Halloween Special, cont.


Doubling down…

Subtle, guys, real subtle...
Subtle, guys, real subtle…

And…am I the only one annoyed that these people clearly don’t know what the word ‘trilogy’ means?

[Hat tip: Emi.]

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  1. Holy effin´ photoshop skillzzz!!

    This is going well beyond those classical stupidity paroxisms by Chabe and Bros. What else waits in line?, an animated series?, a trilogy maybe?.

    Absolute bonkers, cannot wait until our criollo Goebbelitos put their hands over some serious CGI studio to produce such magnificent work of art.

          • In the U.S., it was yesterday. But, still, it is close enough that it could have been part of the thinking for it to be a spoof.

          • Yeah, I’m thinking that this would make an take on the “holiday” season. This sort of thing is wholly apropos. Quite clever too.

            Fun fact: In El Norte, Halloween is the second most commercial holiday in the country.

            Don’t know if that says much about the Empire and its priorities, but it is nonetheless true.

  2. “Trilogia”: Thanks! I was wondering about that, but thought it might just be my Spanish. Octavio is correct that Triumvirate would be the correct word, technically, but Trinity has religious overtones, and when you add “del Mal”, it makes it nearly Satanistic. But, Trilogia? Que ignorancia!

  3. “Bad publicity is better than no publicity.” What better way to focus attention on the opposition than to put posters up all over Caracas with their images. For one, it lets Venezuelans know exactly who the Chavistas fear and who is against Maduro. When elections occur, I would hope that the Chavistas do it all again. If the opposition were nobodies, Chavismo wouldn’t bother with this crap.

    There is never a need to photoshop Maduro’s image to make him look bad. Mad Maduro is fat out-of-shape with a mustached round face that projects a stupid thuggish look. He dresses funny and wears loose track suits (even to funerals or to talk to the AN) to hide the fat.

    Maduro is not as young, vibrant, and good looking as MCM, Capriles, or Lopez. Venezuelans put a premium on good looks and it is not Maduro.

  4. Apparently nobody trick or treats on this street.

    Now we know.

    We have too much candy.

    Next year I am dressing up as Santa with a big kettle of candy and giving it away in front of a store or something.

  5. In English “trilogy” would not be incorrect, so perhaps the poster was translated from the work of a hired foreign gun.

    • Trilogy definition: a series of three novels, movies, etc., that are closely related and involve the same characters or themes.

      Sorry. There is no way to stretch the definition of “Trilogy” to fit the meaning in the poster.

      • Roy: “no way”.


        3. a group of three related things.

        a group of three related things:
        a trilogy of cases reflected this development

      • Mark: “more incorrect than in Spanish”.


        3. a group of three related things.

        a group of three related things:
        a trilogy of cases reflected this development

    • Kepler,

      This article says that Twitter shut down the accounts of 6 million users in Venezuela, targeting the Chavistas. My google search came up with nothing. What is that all about? Invented nonsense?

      • Roy,

        If by “invented nonsense” you mean nonsense that was produced with a specific purpose in mind: I am not sure. It might be simply spontaneously generated nonsense, or nonsense emanating from Chavistas’ weird neural structures.

        I do happen to keep track of Twitter followers.
        Maduro’s main account had 1 415 374 followers 22 October 2013.
        Today it had 1418903.
        If they lost 6000 sometime in between (not 6 million), it might only be because Twitter detected fake accounts. Else, it’s just rubbish.

        In any case: the cancer therapy is not working in Valencia’s public hospital and not all children are getting even the very crappy textbooks Madurismo offers now…and yet Maduro’s government team has only eyes for Twitter. They are just a bunch of idiots.

    • Gooosh, I just want to know how come Capriles, Lopez and Machado who clearly are outside the executive government are behind all the ineptitude problems inside of the Chavista government? :O

      The paranoid twitter rant is simply too schizophrenic. Can’t people see it? Or they really believe this bullshit?

  6. Its clear that the regime could never own up to being the creators of these posters , their manouver was too gross , so they had to issue adamant public denials and accuse the ‘fascist’ opposition of being their originators to heat up the poltical climate against the regime. Shows them to have very twisted minds . The posters make it easy for the depitcted oppo leaders to declared themselves the victims of a defamation campaign , and in this country only the govt can hold the high moral ground of being victimized .


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