Maduro threatens to bomb an entire state (Updated)


If I have to decree a state of exception especially for the state of Táchira, I am ready to do so. I am ready to decree it, and I will send in the tanks, the troops, the Air Force, the entire armed forces of the fatherland, because we will preserve Táchira as Venezuelan territory, as belonging to Venezuela. I am ready to do it now! I have the constitutional authority to do it, I have the clear strategic vision for it, and ultimately, I have the Enabling Law. I have the Enabling Law. I am willing to do anything for Táchira, anything.”

Nicolás Maduro, March 30th, 2014

It takes a special kind of unhinged to threaten a whole state with the “entire” armed forces in order to end popular discontent. Putting aside the question of the kind of ruler that uses the army to quash unrest (Gaddafi? Assad? Milosevic? Putin? Saddam?), in what universe does Maduro live to think the Enabling Law gives him permission to bomb Táchira? And while we’re at it, since when does “state of exception” mean “I can bomb and send in the troops if I want to”? Did we learn nothing from El Caracazo, and from the Plan Ávila fracas on April 11th, 2002?

As the unrest in San Cristóbal and elsewhere teeters into its second month, an exasperated government feeds us with delectable morsels of chavista wisdom such as the quote above.

Keep at it, Nicolás. These may just come in handy some day.

UPDATE- This is apparently from last February. I was not really aware of it until DolarToday noted it, and the YouTube video says it was posted on March 30th. Apologies for the “caliche.” HT: Santiago.

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    • Thanks Santiago. I was not aware of it, and the YouTube video said it was posted on March 30th. I’ll add an addendum.

  1. Commies likes elections when they win … when not, they tend to do this: use the malandraje that has become the military forces to impose their will. Good luck to those who want to dialogue with these criminals

    • Not to say how bad it speak about the operational capacity of the military: 2 months trying to end with (mainly) unarmed street protestors? That’s very sad for these “professionals” of public order. Pathetic, as everything in the dictatorship.

        • ohhhh, crowd control? with firearms? what planet do you live on, Arturo?
          In the meantime …
          Edgard Gutiérrez ‏@gedgard
          Tanta propaganda y lobby para posicionar la marca “socialismo del siglo XXI”, para terminar siendo llamada la “Dictadura del Siglo XXI”

        • Where do you live? There is graphic evidence in several media posts and social networks showing GNB and PNB carrying fire arms and even using themagainst demonstrators. If your skeptical then just consider that most murdered demonstrators we’re kill with shots to the head. Not the first time, April 11th of 2002 and April 14th of 2013 followed the same modus operandi. As you could already anticipate, the adjective you used,igntrather apply to you.

  2. Hombre, pobre Quico! Fundó el blog y apenas sale del mismo y da un pequeño comentario, lo tratas como Chávez a Baduel!

    • Kepler no tienes puta idea de lo que está pasando aquí. Quico tenía razón – las guarimbas fracasaron y se han convertido en puros actos de violencia y terrorismo.

  3. 1: The protests will continue
    2: LL will not be released
    3: MCM will be arrested
    4: Maduro will get even more desperate and send the army in to kill hundreds
    5: The army will refuse to obey the Colombian
    6: Protests will increase again (it works like the tidal flow)
    7: Neighbouring countries will distance themselves from Maduro
    8: Maduro will scream on TV his usual bullshit (blame Uribe, Obama, capitalism, etc).
    9: Maduro will get isolated inside Miraflores, Diosdado will try to depose him.
    10: Internal fight between Diosdado and the part of the army he doesn’t control.
    11: Civil war or new elections being called.

    • Marc, they will never call for elections. Just who do you think we’re dealing with?

      15 years of glorious revolution to end with elections?
      I’d love it if we had our very own Montesinos, but since Aponte Aponte,Makled,EL MALETIN,Pudreval and other scandals didn’t work, i’m guessing they’re kind of shielded against scandals very well thanks to the brainwashed masses of venezuela.

      This HAS to end with the army,sadly, and if the whole army is bought then i really don’t know.
      But IMO elections have never been an option for these people.

      • “But IMO elections have never been an option for these people.”

        Make no mistake, this is clear as water for me, my friend.

        BUT history does tell us that when those people – it doesn’t matter how authoritarian they are – have got their backs against the wall and nowhere to run, they do beg for mercy and cry their eyes out. So although elections have never been an option for these people, civil society can coerce them through mass protests and disobedience to “change” their minds. That’s what I was talking about.

        If a general tells Cabello that the army “unfortunately” can’t guarantee his safety if he does not accept a peaceful transition back to democracy through new fair elections because there are 2 million pissed-off Venezuelans around Miraflores anxiously waiting to put their hands on him, Cabello will certainly capitulate and ask for asylum in Cuba. See Gaddafi’s sons running like rabbits to countries like Oman and Algeria.

    • Marc – 2 and 3 are correct. The rest is just wishful thinking on your part – or to put it another way pure BS.
      I would add that other Opposition mayors will be jailed as well. Thise in Las Salias, Carrizales, one in Aragua and the mayors of Chacao and Baruta. Scarono and Ceballos will be tried for other mcrimes and receive longer prison sentences.

      • here’s one that is certainly not bullshit, Arturo:
        The US government, along with Panama and other countries, will cooperate to ensure that paper trails are audited/ Where assets of those current government officials, or their families, show an unsustainable meteoric rise, those assets will be frozen.
        Count on it.

    • There is no separatist movement in Tachira whatsoever,there has never been a separatist movement in recent Venezuelan history(that i know of), except for a few maracuchos who talk about the Republica Independiente del Zulia when they’re drunk.

      But in the brains of chavistas, the colombian paramilitary are trying to….do something to venezuela!I don’t know what,or who’s involved(CIAOBAMABUSHURIBE) but they want to do some terrorist stuff to our patria, some very evil things like carnage and baby-eating and stuff.

    • Crimea is not Táchira. Now how would the US or EU support the idependence of Tachira after declaring the Crimean referéndum illegal – as did the UN General Assembly? Think about it.


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