Caracas activa

(HT: BBCMundoMan)

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  1. This video is a hymn of love to the city of Caracas. So nice I saw it twice. Even with the traffic jams, even with the crime, after seeing this video you gotta love Caracas. I never spent much time in Caracas, so I never developed a feel for the place. It was just a place for me to catch a connection to Anaco or to Maracaibo.

    A guy from my hometown spent a high school year in Caracas. He fell in love with the place, and decades later still comes back to visit.

    For songs and videos of love to big cities, you can’t do much better than Lake Shore Drive, about Chicago.

    Just slippin’ on down on LSD
    Friday night trouble bound

    Is there a similar song for Caracas?


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