Spear to the heart

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Gone too soon
Gone too soon

As the father of a five-year old girl, it’s impossible for me not to be deeply shaken by the horrible fate of former Miss Venezuela Mónica Spear and her husband. Read the grim details here, I simply have no words to write about the events.

All I can say is that there is no solution in sight to the horrific crime wave gripping our country. Solving the crime problem is going to require a lot of things chavismo simply doesn’t have: brains, funding, the capacity to think outside the box, the willingness to go tough on malandros, and the ability to forge consensus across vast swathes of society.

Instead, the public outrage that is quickly building up will be channeled into some “Patria Segura“-like plan, full of smart logos, deceitful advertising, and lots of fat men in uniform.

Nothing will come of it because the problem has ceased being the crime wave.

The problem is chavismo itself.