Crosshairs on Muchacho


A few days ago, El Nacional’s manipulation of a dumb-as-hell-choose-your-words statement by Gabriela del Mar Ramírez created a lot of fuss amongst us morally enlightened “fascists.”

Recall that they used an unedited clip to portray our public advocate for human rights justifying torture. Although she spoke the words, it was not quite what she was trying to say. Most of those who fell for this spent the whole afternoon apologizing, not to our vicious Gabriela del Mar, but to their audiences (except El Nacional).

In the wake of the imprisonment of one opposition Mayor and the kidnapping (by SEBIN)of another, Maduro presented a video as evidence that Ramon Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao, is supporting the guarimbero movement.

Our villainous Minister of Information, Delcy Rodríguez, tweeted the video with the following caption:

VIDEO that shows mayor Ramon Muchacho explaining that guarimbas in Chacao are pa’ que se vaya el gobierno

Once again we find ourselves before the evil doings of prepubescent bullies. The Video features footage from a neighborhood meeting in which the Mayor was mediating a debate on the impact of the protests on the community. It was so lazily edited that… just watch the damned thing.

Just bear in mind, it’s the same people who flipped out when Gabriela was quoted selectively to make it seem like she was arguing something totally different from what she was clearly intending to argue who are putting this out as “evidence.”

Maduro is right. This is evidence alright.

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  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. El peo no es el Goebbelsianismo Endógeno, el peo es tener que calarse sermones sobre ética periodistica de estos mamagüevos…

    • Also, “el peo” is that many “normal” people fall for it. I have several leftist friends who are (otherwise?) very intelligent and well meaning. They were infuriated for what El Nacional did, and now call me an idiot if I say anything about Muchacho’s video other than it proves what they say it proves. I’ve decided to stop talking to these friends, or else I’ll end up with an early Alzheimer for banging my head against the wall so much.

    • LMAO xD
      Es que siempre lo he dicho, estos rojos se quedaron todos en la edad mental de abusadores de escuela, realmente es desquiciante cuando salen con su care’tablismo diciendo que ellos son muy puros y arios y que los demás no son más que una “infección”.
      Todavía estoy buscando en youtube un video donde un rojo básicamente le dice a una protestante que “la clase media ha contaminado todas las universidades del país y la única que queda pura es la bolivariana” xD

  2. Well, by now we shouldn’t be surprised by them manipulating and framing information as they please. It is at the heart of Goebbel’s doctrine (as Quico says)…

    • I recently tried after many years to watch one of those crappy Russian state channels…I couldn’t believe it. There was a program about the “Cyril code” which was supposed to be about the Russian alphabet’s history. It turned out to be full of conspiracies about how the West is trying to destroy the Slavic soul and how Russia is the sole garantor of the Cyrilic alphabet, which is the core of Slavic identity. From the Popes in the Middle Ages to Nazis and Ukraine and the EU in Kosovo: all were against the Slavic folk.
      So: Venezuelans are not alone. The Russians are crazy too, right now, just at the same time.
      I don’t know if I should feel better or worse for this.

    • The Chavistas have always accused their enemies of that which the Chavistas themselves are most guilty. It seems to be a culturally ingrained reaction. It is such a common and universal reaction amongst the Cavistas, that I suspect that they are not even aware of it. It may be a subtle form of self-hatred to project that which they hate about themselves onto their enemies.

    • Que estomago tienes hermano… en serio. My dad (a hard-core chavista) keeps watching this stuff the whole day through the SICBI (or whatever the name is of that crappy network of communist propaganda) and he truly believe what they say: it is a religion form them, they think we are alienated by the Venezuelan ultra-right, etc. Chavismo has done very well brainwashing people; it’s scary.

      • Venelondoner, it’s very scary and not different at all from what had already in Germany or Italy. They manipulate people, they lie, they harrass, they murder… And they will keep on doing it until they achieve their idolized “peaceful dictatorship without any opposition”.

    • Yes, but only in Spanish, and only as long as it is well written. For example, leaving the umlaut out of “mamagüevos” wouldn’t be allowed in this page.

    • Communist firebrand Walter Martínez selling capitalist toothpaste…?

      BTW, I don’t know if I’ve told the story or not, but Ramón and I go way back – we learned to write when we were both at our school’s paper. I guess that was my first blog, it was called “Enfoque” and it was done … on a typewriter, and posted on a billboard.

      • While we’re at it. He used to be very good friends with my flatmate, I think they graduated together. Funny thing I remember he was always with a friend –Maracucho as well– that was as short and babyfaced as him. Anyhow, I recall that he was super nice, funny and very smart.

      • Ramon Muchacho, a VTV infiltraitor in Chacao, and JCN recruited in high school?? (the CIA is getting them younger and younger nowadays). All very confusing….

  3. This reminds me of when Ralph Macchio, as Bill Gambini, in My Cousin Vinny was quoted as having confessed when what he had done was merely ask in disbelief: “I shot the clerk? I shot the clerk?”

  4. It also reminds me of JCN making a whole post based on a misquote of Quico and not apologizing to him, nor to us…

  5. What I miss most about writing in english is that it prevents one from using some spanish swear words which are so deliciously rotund expressive and empathic that there is no english equivalent that can match them !! , vernacular spanish can be so rich in these words and expressions that when one uses other languages one is left with the impression that something is being left unsaid !!

    Well maybe italian sometimes can come close , and there are few words which can be pronounced with greater gusto than the frenh ´merde´or ´merde d chain’ but overall there are few tongues which offer the rich opportunities for using eloquent swear words than vernacular spanish , specially in its venezuelan version .

    • I agree with you, English is just “too simple/shallow”, and misses the nuances we have in the Romance languages.

      • hehe…I suppose it boils down to what is our native language.I find Spanish shallow, and I hate swear words….never use them…there are too many amazing words in English that I would prefer to the offensive, ugly and overly used ‘groserias’.