touchy subject for you. A little less preaching about what your party does not practice, if you please.

          • Listen, malnacido – Russia has not toppled anyone or bombed or attacked them. You are thinking of the USSR which is not the same but you are obviously ignorant of history. Yes, Russia has nukes but has not used them on defenseless civilian populations as your heroic US did on Hiroshima and Ngasaki. In addition, Russia is a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, whereas Israel is not and ,according to Jimmy Carter, has 150 nuclear bombs stored at Dimona.

            The only governments that would expel Venmezuelan diplomats are the US and Israel – but who needs those countries? We certainly do not and the sooner we break off all relations with the US the better.

            You are just a gringo loving US shill and should be ashamned of yourself for setting such a traitorous example to your malnacido children – if you have any!!

          • Oh, Arturo, I’ve been insulted by a better class of people than you in my lifetime…But you, you really went into full raving lunatic mode, huh? Guess I hit a nerve.
            So the USSR is in no way part of Russia’s history? Fascinating.
            Yes, you call me a gringo loving traitor for not being a complete becerro like yourself when it comes to diplomacy and just being plain rational, especially when it comes to US relations… yet you cite Jimmy Carter for your facts. Oh, man…Do you ever wonder how different your life would have turned out if you had received enough oxygen at birth?

        • Is there any point replying to this idiot, after his comment on acceptable discrimination of certain nationalities — whose diplomatic corps were accepted, as protocol dictates, by the host government, which is now very angry and in need of scapegoats, after its own canary sang to the DEA regarding illegal and damaging practices?

          • syd, show me a link to Isea’s declarations to the DEA? Not what has been written in El Nacional but his actual declarations and what he actuallt revealed.. You cannot – since he never declared to the DEA and it was just a false rumor put out by the opposition.

          • How come you don’t take what is in El Nacional as proof… that isn’t good enough… however, for the counter argument you don’t need proof at all. What a waste of time, don’t even know why I bother

    • Oh, my God! The head of the Venezuelan football team is also a traitor of the Vaterland.
      Look here how he meets and actually shakes hands with Keilly Keiderling:

      I find Kelly’s profile a wee bit weird She went to Russian language training and yet she went only to Kyrgyzstan, later she could only use her Russian secondarily in Moldavia (mostly Romanian-speaking in the capital), else she was mostly in places where no Russian is spoken at all. Unless she was shadowing the Russians in all those other places, it seems like a waste of resources.

      • Kepler,

        I don’t find the Russian language training unusual. She probably was sent to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. for six months just to pick up enough for her next assignment. She probably already spoke Spanish prior to joining the Foreign Service.

          • I am very aware of that. But I think she came to use it little if she was only in those places for so little time

          • Think of the timeframe involved – late 80’s/early 90’s.

            Foggy Bottom and Langley put emphasis on certain languages at that time, and Russian was a way to advance one’s career since they were the other half of the two world powers. A couple of years later, not so much.

            I recall that there were cutbacks in intelligence and diplomatic assets pointed at those countries and a good many of those people were redirected elsewhere.

            This is why you can, every so often, run into an older diplomat (40-60) who speaks English, Russian, and something wacky like Swahili, Telugu along with other newer career builders like Catonese/Mandarin or Arabic. There’s not a lot of structural unemployment in those circles.

          • Se nota la buena formación, en lo personal, lo académico y lo profesional, sin ningún narcisismo. A class act. Compare that to the look-at-me-I-have-a-chip-on-my-shoulder Eva Golinger.

          • Exactly how a diplomat should act. She appears friendly and concerned but does not shy away from mentioning the elephant in the room: drug traffic

  2. The ominous music and chorus in the background really scares me. 😉 So do the camera clicking sounds. All that work to tail needed scapegoats, and to publicly convert their talks into “el interés del Depto de Estado de fomentar acciones desestabilizadoras en el país…” all while Venezuela’s economy is in shambles…

  3. But one must admit, really good soundtrack indeed, very Stephen King-like… And the camera-shooter sound is just epic! And obviously, el cantor del pueblo so it looks like we are “Revolucionarios” and doing the right thing… Am I right?

    • It’s from the soundtrack for the movie Requiem for a Dream, directed by Darren Aronofsky. It’s called Lux Aeterna.

      • And actually they’re probably not “stealing” the song; TV channels usually have an open, year-long contract with the music industry to use whatever music they want, paying an annual fee. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Vaya usté a saber si estos lo cumplen.

        • I have no doubt the government is paying annual fees to the imperialistas for use of music. They may even pay an intermediary a commission to take care of it for them, right? not.

