Things that you cannot make up, part 17,286

Just BsF.14,000. Bet you can sell the metal for more than that! (see previous post.)
Just BsF.14,000. Bet you can sell the metal for more than that! (see previous post.)
Alerta, alerta,
Alerta que camina
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    • A ratos pareciera que tenemos no una patria sino varias , que la patria que conociamos y que queriamos se ha desdoblado pariendo avatares que nos repelen y averguenzan , Es nuestra patria realmente la misma patria enchiquerada y puteada que con tanta cursileria evocan Maduro o Jaua ??.El investigador neurologico Ramachandran escribe sobre el crabgrass syndrome , un sindrome psicologico que aflige las victimas de lesiones cerebrales y que hace que una persona deje de reconocer una persona querida como la persona misma y autentica y la vea como una impostora. Asi estamos los venezolanos , esa patria no es la mia aunque se le paresca , de algun modo la siento extrana y ajena !! Perdonen el espanol pero esto no es para musiues.!!

  1. “So do you have papers, certificate of authenticity for this sword?” “Um, no. because I stole…er..I mean, I lost.. um….. it belonged to…err.. I got it from my dead great aunt Josefa´s second husband who left it to me in his will.” ( And if you stop asking questions Il throw in this nice box of meat I got from a truck, free of charge).

  2. So… O.T., but I was wondering if any of you fellow chroniclers would be interested in this
    It is a MOOC by the university of Michigan about electronic and internet voting, they describe it like this: “In this course, you’ll learn what every citizen should know about the security risks–and future potential — of electronic voting and Internet voting.” I was hoping to form a venezuelan study group. Starting tomorrow!!

  3. Its a minor replica, its not an official BCV one. Size also says it all, per description of the seller the box is 35 centimeters long (an infantry sword of the time was topping the meter long). so It must have been some series of commisioned gifts to military personel. I higly doubt its gold plated,

  4. I keep a red velvet box with mi dad¨s beautiful ¨Condecoración Francisco de Miranda¨, 1er grado; which he solemnly wore to Casa Amarilla on occasions when the invite read ¨Frac y Condecoraciones¨, and they ment something special. For a long time now, swords and decorations are just Party Favors (and frac is probably a bad word among them)


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