Airport security, chavista style


Yesterday, Maria Corina Machado and at least one other legislator were attacked as they were about to board a flight at Ciudad Guayana airport. The video of the incident, commanded by fellow legislator and boxing champ Nancy Asencio, is shocking.

Don’t miss the final seconds, when the crowd starts taking their rage out on the airport facilities.

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    • Chavistas have been filled with hatred since years before the wax doll took the power.
      Now they feel they can do anything with no consequences, so they let their primal impulses take over, as they’re thinking they’re doing something good in their twisted logic.

      • jaja no. Just pointing out that one part of the story, which keeps getting glossed over amidst all the bad news, is that the GNB often does its job. Doesn’t make up for the human rights violations, but it’s good to maintain perspective — this isn’t one of those dictatorships you see in the oppo posters.

        • I can tell you of a dozen similar or worse regimes where the equivalent of the Guardia Nacional “sometimes” does or did its job.

          • Jose Antonio:

            If you look for sapitosetty record, you’ll find he is the closest to an unbiased external international observer as you can get.

            We may not always like what he says, but you should never dismiss outright his point of view, much less insult him for thinking differently. Otherwise, we would behave exactly as those chavistas trying to impede the free use of the airport by force, while waving a sign reading “more peace, less violence”.

            “Bipolar disorder” is what comes to my mind here…

        • “the GNB often does its job”
          It is true.
          For good or bad the follow orders. They do not have too many options.
          In this case they were following MCM orders.

          • Following orders is their main objective, which means sometimes they will do what is right, but basically it means that under a thug state, they will be highly dangerous rprecisely because they are armed and MINDLESS….Thus my Zombie reference

          • Well, that’s actually a good thing, it means that those jarheads would easily support LL or MCM if they happen to become presidents some day. They don’t support Maduro because they are “communists”, they support Maduro because someone above them told them to do so. If anything, they are just good soldiers.

    • The badly-outnumbered GNB did do their job. I hate to say this, and haven’t before, but, as I see this type of demonstration, and as I am listening now to a cadena of the Ministress of Defense and Diosdado harangue a large group of military with typical Chavista slogans, unless a sane faction of the Venezuelan military eventually take control, or a Caracazo eventually occurs, some type of civil war is in the cards for Venezuela….

    • A candle light in the darkness does make up a day. I actually would be more interested to know the opinion of these and other institutional national guards about their armored colleagues riding on motorbikes along dead squad members in plain clothes.

    • There are more than 30,000 National Guard officers on duty. Even though they are generally a wretched bunch, at least there has to be some good, honorable men among them.

  1. I really admire MCM, she could be living in Miami, Montreal, Madri, Bogota and many other places, yet she prefers to stay in Venezuela, put her life on the line, and fight a brutal fascist dictatorship to free her people Isn’t that beautiful?. Possible Nobel Prize between 2020-2030.

  2. Under the banner of YVKE radio mundial with a portrait of Chávez and his motto: “Regresaré hecho millones” … Nancy Asencio, sporting a quick and blonder dye job, and a new “I’m-a-victim-too” neck brace, recounts the incident to the reporter.

    But my favourite bullsh*t performance has to be that of Maigualidad Santana, one of the fiercest hollerers, who states in the interview that “[Américo] De Grazia la empujó y le generó una hematoma en el muslo, que se negó a mostrar “por respeto al pudor”.

    Funny. I saw absolutely no evidence of “pudor” in the airport skirmish.

    • That’s a really good interview, a must read. Totally deserves an english translation.
      Thanks for the heads up, Amieres.

    • Reminds me of General Gomez motto : Union, Paz y Trabajo (Union , Peace and Work) , to which people added . “Union en las …carceles , Paz…. en los cementerios , Trabajo…. en las carreteras” or “Union in the Jails , Peace in the Cementeries , Work ….in the Roads (which were built by chain gangs of political prisioners ) “. . When living under a tyrany people quickly develop a gallows humour .!!

    • Good images showing a well supported rally: this is what probably upset the pro government idiots who then went to get ‘revenge’ in an ‘ambush’ at the airport.

  3. On another take on Chavista Airport security, yesterday a lady formerly known as Berlusconi’s “White Lady” deplaned from a Caracas flight in Rome with 24Kg of Cocaine in her hand baggage. While If you recall Patricia Jainiot had her heels knifed open to check for Cocaine last month.

    Continued evidence of a Corrupt Narco Dictatorship.

    • Esp. cos that’s how much your luggage allowance is and we all get delayed by GNB checks of baggage for european flights.

  4. I was revolted when I saw the clip, but a question has been pounding in my head. If MCM was on her WAY OUT and the crowd chanted “fuera fuera ” (out, out) why is that they prevented her from taking her plane and getting out of the city as soon as possible?

    Truly, it does not make any sense to me. If it had been the other way around (when MCM was arriving to Puerto Ordaz) that would at least had had a certain logic from the chavista standpoint (prevent her from
    getting to the city).

    Can anyone explain?

    • Sleeping donkey juaja is little more than a parasite.
      I say that ’cause he was a stone-burner, tire-tossing thug on his “unversity years” who didn’t study at all, controlling groups of similar thugs to screw with people back then.

  5. Fanatic Chavistas feel that certain parts of Venezuelan are their territory , Regions which traditionally they ve held as their own , then the oppo is starting to make important headway in penetrating these territories , in creating an important oppo presence in them , in taking them away from Chavistas , challenging their sense of proprietal dominance , that really pisses them off and one thing that enthralls them is feeling pissed off , makes them feel gloriously indignant , full of glorified fury , the feeling is made even more intense when they express it through vicious demonstrations of violence , of hatred , their fanatized narcicism gets a kick from the display of such overblown exagerated fury !!

    Sectarian Hatred is to them like a shot of cocaine. Their anger makes them so full of themselves that they almost burst !! Thus the spectacle they gave at the airport . If you took their hatred from them they would be empty bags of human garbage , absolutely insignificant and forgetable, with nothing to show for their miserable lives.

    The thing is that there are two kinds of hatred , the perverse recreational hatred of the existentially frustrated like those leading the attacks at the airport and the natural reactive hatred of those who are victimized by the former , thus the hatred that such scenes inspires in us who read about it , we too are contaminated with the hatred thats shown MCM at the Pto Ordaz airport because we identify with her brave conduct and stance . Thats the sad thing about these fanatical recreational hatreds that they communicate part of their hatred to us who would otherwise have no reason to recognize these poeples sorry existence.!!

  6. This is why I say that chavistas haven’t grown past the “school bully” brain age, they come and punch you with no reason, waving a “peace” poster, then saying that it was your mere existence the thing that compelled them to punch you.
    The picture would be complete if they were asking the whole time “why are you punching yourself?”

    Wait, they ALREADY have done that, the countless times they said that opposition people go to demonstrations to KILL THEMSELVES to smear the good ol’ revolution’s image…

  7. MCM is a badass heroine! We venezuelans are lucky to have leaders with the brains and balls of Maria Corina. She is a true believer in the cause of freedom. respect.


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