HRW "unlikes" Maduro


HumanrightsThe 2014 World Report from Human Rights Watch just came out. Let’s just say the chapter on Venezuela is not too friendly with the government. Among its many money quotes, we find:

  • “The Supreme Court and the National Electoral Council rejected appeals filed by the opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, challenging the results.”
  • “For example, the Forum for Life, a network of 18 Venezuelan human rights organizations, reported that security forces had arbitrarily detained at least 62 individuals and injured 38 others in demonstrations in the state of Lara on April 15 and 16. The detainees reported that they were severely beaten, threatened with sexual violence, and deprived of food for more than 24 hours… Official sources reported that nine individuals were killed at the time, although the circumstances in which the deaths occurred remain unclear.”
  • “President Maduro and other high level officials have used the threat of criminal investigations as a political tool, attributing responsibility for all acts of violence during demonstrations to Capriles.”
  • “In April 2013, Globovisión was sold to government supporters because, according to its owner, it had become politically, economically, and legally unviable. Since then, it has significantly reduced its critical programming.”
  • “For example, in July 2013, the minister of interior accused Rocío San Miguel, the director of the nongovernmental organization Citizen Control, of being a “CIA operator in Venezuela” who is conducting a “psychological campaign” against the government’s security policies.”
  • “In April 2013, Minister of Housing Ricardo Molina called on all ministry personnel who supported the opposition to resign, saying that he would fire anyone who criticized Maduro, Chávez, or the “revolution.””
  • “As a member of the UN Human Rights Council, Venezuela has spoken out against UN action to respond to human rights violations in places such as North Korea. During the September 2013 session of the Human Rights Council, it was the only country to vote against a resolution condemning human rights violations committed against the Syrian people.”
  • “In June 2013, Venezuela became the pro-tempore president of Mercosur, a year after joining the regional bloc. The Asunción Protocol on Commitment with the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of Mercosur states that “full respect of democratic institutions and the respect of human rights” are essential for regional integration, and that state parties will “cooperate for the effective promotion and protection of human rights.” By not addressing the absence of an independent judiciary in Venezuela, as well as the government’s efforts to undermine human rights protections, the other Mercosur member states have failed to uphold these commitments.”
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    • Wow, their comment about Afiuni is straight-out fascist.

      “4. HRW criticises the imprisonment of “government critic” judge Afiuni, but omits to mention that she was arrested for illegally releasing a bank president who stole US$27 million from state currency body, CADIVI. Does HRW advocate such judicial corruption? ”

      So, even four years later, with no evidence whatsoever been led against her, this toadie still thinks it okay to talk about “illegal release” of ? And “judicial corruption”?

      Afiuni won a prize from Canada’s judiciary for upholding the independence of the judiciary:

      • “ilegally releasing” is a sick joke. The Venezuelan Criminal Code states the people can’t be detained without sentence more than two years. The guy had more than two years in prison and no sentence, so according to the law of the land the State could no longer hold him, so Judge Afiuni signed the release order, so he could be tried in liberty.

        Then the government arrested her applying the law, and the guy left the country (obviously).

      • Cedeno was a Chavista banker bonking Maria Gabriela. When he dumped her, the old man fired on all cylinders all at once. Poor Alfiuni just got in the way.

    • Nah, it’s the usual smoke and mirrors from regime cronies. Most of the ‘lies’ are “debunked” by outright lies and those that are not are just non sequitur or, at the very best, tu queque fallacies.

    • Tamara Pearson is a die-hard PSF from Australia working for Wilpert’s team for several years. She once wrote that she wished the government would take over ALL media immediately. She’s a jacobin.

      • Karma’s a funny thing, whether you believe in it or not. Despite Christianity developing parallel to Asiatic religious systems, there’s a manifestation of Karma in basic Christian dogma. I’d refer you to Galatians 6:7, but…in your interest as regards trolling, I know you won’t look it up.

  1. HRW credibility is fine if you believe that it has not been infiltrated by diurty US government money.

    Pity that HRW ignores the 11 chavistas murdered on April 15th and 16th undr orders from Capriles.

    Their human rights are not even considered.

    How can HRW ralk about indpendent judixiary with a stright face when that organization itself is an appendage of the US State Dept. Blatant hypocricy.

    • Sí eres pendejo. Te crees esa vaina.
      Es lo mismo que con las atrocidades de las masacres de El Amparo y Cantaura…tienen el cinismo de relacionar eso con cualquier opositor, incluso aquellos que eran estudiantes de bachillerato en aquel entonces cuando dos de los principales criminales involucrados en dichas masacres son altos chavistas muy estimados por el Eterno Comandante: Chacín, quien fue el organizador de la Masacre de El Amparo, y Cordero Lara, diputado por Guárico y que fue uno de los milicos que asesinó a unos cuantos guerrilleros amigos de los colegas actuales del mismo…qué bolas! En ninguna parte había visto tanto cinismo: los peores criminales de Venezuela no solo se declaran inocentes, sino que culpan hasta a los opositores más improbables de los delitos que ellos mismos cometieron.

    • “Pity that HRW ignores the 11 chavistas murdered on April 15th and 16th undr orders from Capriles.”

      How do you live with yourself with such despicable lies? To take just one exxample, the father of one of those killed, whom a chavista mouthpiece blamed on opposition protesters, said he was a Capriles supporter who had been shot in the head by malandros attacking the protest.

      HRW has a long report criticizing the US as well. Why do you have to attack the messenger? Can you not attack the content?

    • How many Venezuelans did chavez kill in his failed coup attempt? And didn’t his targets include the popularly elected president of a democratic nation and members of his family?

    • 9.4. Points for bourgeois conception of “rights”.
      Points for Cockroaches.
      Points off for lack of “Sea of Fire”
      Points off for lack of “Concentration Camps”

      Typical mediocre SA effort, but player shows effort.
      Bottom line: No International for You!


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