      • Yes, that’s a great track. Makes me want to watch Requiem for a Dream again.

        The music at the end (the synthesized piano mystery sounding music) is from some video game. I want to say alone in the dark, but I’m not sure. I’ve heard it playing some video game years ago.

  4. The Two Towers soundtrack? Really? Hey, VTV, 10+ million youtube videos about the 300 Spartans called, they want their music back.

    If you really want to make a video incriminating the US embassy of whatever flavor of the month crime you thought up, you should use something newer, like Call of Duty music, or If I may, Metal Gear music. Can you imagine a conversation between Capriles and Aveledo to this?

  5. The whole affair is fishy: the destabilizers subtly opted to travel in plain sight and use diplo vehicles thus to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes! And the blending-in protocol with suits and ties in Pto. Ordaz in a trasnsparent and unsuccessful effort thereby to give the utterly off-base impression that these shady practitioners were, in fact, diplomats doing their jobs, using their own names and all. One wonders where they they get this level of secret-behaviour training?

    • I think it was the reverse logic of using a peach-coloured pantsuit: a dead give-away of a covert operation gone underground. And the use of shopping bags to divert attention. Just brilliant.

  6. This is beyond ridiculous. For example, SEBIN no doubt filmed them very easily. Why do we know? Because SEBIN is also in charge of security for the Charge D’Affaires! How do they know what the US diplomats were discussing with oppo members? Bugs maybe? Look, diplomats everywhere establish contacts with all segments of society.

    One person I do not feel a shred of sympathy for is this clown: . Reciprocity means he just lost his job (chamba). So he is probably busy packing is bags as we speak.

    • And did you notice how SEBIN caught the licence plate, then reproduced it for the viewer of the video. How brilliant is that, huh? I tell you, we sure have some crackerjack investigators.

      • Presumably it says more of their estimation of the viewers intelligence (they think Venezuelans are complete morons and couldn’t follow the plot without it being spoon fed to them).

  7. The most amazing thing is that when the state the reason why they met, they cite: Desabastecimiento, crisis electrica, etc.

    Under the Maduro Doctrine, the being and meeting with the opposition makes you a conspirator.

  8. Incredible production! Six months in the making. I can’t read Spanish well, but after watching this classic, I do now understand why they are all guilty. Anybody who can produce this nonsense and put it out there for display, is guilty as hell.

      • If you decided to be an honest commenter, you would realize that
        A) They met at the offices of Sumate, but with members of civil soceity and charities, not with Sumate

        “”Cuando fuimos al estado Bolívar solicitamos una reunión con el gobernador Rangel Silva, pero él no se encontraba. También pedimos reuniones con los alcaldes de Puerto Ordaz y Ciudad Bolívar. Ese trabajo es idéntico cada vez que salimos”, comentó”.

        • Roberto – don’t be so naive. Do you think that these people would ever admit that they were going to meet Súmate? They have never admitted that they finance the opposition and there is sufficient eveidence under the Freedom of Information Act that the opposition receives vast sums from the US via NED, USAID and the State dept.

          In fact it does not really matter what they did and who they met. They are OUT and so much the better for us. Not for you who really want Venezuela to be a US colony again.

          I am an honest commentater. The fact that what I write does not suit your standpoint is orrelevant.

        • Actually Arturo, they have admitted to meeting with Sumate before, as well as with other members of “civil society” including businessmen, teachers, union leaders, politicians, religious leaders and other actors. Nothing wrong or sinister in that.

          Using your same faulty logic, if Maduro had met with those folks in the Bronx he and the 147 useless hangers on that he travelled with should have been expelled from the US.

          Thank goodness he turned tail and came home instead!!

          • The difference is Roberto is that none of the social groups in the Bronx are trying to discredit or overthrow the Obama administration whereas the opposition groups are being fundedf by US NGO’s (NED, USAID etc.) to overthrow the Maduro regume in any way posible. There is plenty of evidence via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that the opposition has received millions of dollars over the years.

            I am sure that if we were in the 1960’s and the Venezuelan diplomats had had meetings with the Black Panthers, they would have been expelled from the US.

            Remember, the opposition has planted bombs a few years ago in Caracas (Colombian and Spanish consulates plus the Caracas Teleport Building as well as assassinating Danilo Anderson and killing 19 people on April 11 2002), so we are dealing with terrorists here and the US is cavorting with terrorists just as it protects them in its own country – the Colina brothers, Posada Carrilesto name but three.

            Also, and for your information, there is a recording referred to by Maduro yesterday where, in one of the meetings with the gringos, someone said that the plan was to turn Bolívar state into “Benghazi”. I asume that you understand the implications of such a statement.

