The Communicational Hegemony Cookbook

A pernil! A pernil! My kingdom for a pernil!
A pernil! A pernil! My kingdom for a pernil!

Step 1. Invite journalists to your military base to cover your revolutionary leg-of-pork giveaway.

Step 2. Let your giveaway turn into a complete fiasco, with skirmishes breaking out in the very long, very skittish line for pork, as people start pushing and shoving, ignoring the military police and some make an outright grab the pork obtained minutes earlier by people ahead of them in line.

Step 3. When, witnessing all this, one of the photojournalists you have specifically called to witness the event starts to do his job, send not one, not two, not five, but EIGHT soldiers to beat him up. Add a brigadier general on choking duty, for good measure.

Step 4. Realize that, “wait a minute, that guy was using a camera…in an army base!” Threaten to indict him for photographing a restricted military zone.