Crosshairs on Muchacho

A few days ago, El Nacional’s manipulation of a dumb-as-hell-choose-your-words statement by Gabriela del Mar Ramírez created a lot of fuss amongst us morally enlightened “fascists.”

Recall that they used an unedited clip to portray our public advocate for human rights justifying torture. Although she spoke the words, it was not quite what she was trying to say. Most of those who fell for this spent the whole afternoon apologizing, not to our vicious Gabriela del Mar, but to their audiences (except El Nacional).

In the wake of the imprisonment of one opposition Mayor and the kidnapping (by SEBIN)of another, Maduro presented a video as evidence that Ramon Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao, is supporting the guarimbero movement.

Our villainous Minister of Information, Delcy Rodríguez, tweeted the video with the following caption:

VIDEO that shows mayor Ramon Muchacho explaining that guarimbas in Chacao are pa’ que se vaya el gobierno

Once again we find ourselves before the evil doings of prepubescent bullies. The Video features footage from a neighborhood meeting in which the Mayor was mediating a debate on the impact of the protests on the community. It was so lazily edited that… just watch the damned thing.

Just bear in mind, it’s the same people who flipped out when Gabriela was quoted selectively to make it seem like she was arguing something totally different from what she was clearly intending to argue who are putting this out as “evidence.”

Maduro is right. This is evidence alright.