            We don’t need the US in Venezuela or any of its representatives since all that they have done since the 2002 coup is cause problems and dissention here.

            And a direct question for you – did you agree with the attempt to oust Chavez in 2002?

  9. OT: Part of me (y’all know what part, we all have it) is kinda disappointed that the US shutdown didn’t happen with Chávez around. it would’ve been golden to see him offer to fund, say, the Washington Zoo or the janitors at NASA or something crazy like that.

  10. That song is in the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream, one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen.
    It seems like every year or so this government likes to expel US diplomats to rile up the base. At least Chavez was much better at chosing the right reasons and timing so as to appear somewhat justified. This video and the explanation for these actions just seem pathetic

  11. I’ve always advocated that if you wanted to know what Chavez was going to do, just look at Castro’s playbook (also known as dictator for dummies). Funny I never imagined that if you wanted to know what Maduro would do, just look at Chavez playbook. Reflect on past election run ups, note the routine and forecast the future. Easy. Someone should make a checklist of things to do in a run up and tick them off as we go along, just for fun. One of them would be “kick some imperialists out of the country for conspiracy with opposition.”

  12. Arturo,

    I think you would agree Russia is NOT a democracy.
    Legislation on NGOs there has been modified in a very similar way and at about the same time as in Venezuela. And yet: NGOs in Russia had more “financial liberty” than NGOs in Venezuela. Now Russians are trying to make the laws as strict as in Venezuela with regards to foreign financing (already now people at Amnesty International and other such organisations have to register as “foreign agents”, with all the consequences of that).

    And yet: the international media has only talked about the hard situation of NGOs in Russia,
    Venezuela’s situation has mostly gone under the radar. It seems as if Eva Gollinger and someone in Russia were copying each other’s ideas.

    Russia has a much better Internet penetration than Venezuela (well, not hard: almost everyone has). And there you have channel Dozdhd’, the only critical TV channel still on air in Russia. And there you have Ksenija Sobchak interviewing THE AMBASSADOR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    Do you think Putin should expel Mr Michael McFaul…or only send Sobchak to the same place where they have Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, of Pussy Riots?

    I am only curious about what Chigüire Bipolar does now.

    Meanwhile, the only general hospital my big big city Valencia, built over 40 years ago, has NO WATER. Meanwhile my nephew’s children in Guacara and Valencia cannot get all the textbooks because they are too expensive (in Texas pupils get them from the State)
    and whole regions of the region have to go through very long blackouts because of what the Venezuelan government calls “maintenance”.
    Last but not least: the number of Venezuelans who die murdered in 6 weeks in Carabobo is higher than the number of Venezuelans who got killed in the Battle of Carabobo.

    Pero tenemos Patria, no?

    • Los enchufados( fuera y dentro del Chavismo) tienen ” PATRIA”,pero los que no son enchufados tienen algo muchisimo mejor: La Dignidad

    • Yes Kepler. Keep on ranting. No one is denying that Venezuela has many problems to resolve but not with the sort of free market economics you want to apply.

      Your story about the main hospital in Valencia not having any water is just bullshit. And you know it. Maintenance porcedures can cause water to be suspended for a few hours but no water at all – are you that stupid to believe it?

      If your nephew’s children went to a state school, they would receive all the textbooks free of charge and a Canaima computer. The text books are so expensive since they are imported by speculators whom you support as a free marketeer.

      Of course there is a problem of violence in every state in Venezuela, especially Miranda with three times the national average and presided over by el marico y asesino Capriles. But that will not get your right wing parties elected as they were the cause of it importing paramilitaries and ilegal arms.

      BTW – where is Capriles? He has been silent for almost two weeks. In the US getting instructions from his handlers and paymasters at Langley I guess.

      Of course Russia is a democracy. Putin won the elections as Obama and Maduro did. So what are you ralking about?

      So what if NGO’s have to register in any country. Each country has its own rules and regulations and they have to be respected. Otherwise the NGOs can go home. They have no God given right to do whatever they want and wherever they want.

      Change of topic: the closing of the US Embassy gets closer now that the US has expelled three of our diplomats.

      Mejor tener Patria que ser colonia, Kepler.

      • We are well in our way to be a colony. In fact we are more a colony today than we were before. We have never been so dependent in imports as we are today.

        The russians and the chinese and not the americans are plundering Venezuela and you want to look the other way.

        No one here favors intervention of any sort. No one here is arguing in favor of US intervention. We argue for good relationships with the US, and one can hardly establish such relationship when in a so call democracy, an attache can meet with NGOs and political leaders.

