Bolívares! Bolívares! (UPDATED: Maduro loses)

In what has to be a first, the promotional video for Ciudad Bolívar’s sure-to-be-doomed candidacy for the 2019 Panamerican Games consists, mostly, of a jingle praising our currency.

After seeing this well-made video, complete with happy SOE workers clad in red, a bunch of shots of not-Ciudad-Bolívar Puerto Ordaz, beauty queens, and waterfalls, tons of waterfalls, only one thing will remain in your head: Bolívares! Bolívares!

The announcement will be made tomorrow. Santiago, Lima, and La Punta are also competing.

Update: Lima will host the games. Maduro loses. This candidacy was a chavista capricho, so I’m glad to see them lose. They’ll have to find some other boondoggle with which to syphon away public funds.