Clandestine capitalists

Work hard so you can earn a living.

Buy cheap, add value, and sell for a profit.

Take a risk, and reap the rewards.

These are all basic precepts of capitalism. But they are also very widespread, because they are an integral part of human nature.

Yet in today’s Venezuela, these values are downright subversive, so much so that during this onslaught against human (not capitalist) values, opposition politicians have simply refused to defend the rights of entrepreneurs.

The only eloquent defense of these basic human rights, the only vivid response to this agression by the men with guns and their Cuban masters … comes from humble businessmen and their workers, as this grainy, semi-clandestine video shows. (HT: cacr210)

The day will come, chavistas, when you too will reap what you sow. That’s just the way the world works.