Sounds Like They've Thought This One Through


'ta bien, coño, quédate con el celular...verga, tampoco era pa'tanto...
‘ta bien, coño, quédate con el celular…verga, tampoco era pa’tanto…
Now Nicolás Maduro wants to spread anti-aircraft guns through the hillside slums around Caracas. What could possibly go wrong with that?

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  1. The US military of 1935 would have been POWERLESS against those! Today’s? Not so muchOn the other hand, if Diosdado tried any of his military tricks against the Armed People, this equipment may prove useful.

    • The Caracas of Ghosts is probably the Eternal Commandante’s autoerotic dream of what the city should be. I’d include Maduro, but somehow, I think he lacks the imagination to conceive it.

  2. How much might be willing to pay the FARC or the Mexican Cartels for those? Where you see problems some people might be seeing business opportunities.

  3. Ack Ack guns installed on moutains throughout the land? an entire nationm literally at cannon foot! It’ll surely impact the flow of tourists if this ever gets out!

  4. Lets see. Barrios: places where there are horrendous security and violence problems. Lets install millions of war machine there to remind them than imaginary paranoid-related violence is much more important than real one.

  5. Geez. This underscores THE chavista security policy failure: prioritizing the Military over the Police.

    Venezuelans aren’t being killed by marines, we’re being killed by criminal gangs.

    Had they said that they were going to get a Russian loan to put a Police Station in every slum in the country, with 30 fully equipped police officers per station, and 24/7 patrolling, there would be broad support for the measure.

    But no, it’s all about planes, tanks and missiles. And the glacing on top is that they either give the guns to the criminals directly (Bolivarian Circles, Bolivarian Militia), or they just fail to have proper inventory and control of guns (I’m looking at you National Guard).

  6. Let us hope that the military quashes this notion, in favor of maintaining their monopoly on heavy arms. I am much more concerned about such weapons in the hands of the various “colectivos” (criminal gangs) than I am the military.

      • Kepler,

        Kalisnikovs are one thing. Those are still “small arms”.

        This is a different level of armament that would threaten the military’s ability to enter these areas against resistance. I don’t think this will be permitted.

        • I highly doubt malandros would be able to use anti-aircraft defense systems, since this ones would probably be guided missile bateries which necesarily need training. However, if they mount AA systems that involve, say, Old Oerlikon 20mm cannons, well what the fuck. Those dont need much training. and certainly would severly hamper the military in case they would try to take the barrios by assault. Anyway, either SAMs or guns, its a bad idea

  7. if there was ever a chance in hell that this could eventually happen, I would be worried… but come on, this is chavismo we’re talking about: I have no doubt that a budget will be set aside for this, and millions of dollars will eventually end up in someone’s pockets, but no anti-aircraft gun will be installed anywhere in Caracas…

    BTW, we are all aware that Maduro has been talking out of his ass non-stop since yesterday, and will continue to do so for the next few days, only to draw attention away from the October inflation number (+5.1% for the frigging month) and keep us talking about atomic bombs in Cúpira or whatever the hell the Cubans can think of, right? anyone? Bueller?

      • I totally want to see an update rubbing it in! As I recall, Weisbrot pointed to a two month decline as proof that complainers like Quico were offside. I want to see his butt kicked! For posterity!

  8. The level of absurdity here is off the charts. People in other countries seriously wouldn’t believe the schemes that come out of this government.

  9. Local criminals wouldn’t be able to handle this guns since probably they would be guided missile systems so that isn’t really a concern. However, im pretty sure that locating military defense systems inside populated areas is ilegal, of cuestionable honor and surely dirty. Not to mention, fucking unusefull, and the last in a long series of mockery against the poor.

  10. When was the last time an “enemy warplane” flew over Caracas?


    The next step will be to allocate several $billion to pay colectivos and motorizados to act as tiger repellents. It will be completely successful in keeping tigers out of Venezuela.

    • If they use 20 mm cannon or .5 inch guns were do you think all those proyectiles are going to fall ? In outer
      space ? It does not take a genius to figure out all the “friendly fire casualties” thay are going to happen

  11. Jesus fucking Christ…what the fuck is going on here? Oh, wait…it’s Venezuela we’re talking about…smfh…where is little Eva? Oh, never mind…


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