Fired for putting public Central Bank data on the front page of a business newspaper

Up with this we shall not put…

The crony takeover of Cadena Capriles claims its first big scalp. Omar Lugo has just been fired from his job as Editor of El Mundo Economía y Negocios for the grievous offence of…copying data from the BCV’s website and pasting it onto the front page of his newspaper.

Turns out Venezuela is so much not having a current account problem that BCV international reserves are at a nine year low, having fallen by half since 2009 and by nearly $9 billion this year alone. With a current account surplus like that, who needs deficits?

Oh, and just one thing to add:

Lugo deserves big kudos for doing it right and forcing his unscrupulous new bosses to fire him rather than taking the lame-o way out  by resigning, and getting your bosses off the hook in the process. Forcing them to fire you merely for doing your job is how you make a point in a situation like this: that’s how you underline the journalistic bankruptcy of the cronies that bought up your paper.