Make gas a priority

Not gonna happen any time soon
Not gonna happen any time soon

Reading this story on the latest goings-on in the liquified natural gas market, I keep thinking back to 1990, the first time I heard about “Proyecto Cristóbal Colón.”

Venezuela has enormous reserves of natural gas, particularly off its Eastern shores. Decades have gone by, and thanks to populism, lack of clear rules for investment, and simple thuggery, the gas remains there, untapped.

It’s as if we had thousands of public schools, scholarships, or R&D grants sitting on the ocean floor, waiting to be surfaced. And yet we dither, and dither, and dither some more.

Think of what LNG could do to impoverished communities in Sucre and Delta Amacuro. Once this nightmare is over, we need to make LNG a priority, damn the torpedoes.


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