        With China not all is bad. There are many good and sustainable chinese companies doing business in Venezuela. We should foster a good, mutually beneficial relationship with them as well, but we don’t have that now.

        We are now not charging China ISLR in their Iron exploitations.

        I think you are right Arturo, mejor patria que colonia, but you are barking at the wrong tree.

        I agree with you that I rather have a self determined nation than one that has no control over its own destiny. I think we have been for the longest time, at least for 14 years, right? If so, the state in which we are in, it is our own doing, and we should recognize it.

  13. From wikipedia: “Lux Aeterna” (pronounced [lʊks ɛtɛrna]; Latin for “eternal light”) is a composition by Clint Mansell, the leitmotif of a movie from 2000, Requiem for a Dream, and the penultimate piece in the Requiem for a Dream score. The popularity of this piece led to its use in popular culture outside the film, most notably in film and teaser trailers, such as Sunshine, and multiple remixes and remakes by other producers.
    A version of the track was re-orchestrated with a choir and full orchestra for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers trailer[1] and was renamed “Requiem for a Tower”. It was arranged by Simone Benyacar, Daniel Nielsen, and Veigar Margeirsson. Although never intended for release, after considerable demand by fans this piece was made available as part of the Requiem for a Tower album release from Corner Stone Cues.[2] The Requiem for a Tower version served as the theme for Sky Sports’ Gillette Soccer Saturday during 2008 and 2009.

    I am quite tempted to include this video in the wikipedia entry 🙂

  14. From the VZA embassy in DC this morning……HAHAHAHA!
    In a statement, the Venezuelan government rejects remarks by the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas and “repudiates the expulsion of Chargé d’Affaires Calixto Ortega Ríos of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington as well as Second Secretary Mónica Sánchez and Consul Marisol Gutiérrez of the Consulate of Venezuela in Houston. This cannot be considered a reciprocal decision, observing the unequivocal conduct of our functionaries, who have not dared at any time to sustain meetings with groups who are against the Government of President Barack Obama or with persons interested in acting against the U.S. Government.”

  15. Here is the offcial position on Kelly after her excuses:

    El Gobierno de Venezuela rechazó categóricamente las declaraciones de la funcionaria, a través de un comunicado emitido por el ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Venezuela, en el que manifiesta que “estas declaraciones son una confesión de la abierta injerencia en los asuntos internos de Venezuela, por lo que la funcionaria fue declarada como persona no grata”.

    Goodby Kelly and don’t come back!

    • Trolls should be ignored, of course, pero este carajo es beyond the pale. Why does it bother you (and your bleeding red buddies) that American diplomats met with Venezuelan NGOs but not that Cubans are the ones leading policy-making (such as it is) and military strategy design (again, such as it is)? Why does one imperialist bother you but not the other? El complejo de inferioridad que tienen es arrecho.

      A los japoneses les lanzaron no una sino DOS bombas atómicas y los carajos son tan arrechos que reconstruyeron todo – con ayuda gringa, por cierto – y hoy en dia son el aliado más cercano que tiene EEUU. Bombas atómicas, pana, y eso sin mencionar la destruccion total de varias ciudades, incluidas Tokyo y todas las demás ciudades grandes del país.

      • Y el imperio sigue lanzando bombas sobre civiles inocentes matando mujeres, hombres y niños. En 12 años han matado millones de personas y que apoyas esas acciones. Eres igual.

        Fuck the US diplomats. They open the path for the military and the US bothers me since it is the only country ready to invade Venezuela as ut has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so on as we happen to possess the biggest proven oil reserves in the world.

        Look at the following list copied from Wikipedia – the US is always interfering in or invading other countries and this is just from 1945 onwards – it had a previous century of invasions before that.

        2.2 Syria 1949
        2.3 Iran 1953
        2.4 Guatemala 1954
        2.5 Tibet 1955–70s
        2.6 Indonesia 1958
        2.7 Cuba 1959
        2.8 Democratic Republic of the Congo 1960–65
        2.9 Iraq 1960–63
        2.10 Dominican Republic 1961
        2.11 South Vietnam 1963
        2.12 Brazil 1964
        2.13 Ghana 1966
        2.14 Chile 1970–73
        2.15 Argentina 1976
        2.16 Afghanistan 1979–89
        2.17 Turkey 1980
        2.18 Poland 1980–81
        2.19 Nicaragua 1981–90 2.19.1 Destablization through CIA Assets
        2.19.2 Arming the Contras

        2.20 Cambodia 1980–95
        2.21 Angola 1980s
        2.22 Philippines 1986

        3 Since the end of the Cold War 3.1 Iraq 1992–96
        3.2 Afghanistan 2001
        3.3 Venezuela 2002
        3.4 Iraq 2002–03
        3.5 Haiti 2004
        3.6 Gaza Strip 2006–present
        3.7 Somalia 2006–07
        3.8 Iran 2005–present
        3.9 Libya 2011
        3.10 Syria 2012

        And you think that we should accept interference in our internal affairs and people like you support the war criminal state called the United States of America? You are unbleievable and you have the gall to criticize me for objecting to US diplonatic interference in Venezuelan internal affairs.

