Communicational hegemony = fun with numbers

Pro-government website Noticias 24 had an interesting headline this morning:

Noticias 24In other words, Venezuela was one of the countries in Latin America that received the highest numbers of Foreign Direct Investment. At least that’s what Noticias 24, with the help of AFP, claims, citing a report by the ECLAC.

I scratched my head at that one, so I went to the original source. Guess what? It’s exactly the opposite. See the source table for yourself:

CEPAL IEDThe table says that in the first semester of 2013, Venezuela’s FDI investment was behind that of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and only slightly larger than that of Panama.

News is information alright. Thanks to this, I am now informed that the pro-governemnt tools at Noticias 24 can’t be bothered to properly read a table.