The first casualties of the war on corruption

Will this be enough?
Will this be enough?

Yes, there is a war on corruption. Why, just to show it, big fish are falling left and right! Setty has the details.

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  1. The rank-and-file are always the ones to take the fall, but the big fish get away and in the case one of them gets caught, it just slips away surrounded in mystery and nothing else happens.

    One recent example: Temir Porras. He got sacked and then nothing. End of story.

    • And is not only corruption per se. As Minister of Health Eugenia Sader negligently failed to renew the maintenance contracts of radiotherapy equipments. As a consequence of her actions, several people died. No one (not even from the opposition) is asking from her to be prosecuted.

  2. Out of so many hundreds of thousands, I wonder how they decide who will be the sacrificial goats…? I mean, is it random, or do you really have to piss someone off?

  3. There was a conviction in New York last week of a venezuelan banker corruptly directing funds from Venezuela put not a peep from el gobierno

  4. The news gets more bizarre by the moment. Ramirez says “no more dollars” to firms involved in irregularities. Does this include the intervened business seen to be selling at outrageous profits? And Venezuela is going to offer to pay external debts at a discount. How is this different from a default?

  5. “Be careful of what ask for, you may get it.”
    Maduro needs to be careful about the enabling laws he creates to fight corruption. The laws may apply more to big-time Chavistas then the little guys trying to make a living.

  6. Chacin speaks out on corruption! Caiga quien caiga!

    I did not know Chiguire Bipolar was making acquisitions.


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