        You, my friend, are supporting genocide if you support the US. Does it feel good?

        • The Soviet Union, which was basically a creation from Russia (yes, even if Stalin was born in Georgia and Lenin talked about internationalism) invaded as many countries as the USA.
          And Soviet communism was responsible for dozens of millions of murders.

          • Arturo chupándose el dedo, como gran inocente. O quizás no es más que un ignorante, nunca habiendo leído la historia de agresiones por parte de estados comunistas y comunistoides.
            Pick up a book, sometime, Arturo, to delve into topics, beyond what you read in manipulated or easy sources. And hint: check on the invasions of Russia/Soviet Union, China, and (gasp!) Cuba. What fantasy world do you inhabit?

  16. Maybe from a political manouvering cum psychiatric point of view we can ‘understand’ the govt’s expelling of the 3 US diplomats . Chavismo always resorts to histrionically scenified confrontation as a way of positioning itself away from those problems it cant handle ( part of the legacy of Chavez mental pathologies which Maduros govt has inherited ) . But from a purely logical point of view the govt has unwittingly been a helpful cooperator of the US govt in furthering its international agenda.
    1.- By destroying Venezuelan internal capacity to supply its own need of many staples and products ( including oil product components ) its fostered a growth in US imports to Venezuela .
    2.- Although the US increase in Oil production is making it increasingly less dependent on oil imports , Venezuela is maintaining a volume of exports which is still substantial ( some 700 thousand bls per day ) .
    3.- Because of US and EU sanctions against Iran , China and India have seen a need for increasing their oil imports from other sources, Venezuela has helpfully provided the shortfall in Iran Oil imports to these countries by replacing them with deliveries of Venezuela Oil .
    Wonder what will happen once the US becomes more self sufficient in its oil needs and if Iran manages to patch up its differences with the EU and the US and starts to reclaim its old role as supplier of oil to Iran and India .

  17. These diplomats were most definitely meeting with the opposition to sabotage the electrical grid. They were probably meeting in back rooms training entire commando units composed of iguanas to sneak into power plants and fry themselves on the transformers. Oh, and don’t forget their comrades-in-arms, the clouds, those fifth-columnist bastards just floating over the national territory who refused to rain a couple of years ago and brought electrical production to a grinding halt. These bloody gringos have harnessed the very forces of nature against the Revolution!

    Yes, I’m fairly sure the gringos have at least one CIA man at the embassy in Caracas. That being said, why do physical sabotage against a system that is so great at sabotaging itself?

  18. Anyone want to make a betting pool: How long until the likes of Arturo start blaming the Chinese for all of Venezuela’s problems?

    It’s only a matter of time, when China is the number one source of imports to Venezuela and most Venezuelan oil is flowing to China out of Chinese owned oil production facilities manned by Chinese workers and gold is flowing to China out of Chinese run mines alongside iron for Chinese steel mills from Chinese owned iron mines, how long until Neo-Chavez comes along and starts ranting against the “Yellow Imperialists,” followed by people with lists of countries China has intervened in since 1949 (The Korean War, Taiwan, Vietnam, The Soviet Union, India, Vietnam, Vietnam, Taiwan, The Soviet Union, Liberia, Sudan, Congo, Haiti, and numerous covert operations).

    PSUV deputies are already complaining about Chinese merchants and workers. It won’t take long for resentment and hatred to take hold and the locus of hatred to move to a target ripe for expropriation.

      • We must remember that Chinese companies often dont come into these projects alone , that they often have local subcontractors owned by regime friendly interests who have need of certain ‘rewards’ to ‘help’ the project out. The demands of these subcontractors can be very high and the cummulative taxes applying to these projects may make it more difficult for the chinese companies and their subcontractors to make the profit they expect thus the need for these special tax privileges . Of course its all for the good of the country !!

  19. You are not sleeping in a perfectly healthy
    manner. Never think of the Jodi Arias trial is receiving nationwide attention and
    supporters of his ‘wild man’ image. You yourself take meazurement and give it to me, Mary was a hero and I have done a
    lot of talk about arming teachers.


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